Real Steel Mod Apk v1.84.15 + OBB Data 2020 Download- (Unlimited Coins)

What would you think if I say the word ‘boxing’? Everyone knows it’s one of the interesting sports. It doesn’t stop with the hand it involves the cooperative work of the leg, body and our mind. This fascinating thing attracted Reliance Big Entertainment to release a wandering game that has the main principle of boxing. 

What is a Real Steel MOD Game?

real steel

This ‘Real steel Mod’ app takes you to the next level advancement in boxing. Unlike other boxing, it uses a 9 feet gigantic robot wearing accessories that weighs up to 2000 pounds. You are offered with 58 various powerful robots. These marvelous robots are similar to the star war robots and our favorite transformer series robots. This gaming takes place in a secret place where you can fight against your friends.

Build your Robot and destroy your enemies in real steel world

Goal of this game

The main goal assigned to you, is to defeat the Zesus- the champion of World Robot Boxing. There is no record of his failure as no one defeated him. If you are a good champion then you can fight against him and show your tittle up as champion. You have to defeat many other opponents to become a champion in this gaming world. 

Movement and controls

In Real steel mod apk 2020 You can move your massive robot by just swiping and touching. For more defence and attack you should know how to use this key controls for powerful punch and cuts. You would be guided by Real steel World Robot Boxing give suggestions on how to fight against your opponent. But it is not only enough to make a successful champion, you must learn about the combination of key movements to create continuous combos. 

Your energy level

After a long trashy fight, there should be an ending. The tournament will end only if your energy level is low. Once your energy level gets low you will be defeated easily. You can’t increase your energy but you can retain your energy level up to the next stage. You can retain your energy levels by facing less attacks and giving more attacks. 

Customized robots

Here you have the opportunity to meet titanium robots like Zesus, Noisy Boy, Atom, Twin Cities. This robotic world doesn’t stop with this with few familiar characters but also included many other ranges of robots. If you are not satisfied with the available robots you can freely alter the colors of those favorite robots in real steel mod. The feature ‘Paint shop’ allows you to show your creativity. If you can’t be the champion of boxing you can be the master in creativity. 


Like many other games it has the features that offers career mode and multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode you can fight against the world wide players to win the championship. The Real steel World Robot Boxing conducted many other tournaments where you can unlock your powerful moves. 

Upgrading robots in Real Steel MOD Apk features

For beating a powerful opponent being powerful is important. Upgrading your robots with real money enables you to unlock many powers through you can win many matches. In MOD features, one can upgrade their robot with the best accessories without worrying about the further payment. 

Steps to Install Real Steel Mod APK v1.84.15

Here I listed the steps to be followed to fetched MOD version, 

  1. Uninstall the app which you get from play store.
  2. Download the MOD version and OBB file from the internet.
  3. Unzip the MOD file and cut it,then paste it along the Android /obb path.
  4. Just enter as usual and check your money.

Download Real Steel MOD APK 2020

Download Real Steel MOD Apk +OBB Data

Requirements for having this app

  1. The version of android should be at least 4.1.
  2. RAM should be greater than 1GB.
  3. Free space should be there as this application needs space up to 1.5GB.


I gave at most all the information, all you have to do is just explore the game using your skills and creativity.

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