Cool and Funny Bixby Commands 2021

bixby commands

Samsung does indeed have a tradition of collaboration with smart voice support.E arlier in 2012, the company launched S Voice as their first voice assistant, and then in April 2017 Samsung unveiled Bixby to experience the joy of digital assistant creation. Samsung has discovered a good rival in Bixby versus Siri (Apple), Google Assistant, and … Read more

How to completely disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus? Get rid of annoying application

Remove-Bixby IN S9

In the current scenario, the presence of a virtual assistant is needed to do some simple work when we are busy or when we are relaxing. Though many applications were developed to support this feature, some developing platforms like Samsung have made this feature as their built-in settings. Some people love this setting but many … Read more