Winning Tips and Tricks for Fortnite’s Rocket Racing

Hey there speed demons! Just a day after the LEGO Fortnite dropped, we got another adrenaline rush with the spanking new Fortnite Rocket Racing mode. It’s like Rocket League meets arcade racing, bringing together the best of both worlds for fans to dive into.

Now, to rule the track and clinch those victories in Fortnite Rocket Racing, there are some nifty tricks you’ve got to have up your sleeve. Let’s rev up those engines and dive into these top tips:

Master the Controls: Getting a grip on the controls is the first pit stop. If you’ve ever taken Rocket League for a spin, this should be a breeze.

Steer LeftAStickStick
Steer RightDStickStick
JumpLeft ClickAX
ThrustersLeft ClickAX
TurboMouse Wheel PressYTriangle
Rocket DriftShiftXSquare
Air DodgeRight ClickXSquare
Reverse CameraQRight Stick PressRight Stick Press

Start the Race Properly: Timing is everything at the starting line. When that green light flashes, hit the gas! It gives you a solid speed boost, especially if you’re trailing.

Use Double Turbo: Here’s a pro tip—after your turbo, hit that button again for an extra boost. Keep an eye on the turbo indicator for the perfect timing. Most players miss this trick, so it’s a game-changer.

Master the Art of Drifting: Drifting is your ticket to speedville. It’s a bit different here, so practice makes perfect. Grab a buddy, practice those drifts, and watch those boosts pile up.

The more you drift, the more turbo you gather. Even small drifts add up, so make it a habit for that sweet acceleration. Master these moves, and you’ll be leaving opponents in the dust!

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