18 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India May 2022 Unlimited Loot Trick (Updated)

As of now, everyone is hungry to earn money from wherever it’s possible, one of the methods to earn cash is from refer and earn apps 2022. There were a lot of apps that gave us free recharge, and signup bonus cash. And other refer and earn rewards as well. Some of the apps will gonna end their refer and earn rewards by the end of the 2021 year. So there are some apps that will give cashback, rewards, refer and rewards during the year 2022. So I’m gonna tell the some best apps which genuinely give refer and rewards.

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What is Refer and earn program apps mean?

It is nothing but, a lot of companies, startup to gain customers use this referral program strategy. So that people will be forced to download the app and use the app and earn, this strategy is used to promote the company apps, Once they have got enough downloads and gain more customers, they will stop these promotions and start earning their profit from the services, this is how it works, So in the first phase of business, it’s our time to utilize all these offers and earn more.

List of Apps giving Refer and Earn rewards:

  1. Meesho App: Refer and Earn upto Rs.1000, Download App18 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India May 2022 Unlimited Loot Trick (Updated) 1😱
  2. WazirX App- Earn UNLIMITED 50% commission on every friend’s trade Register Here18 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India May 2022 Unlimited Loot Trick (Updated) 1
  3. Upstox Refer and Earn Rs.200 per referral. Referral link Here18 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India May 2022 Unlimited Loot Trick (Updated) 1😱
  4. INDMoney App Refer and Earn Rs.250 Download App18 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India May 2022 Unlimited Loot Trick (Updated) 1😱
  5. CreditMantri Refer and Earn offer- Get Rs.100 Paytm Cash. Referral Link here
  6. Fynd App – Earn Rs.100 On signup +  Rs. 100 /referral Fynd App Referral Code- MHLXPU
  7. BigCash – Refer and Earn Rs.11 Paytm cash. Invite link here 
  8. JEET 11 Fantasy App- Earn Rs.10 / refer ₹20 Sign Up Bonus Link Here 
  9. Cashbuddy App- Refer and Earn offer- Get upto Rs.220 Paytm cash. Referral Link here   (Updated)
  10. Google Duo Refer and Earn- Earn Upto Rs.1000 per referral. Invite Link Here 
  11. Share Chat App – Refer and Earn Rs.15 Paytm Cash. Download link here
  12. Google Pay (Tez) app- Earn Rs. 51 each referral. Invite link here.  
  13. Appbrowzer App- Invite and Earn Up to Rs.99 per referral. Invite link here
  14. PhonePe – Earn Rs.100 each referral. Earn upto Rs.10000. Invite Link here.
  15. One AD App – Earn upto Rs.2.5 Lakh by referring friends, Download here Referral Code-S4W5YY  
  16. ShareDost App- Earn Unlimited– Refer and earn Rs.3 per referral. Link Here
  17. 4Fun Refer and Earn -Earn Rs.50 Paytm cash. Invite link here
  18. Freecharge- Earn Rs. 50/ referral- Freecharge app referral code- REE2RK0

Further Explanation for each app process of signup and referral shown below.

1. Meesho App: Refer and Earn upto Rs.1000

meesho refer and earn

Meesho is currently a trending ecommerce platform and its competing with major ecommerce players like flipkart, amazon, ajio etc. They are growing in 10x speed, to get more users to the platform they have introduced the refer and program, in which you can earn upto Rs.1000.

  • First download the App here
  • You can also use this coupon code : DZJIBAM65024 , and get 30% discount on the order
  • If you refer your friend and if they make any purchase in the platform you will get 25% commission which is really great.
  • By this commission you can earn passive income.

2. WazirX App: Refer and earn 50% commission on every friend’s trade, Earn Unlimited 😍😱

wazirx refer and earn

WazirX is a crypto exchange app, earn unlimited money by referring your friends, You can earn 50% commission on every friend’s trade.

  1. Click on this registration Link
  2. Enter your mobile number and email and complete the otp verification process.
  3. Complete the First KYC which will happen in 2 minutes and you get Rs.100 to your account
  4. Now go to your wazirx profile and click on invite and earn, share your referral link with your friends and get 50% commission on every friends trade, and earn unlimited money

3. Upstox Refer and Earn Rs.200 Per referral and earn unlimited

upstox refer and earn

  1. First signup with this link
  2. Enter mobile number and complete the verification process
  3. And complete the KYC (must) to get Rs.200 otherwise you wont get.
  4. Once the step is completed you will get Rs.200 to your account which is withdrawable to your bank account
  5. Now go to your profile and find the invite link and refer your friends and earn unlimited.

4. INDMoney App Refer and Earn Rs.250 – Also get Amazon stock for free

indmoney refer and earn

If you are interest in finance, and if you were looking for best and trusted finance app which can track all your financial investments and spends, here is the best app and also you will be Rs.250 on every successfull referral and a signup bonus of Rs.250.

  • First download the app from here
  • Fill in the information and verify with otp and complete all the kyc verification process, then your Rs.250 will be credited to your account.

5. CreditMantri Refer and earn offer- Get Rs.100 Paytm cash for free :


CreditMantri app or website helps you to see your credit score and improve your credit score. Not only that it gives best loan offers, which suits your budget.

Credit Mantri gives you Rs.100 Paytm cash for every 3 friends you invite, There is no max limit, you can invite friends how much ever you want.

  1. Visit Creditmantri Portal Here
  2. Now enter your mobile number and verify your otp.
  3. Now enter all your details like Name, Email address, Pan card details etc.
  4. Then click on submit, now you will see your credit score.
  5. Next step is goto Menu >> Refer and Earn>> get your own link.
  6. Now share that referral link with your friends, and when your 3 friends signup and check their credit score, you will get Rs.100 paytm cash
  7. There is no maximum limit for referral cash, you can invite unlimited friends and earn more cash.
  8. Cashback may take upto 5-7 days to credit into your paytm account.

6. 18 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India May 2022 Unlimited Loot Trick (Updated) 1😍😱Fynd app refer and earn gets FREE apparel, clothes Earn Rs.100 on signup and Rs.100 per refer, Which is 100%😱 usable18 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India May 2022 Unlimited Loot Trick (Updated) 1😍😱

fynd app refer and earn

The Fynd app is an online e-commerce clothing or apparel store. By using this referral scheme, you can buy clothes for almost free from this store. So how to get free clothes from Fynd app. Get Rs. 100 (100% redeemable) on signup. You can refer your friends in Fynd app and earn Rs.100 per refer. And here you can loot like a Pro.

Fynd App Referral code: MHLXPU

  1. Download Fynd app here
  2. Open the Fynd app and continue the signup process using your mobile number or continue with the facebook.
  3. Then you will Recieve the OTP verification to your given mobile number enter and you are done with signup process Now you will get Rs.100 as signup bonus in to your Fynd wallet .
  4. Not only this one more step is left for refferal bonus.
  5. Go to My account which at the top right of the app, Click on it.
  6. Click on “Refer and Earn”. Enter this coupon code MHLXPU
  7. Now you will get Rs.100 credited into your fynd wallet.
  8. Invite your friends and get Rs.100 + Rs.100 Cashback for each signup referral and if they make a purchase you will get Rs.500 extra and the best part is this cash is 100% redeemable 

For More details, you can Refer this 

7. BigCash – Refer and Earn Rs.15/refer

Bigcash refer and earn

Bigcash is fantasy game app, where you will get cash for every games you play. And there is less competition too, so that just samll gaming skills you could earn more

  1. First download the bigcash app here
  2. Register with your phone number
  3. Play games and earn money , there are lot of many min flash games like fruitninja, car race etc
  4. You can earn by referring your friends too and the menu go to “Invite and earn” and refer your friends and get Rs.15 per referral.

8. JEET 11 Fantasy App- Earn Rs.10 / refer ₹20 Sign Up Bonus

jeet11 refer

  1. Click Given Link in your Default Browser and Register on Jeet11.

                                           Registration link

  1. Select your Preferred Language, and then enter your mobile number.
  2. Enter Your Name and Enter Given JEET 11 referral code to Get Rs.20 Sign Up Bonus.


  1. Next, agree all the terms and verify mobile number with OTP
  2. In the next step, it will give the notification at the bottom to download the JEET 11 apk. Download it
  3. Now open the app and log in using your same number and get Rs.20 bonus in your wallet
  4. Next, go to Menu and Tap On Refer and Earn and Share your Referral Code with your Friends and Get Rs.10 Wallet Cash Per Refer.
  5. To redeem go to wallet option and select amount to withdraw, enter your Paytm number and redeem it.

9. Cashbuddy app- Refer and Earn upto Rs.220 Paytm cash (Updated)


  1. First download the cashbuddy app here.
  2. Now install and open the app.
  3. Next is to enter your mobile number, verify your OTP.
  4. Yeah…! You will get Rs.10 as signup bonus and Rs.15 as a referral bonus. Totally you will get Rs.25.
  5. Now to refer you friends – Goto Menu>> Invite and earn.
  6. Share the referral link with your friends and get Rs.15 for every referral.
  7. You can earn upto Rs.220 max using this app.

10. Google duo Refer and Earn Scratch card- Upto Rs.1000 per scratch card

Google Duo

Google Duo is high-quality video calling app.

  1. First Download the Google Duo App here
  2. Agree all the terms and Register with Google pay registered number verify with OTP
  3. Now you have to make the first video call with Google duo app, you will receive Google pay scratch card. (Mandatory to make a video call to earn scratch card)
  4. Now share your referral link with your friends, To share click on the top right corner (Three dot button) >> select Invite friends >>click on the Share invite link
  5. After sharing them tell them to make first video call to earn scratch card for both
  6. You can earn max 30 scratch cards, Technically it will be earning upto Rs.30000.
  7. So go for it Hurry Up limited time offer.

11. Sharechat App -Refer and Earn Rs.15 Paytm cash


Sharechat is an app which has a collection of WhatsApp videos, status, and Images, which can be used for sharing with friends. To promote they have come up with referral program.

  1. First Download the share chat App here
  2. After downloading select language, verify your number with OTP.
  3. Now goto Dashboard click rupee icon which is at right top corner of the dashboard.
  4. Click On QR Code Referral Scheme & Share your QR Code/Link with your friends and You Will Get ₹15 On Each Successful Referrals.
  5. Now Link paytm number with sharechat to redeem the earnings. And check your earnings in “My earnings tab“, Happy earning.

12. Google Pay (Tez) App Refer and Earn Rs.81 each referral Earn Unlimited July 2021 :

Tez app refer and earn

As you know, nowadays UPI Payments is becoming a trend and it even easier to use compared to other traditional wallets like Paytm, freecharge etc. Tez is giving Rs.101 as signup bonus and Rs.51 as a referral bonus.

  1. First Download GooglePay app here
  2. Open the Tez App, Enter your mobile number as same as registered with your bank.
  3. Verify the mobile number with OTP.
  4. Now add your bank account by clicking on the bank account.
  5. After adding Make your first transaction or send Rs.1 to 8050804702 using Tez app and get Rs.101 directly to your bank account.
  6. Now refer your friends using your Tez referral code and Rs.101 directly to your bank account.  By this, you can earn upto Rs.9000.

13. AppBrowzer App Refer and Earn upto Rs.999 per referral

refer and earn app appbrowzer

This is an app which helps you to access all the apps in one app itself, this an an very usefull app, only for entertainment apps, since it saves your mobile space. to promote the app, they have come up with refer and earn program, in which for each referral we get scratch card like tez app, in which you can earn upto Rs.999 per referral

  1. Download Appbrowzer here.
  2. Once download signup with mobile number and with email id
  3. Now you get a scratch card, which can be used once you use the app or 5 consecutive days.
  4. Now click on Invite and earn in the homepage and share it with your friends. and earn upto Rs.99 per referral.

14. PhonePe app Refer and Earn min Rs.100 for each referral

Phonepe refer and earn

This another UPI Payment and a big viral of Tez app is PhonePe UPI app. Being a competitor of Tez app, this app Rs.100 as a referral bonus. And also you can earn upto Rs.10000 using this app, to know more Refer this Mega Loot Phonepe app refer and earn upto Rs.7500.

  1. Download PhonePe app here.
  2. Signup with the same number which you have bank registered with.
  3. Click on Add bank account in the PhonePe app
  4. Then follow all the instructions as guided in the app.
  5. Once you link your bank account with the app you will get Rs.100 and if you do the first transaction and get Rs.100.
  6. Earn more by referring your friends,  for every successful referral you will get Rs.100 just by if your friend links the bank account and your friend get Rs.100.

15. One Ad App- Refer and Earn Upto Rs. 2.5 Lakhs 18 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India May 2022 Unlimited Loot Trick (Updated) 1

One ad app

One Ad app is genuine income plan app , which is similar to champ cash, which gives money to the users, and you can earn upto Rs.2.5 Lakhs. There are different Option in earning money, by watching ads, downloading apps, And referring friends. This app already has 10M+ downloads in playstore. Since this trusty worthy apps so people loves it and has very good reviews, because they actually pay as they commit.

One AD referral code: S4W5YY

  1. Download the One Ad App Here
  2. Now open the app after installing
  3. Now you have register as a new user, Enter your Mobile Number and enter referral Code –S4W5YY
  4. Complete the given tasks
  5. Next go to Refer in the menu you will find your referral code
  6. Invite your friends and earn more.
  7. Also use the app, complete the tasks and earn up to 2.5 lakh per month. 

16. 4FUN Refer and Earn Rs. 50 and Rs.5 / Referral:18 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India May 2022 Unlimited Loot Trick (Updated) 1


4FUN is an app like an Musically, Instagram, Like app, where you can create videos with special effects and share it anywhere. To promote the app they came up with Refer and earn program. In this program, you will get Rs.50 as signup bonus and Rs.5 per referral.

  1. Download the 4FUN App here
  2. Click on “Rs.50 paane ke lie click “
  3. Now it will redirect to play store and download the app
  4. After installing click on the signup button
  5. Verify your number with OTP received.
  6. You will recieve Rs.50 to your 4FUN account and you can withdraw this cash to your paytm account once you reach Rs.200
  7. Start inviting your friend by clicking on share button Menu, You can ear Rs.5 per referral.

17. ShareDost app Refer and Earn Rs.3 per referral- Earn Unlimited. Referral code: SDAI18EB

SHAREDOST refer and earn

  1. Download ShareDost From here
  2. Next open the app and select language
  3. Now click on Profile Icon which is right Bottom.
  4. Click on Login and Login using your Google Account.
  5. Enter Refer Code to Get Rs.3 Sign Up Bonus.


  1. You will Get 3000 Coins worth Rs.3 in your account instantly.
  2. Click on Share App and Earn Rs.3 per referral.
  3. Use multiple Google/ Fb accounts to earn unlimited and also you can refer unlimited.

18. Freecharge app Invite and Earn Rs.50/ per referral. Earn upto Rs.5000 by referring your friends.

Freecharge refer and Earn

  1. Download Freecharge app from here.
  2. Sign up with your Mobile Number.
  3. Verify your number with the OTP.
  4. Today get 100% cashback on the first recharge, Recharge your mobile or other numbers for Rs.50, while recharging use this coupon code REE2RK0 ansd get Rs.50 cashback to your Freecharge wallet,  that is nothing but 100% cashback.
  5. Refer your friends with your referral code which is available in your freecharge profile. Tell them to follow the same procedure as shown above.
  6. So you can earn up to Rs.5000  and Earn Rs.50 per Referral.


Here I presented you the best refer an earn apps where you can actually earn by referring your friends to the apps, So what you are waiting, just install and start your work and earn more.

Thanks for going through the article if you have any other apps which best refer and earn deals, you can contact me or comment down below, or any other queries or doubts you can clarify with me.

What apps pay you instantly?

There are a lot of apps that pays instantly, but what I found is Google Pay, PhonePe, Freecharge wallet, and UPI apps pay instantly.

How does a referral program work?

Companies will be having a specific amount for the promotion of their product, they will invest in refer and earn program so that users are intended to install the apps since they get money on each install.

How do you ask for a referral?  

There are different types of methods to ask for referrals, ask your friends to install the apps, share it on WhatsApp, facebook, telegram etc.

Are these Apps legit?

Yes of course, whichever apps are mentioned above are legit and pays real money.


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  5. Does Newsdog app still pays, I think app ‘s referral program has been stopped, please remove that app from your list, which doesnt pay as of now

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      Thanks meenakshi, i agree with you this newsdog app is very genuine and they pay your referral credits instantly, your welcome for your opinion.

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