Best Pirate games for Android

Do you want to know how it will be like if you are pirate? Here are the best pirate games for Android

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Pirates and Traders


You start off by making your privateer character. You can pick his nationality, foundation, three distinct traits (physical, scholarly, social), the boat, your banner, and the game’s trouble settings

Assassin’s Creed Pirates


The game covers the entire existence of a pirate’s chief: battling against foe vessels, fishing, whale chasing, going around the Caribbean see, discover treasures and some more.

Sink ‘Em All


Sink ‘Em All is a pirate game. You order one boat and you sail around decimating the other pirate ships.

Ships Of Battle


In the pirate bay, get to the metalworker to purchase more ammunition. Accumulate more team individuals to improve fight limit.

Pirate Kings


Turn the wheel to get coins and different traits like Defend, Steal, and Attack

These are the Best Pirate Games for Android, If you want to know more Pirate games, click on the link below