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Fap-Ceo-Mod apk
Fap-Ceo-Mod apk


Ever thought of being a millionaire CEO and have not been able to find true love in real life? Well, then Fap CEO is for you. FAP CEO is quite similar to other games Nutaku have released like Pocket Waifu and Booty Calls in terms of genre. Most of the games released by Nataku, are all adult entertainment games. But in terms of concept and gameplay, FAP CEO is a traditional management game or an Idle game or a Tycoon game like so many other Idle games. You start your business, you collect money, you upgrade your business and finally you climb your way to the top. It’s a cycle. Since FAP CEO is a Nataku game it’s essentially a sensual Tycoon game. Sounds tempting right? So, let’s go through the features of FAP CEO.

Fap CEO MOD features


fap ceo graphics

The graphics used in this game is something you’d expect in an anime type game. The color themes used, and visuals are very colorful and attractive. The characters used in the game have round eyes and features have been accentuated like every anime character. 


Initially you start off with a tiny office where you and your assistant named Amber are the first two employees. Your company provides video chat services to customers around the world. So, with Amber’s help, you begin to bring in the money and it’s from there where you start building your business. This game isn’t just sensual and steamy, it does require a bit of hard work before you can dive into those features. 

After you set a steady stream of income, that’s when you start hiring more women for your business. The more attractive the employee is, the more income you earn through your video chatting services. In addition to that, you can train and upgrade your employees in order to bring in more money. But you need to be strategic, you can’t hire a ton of employees immediately. This is because, you need to have enough money to pay each staff member. In addition to the video chat services, your staff can even provide their audience with private shows. Performing this task, brings you an extra amount of money which you can be used for expansion, hiring and training more staff and upgrading all of them. You can even fire old staff and hire new staff in order to keep your services fresh. It makes a difference to the profits you earn.

Your staff not only provides services to the customers, they can also provide services to you. You can email your staff and chat with them and flirt them. You can flirt to a point where you can form romantic relationships with them. You can have multiple relationships. But it is task handling multiple relationships at once. It can affect your business in a negative way. Moreover, you can take them for dinner, chat with them, get to know each other, send selfies and even buy them gifts to make them happy. 

Each employee has different ratings and a different personality. So, you need to hire them carefully. You can’t be hiring employees without any thought. There needs to be some sort of constraint. The different attributes on which these women are segmented are Name, Height, Occupation, Likes, Dislikes and more. 

Like many tycoon and idle games, even if you’re offline, you can come back to the application and collect your earnings. But this needs to be done periodically, it isn’t indefinite. 

FAP CEO contains in-game currencies which are Rubies and Gold. Gold coins are used to upgrade your staff and rubies allows you to interact with your staff and keep them satisfied. There is a Lucky Wheel that you can spin in order to collect Boosters that will help in improving your E-mail experience with the girls. There are even daily tasks that you can complete. 

Once you earn enough money and reach a certain level, you can sell your current company and move to an even bigger one. This is going one step ahead in your journey to becoming a millionaire. Furthermore, you can even purchase decorations for your office to make it more attractive. 

What comes with the MOD APK? You get unlimited gold, unlimited ruby and unlimited keys to open up chests. 

Steps to follow Fap CEO MOD Apk with download link

TitleFap CEO
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Steps to follow

  • Click download and wait for FAP CEO Mod.apk to download.
  • This downloaded file can be saved on either your phone’s memory or your SD card.
  • Install the APK file in your device by allowing Unknown Application Permission first.
  • The previous step is required for installing third-party applications without any issue. 
  • After that, go back to the download folder, open the FAP CEO mod apk and enjoy.

Fap CEO MOD Apk Download 

Fap CEO MOD Apk Download


If you’ve wanted to become a millionaire and a playboy, then this game is definitely for you. It is an addictive game and you’re guaranteed to be happy throughout the gameplay. So, follow the steps to download and install this MOD APK and enjoy!


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