Realtime Strategy Games for PC

RTS in real time is a strategic genre game in which when you have to strategize you will also be accompanied by an attack or a direct battle with your enemy

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Company of heroes

This game has different parts starts from the company of Heroes 1, COH 2, COH 2 The Western Front Armies, Ardennes assault and British Forces.


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Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader is a real-time strategy game that tells the story of crusades.


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Stronghold Crusader 2

The second version of the game Stronghold Crusader continues to tell how the epic crusade is


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Warcraft 3: The reign of chaos

Warcraft 3, a pioneer of the phenomenal game in the birth of the DoTA 2 game, which is a spin-off. This game will bring a fight between humans and orcs


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Starcraft 2: Wings of Freedom

Starcraft 2 game looks back to bring the old Starcraft game to a more sophisticated machine. This game has many several missions to complete.


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These are the Best Realtime Strategy Games for PC, If you want to know more RTS games, click on the link below