IFLIX MOD Apk 2021 (Latest Version Download)

With the way technology is moving forward and the amount of data being produced every day we are clearly living in a fast-paced generation. Everybody is doing their own thing and are stuck within their bubble. Other than the bubble we are stuck in, there exists something that we all have in common, entertainment. 

Entertainment can be in many forms like playing different sports, video games, streaming music, playing music, movies and TV shows. Let’s dive into movies and TV shows. Who doesn’t love them? 

We might not even realize it, but these two forms of entertainment are incorporated into our lives we are always in involved with them. You may probably be flipping through channels and watch a show or movie that’s already completed half away through with constant interruptions because of advertisements or you may be on YouTube where you see a trailer or preview for a movie that is going to release soon or you may have purchased or rented a DVD for a movie or you might have a subscription on an entertainment streaming application like Netflix. 

Entertainment streaming applications is what is trending nowadays and is probably going to stay at the top of trends and never die down. As mentioned previously, Netflix is one of them. But there is a similar application called IFLIX that targets the Asian audience. You could call it the Asian Netflix. From recent numbers, IFLIX has over 25 million subscribers and is fairly prominent.

What is IFLIX?

IFLIX is an entertainment streaming platform that started 6 years ago that is available in 13 countries within Asia which are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, The Maldives, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines and Sri Lanka. It grew pretty quickly and attained its fame within Asia. Specifically, within Southeast Asia it became the fastest growing entertainment streaming platform. Furthermore, IFLIX even opened a branch that targeted Africa called IFLIX Africa. The targeted countries were Kenya, Ghana, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. In addition to the regions, to be more specific their main audience is the middle-class population. 

Now that we have looked at its audience and region availability, let’s go through the features. 

IFlix Mod APK Features

First off, all the shows and movies that you stream are in high definition because let’s face it, no one enjoys pixelated videos. 

IFLIX has purchased licensed content and original shows and movies as well that it allows its users to stream. The purchased licensed content is pretty well-known around the world and has a wide range of options to choose from. The original content that is available to users is mostly in different Asian languages. It is diverse in terms of language. 

In addition to shows and movies, users can even stream live sports. This is ideal for the sports fan. Several international famous sports events have been streamed on IFLIX. Even sports events that are unique to countries within Asia have been streamed on IFLIX. 

Like other streaming platforms, users can download their movies and shows and watch them offline. All you need is WIFI or mobile data. Users can even choose the quality they wish to download it in depending on how much data they are willing to use. 

Users can watch shows and movies from a wide range of genres as well. 

IFLIX can even be personalized to your taste. Depending on the type of shows or movies you watch or in simple terms, your viewing history, the application recommends similar ones to you. All of the above fall within a feature called Channels. Another feature called Playlists, contains a well-organized collection of films for users to watch all unique to Southeast Asia. 

Other than the regular IFLIX, the application even contains three variants which are IFLIX-FREE, IFLIX-VIP and IFLIX-LIVE. 


Users have access to a few short films, a film of the day and even pilot episodes from several international and local shows. All these can be viewed for free, but it comes along with advertisements. 


This is a subscription-based variant that users have to pay for but have access to international and local movies and TV shows. 


Allows users to view live and local TV and even provides Pay-Per-View options. 

This APK gives you access to premium content for free. It is highly recommended not to download apks, as it is may be illegal. This article just provides information and does not encourage free downloads so, you may continue at your own risk. 

Steps to Download Iflix Mod APK with Download Link


Steps to follow

  • Click download and wait for IFLIX Mod.apk to download.
  • This downloaded file can be saved on either your phone’s memory or your SD card.
  • Install the APK file in your device by allowing Unknown Application Permission first.
  • The previous step is required for installing third-party applications without any issue. 
  • After that, go back to the download folder, open the IFLIX mod apk and enjoy. 






If you reside in one of these countries and have interest in exploring different languages, then waste no time. Follow the steps and explore and enjoy the various movies and TV shows. 

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