How to download Shareit for PC

Multimedia could be shared from one device to another by following different processes. There are two types of ways by which you can share all your multimedia from one device to another. This includes the transfer of data with the help of wires or without the help of wire also called wirelessly. Connecting two different devices with the help of wire can easily transfer data of one device two other with ease. But it won’t be wrong to say that carrying wires everywhere would not be great. So the most used way of transferring data from one device to another is using a wireless method. This could be done through using Bluetooth which seamlessly transfers your data from one device to another without the need of any physical wire connection. Although this method is good enough to transfer your data from one device to another, it requires a lot of time to transfer a large amount of data from one device to another. Therefore it was need of time to develop some of the new technology which could transfer data seamlessly from one device to another in a short span of time and without changing the configuration or compressing the file.

Wi-Fi can also be used to transfer data from one device to another. Almost everyone around the world used any application based on Wi-Fi transferring data to share data from one device to another in a short span of time. One such application to share data from one device to another without incorporating any physical wired connection in a very short span of time seamlessly using Shareit.

Shareit is one of the most trusted applications which is developed by Lenovo and is used to share all type of multimedia from one device to other without any physical connection of wire seamlessly. Shareit could be used to share files on each and every platform which include a smartphone, tablet, PCs, MacBook, etc. it is also supported by all of the platforms and operating system like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, BlackBerry, etc. This article basically focus on how you can share your data from all your devices like smartphone, tablets to your PC by using shareit without any physical connection of wire, with the help of Wi-Fi don’t worry if you do not have any USB type cable to transfer data from one device to other because sharing data by using shareit platform is one of the easiest tasks you can do. And yes absolutely this application is free of cost and could be downloaded from all leading app stores.

You can use shareit to transfer your files like movies, images, songs and documents from one device to another without any physical wired connection or without using your internet data. Also, this method is super fast as compared to Bluetooth sharing capacity.

Shareit app is absolutely free of costing and can be downloaded from its official website for windows. Its downloading size is about 5 MB and supported devices are windows, windows phone, Android, iOS. It can transfer data with the speed of up to 10 MBPS.

Requirements to Download Shareit for PC

To download shareit go to its official website shareit and then click free download tab. In this, you will find an option for download for windows. Once you download this APK open the file and agree to Lenovo licensing agreement. Once you agree with all these conditions, you would be able to use shareit easily. Some of the requirement of laptop computers or the PC is as follows.

  • Your PC should have at least 512 MB of RAM.
  • It should have 50 MB of free space.
  • The processor of a PC should be higher than Intel platinum 4.

Some of the best features of the shareit app

  1. It is really very quick, you can actually have real-time sharing of your data between devices.
  2. You can also scan QR code with your phone to easily get connected to different devices and start sharing.
  3. Whether the file is big or small you can easily share it.
  4. No need to use any type of wired connection.
  5. Do not use your mobile data or Wi-Fi charges.
  6. You can also play content from your PC on your mobile device directly.
  7. The feature to remotely control your PC is also available.
  8. You can also control your PowerPoint presentation with shareit app directly.

Using the shareit app is very easy due to its clean and simple user interface.

Steps to Download Shareit on PC

Follow the steps as mentioned below to install the shareit software in PC

  1. First Download EXE File.
  2. The downloaded file is supported for all the versions of Windows.
  3. Run the downloaded file in PC by clicking on exe file.
  4. Install the file on your PC like any other software.
  5. Now you need to create an account then to start sharing the files through SHAREit.
  6. Done, After the app has been installed on your PC, Open the app and start sharing the files.

How to use Shareit in PC to Transfer Files?

  1. Simply click on start sharing option on your PC or laptop.
  2. Open shareit app on another device that you want to connect to your PC or laptop.
  3. Start scanning different devices available or simply scan the QR code to get connected directly.
  4. Once you see the desired symbol of the device that you want to get connected to, click on it and that’s it.
  5. You have established the connection between two different devices and you can now easily start sharing your data from one device to another.
  6. You will notice that even a large amount of data for files could be easily transferred from one device to another within a few minutes

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