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A VPN or Virtual Private Network is very essential for protecting your internet protocol address, also known as IP address. As we know, our IP address is like our identity on the internet, search engines and other websites can track our history as well as the websites you are visiting as well. They can even track what forms and surveys we fill, even our responses. VPN is the solution to this problem. 


A VPN is a simple technology that is developed to hide your IP address. Using a VPN, you can view protected websites, or those banned in your area. A VPN works on a simple principle of masking your IP, it is also known as a tunnelling method. Without much decrease in your Internet speed, VPN provides you with enhanced security and privacy. It can protect you from hackers and data breach. Using a VPN can also help you reduce ads and promotions on social media websites as well. 

Due to its immense success, there are several VPNs that are available in the digital market. But which one to choose? There is a negative side to VPN as well. Using a untrustworthy VPN can steal your data. It can track your browsing status as well as sell your online activity. A fake VPN, can redirect you to a phishing website or maybe the reason for man in the middle attack. Therefore, it is very important to choose your VPN wisely. 

There are several paid VPN services in the market. In addition to IP confidentiality, they provide additional benefits like antivirus integration, 24 x 7 Customer support, and much more. The list of most popular VPNs can be viewed below:

No doubt all of these VPN are one of the best available in the market and all of them offer paid services. It is better to spend some money rather than compromising with your digital security. 

But there is a way to get these premium VPNs for free. Apart from the trial version, you can download the modded version of these VPN, enjoy premium features for free. 

In this article I provide you with the mod version of world’s fastest VPN, Express VPN. 

Advantages of Express VPN

  • Enjoy unrestricted access to worldwide content. Express VPN provides you with unlimited access to video, music, audio, books, social media, and almost everything from anywhere to everywhere in the world. 
  • Stay anonymous by hiding your IP. Express VPN encrypts your network data so that even advance tools like Wireshark, aren’t able to track you. The app claims to have Best-in-class encryption by using advance mathematics in AES-256.
  • Portable. Express VPN is supported on a number of devices and is cross-platform as well. Be it Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, or your routers, Express VPN got your back.
  • Supercharged VPN: Connect to unlimited bandwidth, ultra – fast servers. It allows you to choose from 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries located all around the world.
  • No activity or connection logs, so that no Hacker can track your browsing history. Even your mom doesn’t catch what you watch!
  • Zero-knowledge DNS: With its own private DNS on every server, Express VPN makes your connection faster, safer and provides you a greater Ping.
  • Public Wi-Fi Safety against rogue Wi-Fi networks and man-in the middle attacks. 
  • Built-in Speed Test feature.
  • Bypass ISP throttling using Express VPN.
  • Supported on up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Enjoy a 24/7 human support. Stuck anywhere, Real humans are available for troubleshooting your problem. 
  • 30-Day hassle-free money back guarantee. 

Express VPN Mod

The mod version of Express VPN provides you with all the features provided with the official service. The official plans of this service are mentioned below:

However, the mod allows you to enjoy premium services for free. This includes several features like efficient support and better services. Without providing your card details, you are eligible to enjoy premium service for free with this mod application.

The download links for Express VPN mod are given below:

Download Link


The links provide you with the latest version of the official application. It supports all aforementioned features, just like the official application, except ‘support’.

Installation Instructions

The mod application apk can be installed in a similar way just like other apk are installed.

  • Download the apk file from the mentioned links.
  • After successful downloading, try installing it by tapping on the downloaded file.
  • In case some security prompt is delivered, no need to worry. Navigate to the settings of your device. 
  • Navigate to the Security settings. From there find the “unknown sources” option.
  • Check the box or toggle the bar, against this option.
  • Confirm the permission asked for, and you are good to go.
  • Head over back to the downloaded file, and try installing it again.
  • Proceed installation by providing necessary permissions, and finish the setup.
  • Congratulations! You have set-up a security layer between your device and internet.


So, this article was about downloading the mod version of the Express VPN. As this is a mod version, you can expect some shortcomings like lack of customer support and updates. Also, I suggest to use a separate account for this service. Also, there is no surety how long this service shall continue. It is unethical to use MOD versions as a MOD apk bypasses the authentication and provides services intended to premium users for free.

Hope this article was informative.

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