Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Our Authors 10
Loot deals enthusiast, Keeps himself updated with best online deals, refer and earn apps. Also works as a Social media marketer
Our Authors 11
A student of commerce with a wide range of interests. She is a passionate reader and a keen researcher. Being an enthusiastic learner, she likes to keep knowledge on technology, programming, psychology, global affairs etc to name a few.
Our Authors 12
Megna is an amateur writer trying to make it in this world. Writing has always been fun for her.
Our Authors 13
Engineering as a career path and as a writer by passion. Wrote many articles some are based on books and some on apps. Always love to learn and spread her thoughts to the world.
Our Authors 14
Sarthak reviews existing and upcoming technology. He is a second-year engineering undergraduate with great interest in innovation and making technology more interactive and user-friendly. He writes on subjects ranging from personal finance to astronomy to travel.
Our Authors 16
Computer and Communication Engineering student who loves to play the guitar and is extremely passionate about music. He is also greatly interested in creative/content writing related to technology, digital marketing and web development.
Our Authors 17
Tech Enthusiast, Student, and Gamer. He is knowledgable in gadgets, Upcoming technology trends