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All of us have felt our stomachs turn in a good way and get this feeling of tranquility, positivity and just extreme ecstasy when we attain feelings for someone or in other words, a when have a crush on someone. This could have happened during school, during university or even at the workplace although that is considered unethical. It is probably one of the greatest feelings to have. 

Within our lifetime, many of us would have liked someone, been rejected and even got together with their significant other. There are many means through which we would have met this person and with the number of people using smartphones nowadays, one of the most the popular means of meeting someone is through various dating applications. Though dating websites exist as well, people tend to use mobile dating applications more. One of such applications is Happn.

Happn is a dating application that released on 2014, which is fairly recent, compatible with IOS, Android and Windows phones. But this article is going to stick to the Android platform. Happn has grown quite a bit since its inception. It has over 80 million registered users! 

Before we go through the features of this dating application, a small disclaimer, not only Happn, but all dating websites and mobile applications are for ages 18 and over. Now, let’s dive into the features. 

Happn Premium Mod APK Features


First let’s talk about how profiles are presented to you. It is extremely essential how you setup your dating profile. Make sure that your profile contains basic information about yourself like interests, hobbies, the activities you’re into and various other attributes like that. Based on these features, a set of profiles are presented to you if there is common ground between your profile and the other profile. 

GPS System

Next, Happn uses a GPS navigation concept when showing you profiles. Usually, dating applications bombard you with a bunch of profiles of people that are within the proximity but Happn is a real time application and shows you profiles of people that are within the area you’re in. As in, where you go, profiles within that area show up for you to pick from. 


In terms of privacy, your exact location will never be revealed to other users. Only the places at which your profile crossed with theirs shows up. It isn’t possible for you to receive messages from people who you haven’t liked or matched with. These features keep the creeps away. 

Charms and Likes

Speaking of matching, the term used in the Happn world, is called ‘Charm’. So, when you like someone’s profile, you send them a charm. Obviously, if they reciprocate, you can begin to chat up the other person. Furthermore, you even see whether your matches or ‘Crushes’ are online while texting them. There is another person feature known as ‘Like’. The difference is that when you ‘Like’ a profile, it is done secretly. But a ‘like’ isn’t as effective as a ‘Charm’. Sending a ‘Charm’ is bound to grab the person’s attention and definitely shows more confidence. 


This feature may not sound very attractive to some people, but male users have to pay for charms while female users get charms for free. There are different packs available, each costing a different amount that users can purchase. 

Syncing your social media profiles onto your Happn profile is also possible. Doing this will tell other people more about yourself and even make you seem more genuine. You can show off your music taste to other others and show what kind of a lifestyle you have as well.  

So, what comes with the Happn premium apk? It gets rid of ads, you can check out other profiles anonymously, you get unlimited charms and coins and it unlocks the ability to chat with user worldwide. 

Steps to download Happn Mod APK with download link

TitleHappn -Local Dating App

Steps to Follow

  • Click download and wait for HAPPN Mod.apk to download.
  • This downloaded file can be saved on either your phone’s memory or your SD card.
  • Install the APK file in your device by allowing Unknown Application Permission first.
  • The previous step is required for installing third-party applications without any issue. 
  • After that, go back to the download folder, open the HAPPN mod apk and enjoy. 

Download HAPPN Mod APK


Download HAPPN Mod APK



Incase you’re looking for ‘the one’, then waste no time and do yourself a favor and download Happn. It is okay if you don’t meet ‘the one’, you might make a new best friend through this app. So, after following the steps, you can begin use the app. Enjoy, stay safe and don’t be a creep. Again, this is an application for only 18 and above. 

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