How to factory reset amazon echo? | Complete Guide


As soon as it launched itself in the Indian market, the Amazon Echo has grown rapidly in both it’s popularity & usage. With it’s affordable price range and usability, the Amazon Echo has become a normal thing now and not any fancy gadget. Just like every household has Bluetooth speakers etc, Amazon Echo is almost … Read more

How to Unlock all Companions in the Outer Worlds?


The game “outerworlds”, is an action role play game made specially by Obsidian Entertainment and distributed by Private Division. This game was delivered for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows in October 2019, with a Nintendo Switch rendition delivered in June 2020.  The game is the perfect combination of every role a player wants. … Read more

How to smart view screen mirroring on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus

mirror s8 to s8 plus

Samsung cell phones accompany some stunning highlights that make your life simpler and one of them is screen reflecting. Samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus can connect to the TV and mirror its substance on the huge screen. This is called screen reflecting and is perfect when you need to share the substance of your … Read more

How to check Airpods Battery life on Android? – Keep an eye on your charge

How to check Airpods Battery life on Android

The set of Android devices, won’t complete without the presence of earphones. These earphones underwent many changes and developed from wired earphones to wireless earphones. The top developing platform Apple launched its first wireless earphones, Airpods in the year 2016. For some period of time this Airpods supported only Apple devices, but the curious mind’s … Read more