Best GBA emulator for Mac

Best GBA emulator for Mac

Hey there you gaming enthusiast. Since you are here, you must be well aware of GBA emulators and especially for Mac. Well, for the unversed, let’s understand what’s GBA and emulators are. GBA refers to the Game Boy Advance, which was super popular in its time. And that led to the creation of games which … Read more

10 Best Live TV Streaming Indian Apps

live streaming indian apps

Our Indian television industry is huge and so are the number of programs. The different kinds of shows, starring from the classic Saas Bahu drama to the fresh fantasies and daily soaps on various topics with different romances, our Indian television has been a hit all the time. While most Indians watch these lovely shows … Read more

Free movie apps for firestick

free movie apps for firestick

Who doesn’t love to watch movies, hardly anyone, right? Whether it’s a 9 to 5 worker or a housewife or any given person in this world, movies are a must. Starting from children to women to oldies, there are movies for all ages and kinds of people. However, not everyone gets the pleasure of diving … Read more

10 Best USTVGO alternatives

ustvgo alternatives

If you are here, then you must know what USTVGO is and why you are looking for better alternatives to the same. For the unversed, USTVGO is a live TV streaming website which gives you premium content for free. It offers popular channels like Cinemax, ESPN, WWE Network, Cartoon Network, HBO, CNN, Fox and much … Read more

10 Best FRP Tools

10 Best FRP Tools

Before we start on, let me help you understand what FRP means. The term FRP simply refers to the Factory Reset Protection program. And it is an additional data protection feature which is embedded in every Android and other devices too. So why do we need these FRP tools? Simple, when you forget your account … Read more

15 Best Offline Multiplayer Games via Hotspot for Android 2021


Offline Multiplayer games are the best way to kill time with friends. Whenever we have some free time or want to get some break from this stressful life, we just open any of our favorite games on phone and start playing. However, it would be more fun to play multiplayer games with friends or to … Read more

Best free NFL streaming sites

nfl streaming (1)

This story is not just about today or of recent times, rather it goes back to very olden times. Soccer or more popularly known as football is a global game. And of course has a broader fanbase as compared with cricket or other famous sports. The football or soccer fans are scattered all across the … Read more

10 Best day planner apps

planner apps

In the busy and competitive world of today, we all have an integrated fear in us, that is, to be left behind. We don’t want to lag in any aspect of our life, whether it’s money, career, love or health. We look upon the celebrities and famous personalities who apparently have a perfect life. Well, … Read more

10 Best Improve Vocabulary Apps


In today’s fast-moving world, we don’t want to stay behind. And especially when it comes to the global language, English. Even though English is spoken in different accents in different countries. However, it’s usage and vocabulary remains the same. And hence, so many of us want to increase our fluency and vocabulary in English. Apps … Read more