Best 10 strategy games for Android 2022

Hello techholicianz, In this article, I will tell you about the 10 best Android strategy games you’ll find on Play Store. These are the best games I have found in the Playstore, I hope you guys like it.

1. Clash Royale:


The battle of 2 people across the arena is the concept of this best android strategy game. There are different characters like, knights, princes, baby dragons and many more. You receive the card as the starting capital of the fight. The map is used to destroy the enemy tower. If you succeed in destroying the enemy tower, you will receive a treasure chest and gain more coins. You should also be able to gather more troops so that your troops become stronger and at last victory will be yours.

2. Down with Titans:

Best 10 strategy games for Android 2022 1

If you like the strategy game with an action concept, so here is the game. This one game is the best choice. Game Down of Titans is an action game in which you lead your troops against the giants.

This game has many advantages, especially on the gameplay offered and also on the graphics that are present in the game. Everything is made with amazing 3D graphics features that are very impressive. You will enjoy each and every section of this game. This is online game hence you must have proper internet connection to play this game.

3. Star Command:


Your Mission is to control the spaceship that will complete a mission is an important task in the Star Command game. You can Create your own character and make him the captain of a spaceship.

Then you’ll be having with 3 empty rooms where you have to set the strategy to win this game. Each empty seat in this best Android strategy game has its own challenges. Whichever room you choose, everyone has a challenge.

4.The Battle for Polytopia:


This is one of the best Strategy-based adventure game, which in turn is played, has a lot of fun. You must rule the world, fight against insane evil tribes, and develop your civilization.

You should also explore the steaming wildfire forest or claim the fertile fields of the Imperius Kingdom. I guarantee you that you won’t be bored when you start playing this game. You would definitely love it.

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5. Vainglory


Vainglory objectively conducts the 1 on 1 battle to destroy the Vain Crystal building in the enemy headquarters. Its very difficult to complete the task since there will be many obstacles.

You will act as a hero, consisting of 3 people. Everyone has different characters and abilities. Therefore, you must coordinate the war strategy of the others to defeat the enemy.

6. Pandemic: The board game

Pandemic-The-Board-Game (2)

Outbreaks of fatal diseases spread to people, you who are members of the team as qualified members should be able to survive the threat of the disease.

Your task is to find a cure for the disease and treat the infection. Time keeps spinning as there are many obstacles to healing. Agree the best strategy with your team by playing the best Android strategy game for the world.

7. Hearthstone:


This card game is played by 2 people facing each other. You should improve your card strategy in each game session to increase your chances of winning. This strategy game is quite interesting.

8. Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game

Zombie-Anarchy-Survival-Game (2)

If you like the zombie kind of strategy games, you must play this game, In this game, you have to escape the zombies and survive. You can choose Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game. Where you also have to use the right strategy in this game, you must also take action against the zombies. And also there compromise in Graphic quality, since this game is developed by Gameloft. You will get immersive gaming pleasure.

9. Plants vs. Zombies 2:


If you’ve ever played Planet Vs Zombie And completed the tasks, now here is Version 2 of it.

In this game, you have to defend your territory from zombie attacks by using the right plant as a weapon to attack the zombie types. The zombies in this best Android strategy game will try to approach and destroy your plants you have to defend them using your plants. Arrange plants to survive long and create many coins.

10. Clash of the Clan (COC):


This is best the best strategy game. Most of them played Clash of Clans or so-called COC is a strategy game that inspires many fans. In this game, you will be asked to define the combat strategy to lead the troops. You have to explore many territories, there are different characters each having their own abilities. You have to arrange your troops to win every battle and make your kingdom very powerful. This game must have an internet connection to continue playing.

If you have any other best strategy game for android you can Comment down below. Thanks

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