Cool and Funny Bixby Commands 2022

Samsung does indeed have a tradition of collaboration with smart voice support.E arlier in 2012, the company launched S Voice as their first voice assistant, and then in April 2017 Samsung unveiled Bixby to experience the joy of digital assistant creation. Samsung has discovered a good rival in Bixby versus Siri (Apple), Google Assistant, and Microsoft (Cortana). 

Users certainly loved Bixby, when it first launched in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. People prefer to play with Bixby by saying interesting and amusing Bixby instructions, along with plenty of typical orders. In addition to its significant features, Bixby is amusing with some amusing answers. For starters, if you’re all at your apartment alone and very exhausted, you could ask Bixby to chat or crack a joke. Check out our collection of cool and humorous sets of commands for Bixby.

There’s really nothing Samsung’s cleverest and most helpful robotic companion titled Bixby can’t do. Although it assists you through what you’re looking for, there’s really nothing wrong with having fun with a nice chat.

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30 Cool and Funny Bixby Commands you would want to try during this 2022 Lockdown

For some fun try the following commands:

  1. What would you say about Siri?
  2. Why do you call yourself Bixby?
  3. What nickname do you enjoy, besides Bixby?
  4. Which are your opinions on Siri and Alexa?
  5. I’ll swap you in for an iOS tablet!
  6. Which operating system is excellent?
  7. Have you always been smart?
  8. Love the Apple Watch?
  9. Will you really want to be human?
  10. You’re a Bot?
  11. Have a girlfriend? Or..  a boyfriend?
  12. Tell me just one sarcastic comment.
  13. Sing a tune to us.
  14. How young might you be?
  15. What is it you are going to read?
  16. Are you a fan of Game of Thrones?
  17. Would you choose to date me?
  18. Do you fancy being Bixby?
  19. If you are really a person, what would you do?
  20. Want to cook some dinner for me?
  21. If you had to vote for someone, who will you stand for?
  22. Will you take a dip in the sea?
  23. How will I make $1 million overnight?
  24. Am I appearing overweight in those leggings?
  25. Play some Pop music for me. What does life mean?
  26. What will I do if Aliens strike us?
  27. Just ask me one question.
  28. Who is the greatest Digital Assistant?
  29. Do you love the job you do? 
  30. What is a silly thing to say?

Although Google Assistant has always been the greatest for situational knowledge and specific Web-based questions, Bixby is great when it comes to accessing your smartphone with your speech. There is nothing you can do with a touch that you can’t use Bixby to do with speech. Therefore, to call at the least, a quite remarkable achievement. Try these features as well, if you haven’t so yet!

Telling your Friends Where You Are

When you have Bixby, you can say, “Hi Bixby, text ABC my location.” This option comes in handy when you are lost in a completely new place. Your buddy can take a look at where you are from the text screen and ring you with guidance. What if your friend has no idea about the directions? No worries. Bixby will help you learn where you are exactly. Launch your camera, and select Vision Bixby —-> AR and target your screen to the ground. Bixby would check for the location data and it would display all the details you need to know on your smartphone.

Translate using Bixby Vision 

Did you know that you could use Bixby to translate for you? You can use Bixby Vision efficiently as a translator. Whenever you notice anything that is printed in a foreign language and honestly have no idea whatever it says, leave it to Bixby. Launch your phone, and click the Vision button (the eye-like symbol) whilst aiming the screen on the words. Click Text, and crop to the words and phrases you just want to read and Translate.

Search for Photos

Do you find it a nuisance to scroll through multiple pictures, years and years worth of memories to find a picture  you were searching for? Fortunately, you can make Bixby do the whole hunt for you. Just say, “Hello, Bixby, open the gallery and find pictures taken in London,” or perhaps even “Hey, Bixby, open the gallery and find pictures of dogs.”

Social Media Posts

With only one order you can upload a picture on social media. You could tell, “Hey, Bixby, upload my latest picture to Facebook,” for starters. Bixby would open the app and start up a new post. Only attach a description and press the share button.

Use Bixby for a Voice Password

Bixby helps you to unblock your smartphone. Go to Settings -—> Unlock with voice password and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Effortlessly Take Notes

It can be a hassle to tap out long notes on your screen. Don’t worry, Bixby to the rescue!. Say, “Hey, Bixby, dictate,” when the app’s available for note taking. You say “dictate” after you ask whatever you want Bixby to type in. It is like getting a Personal Assistant on standby.


We have shared some cool and fun ways as well as some useful tips on how you could use Bixby. We hope you had a wonderful time with our list of random queries and orders to Bixby. These were some of our picks, try them out and let us know how it went in the comments section below!

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