Best Gaming PC Requirements

Today gaming PC has become one of the most attractive and expensive gaming console gaming markets. So if you are going to buy a gaming pc in the coming few months and are looking for a complete guide which would describe all properties features of some of the best gaming PC in the world and which is also cost-effective then this article is like a surprise box for you. This article would definitely give you a brief idea about what type of game PC would be best suitable for you and how you can buy it with full ease and control over your pocket. So don’t waste your time reading and researching on the internet about various technical aspects and compatibility about the device and simply read this article which would definitely help you in buying a perfect pair of your choice. Let me clear one thing, a perfect PC is built with different components of your choice and you won’t get already setup PC in the market. You will have to choose different components from a variety of products that suits you to make your ideal gaming PC. So in this article, you will be getting some of the best components which you can consider to buy so that to make a perfect gaming PC.



The monitor is the screen of your PC. As we are going to build a gaming pc we need to have a good HD screen which would have a high refresh rate and which would easily adapt to high-end gaming. If you can get a 4K monitor that would be even excellent because its refresh rate and frame rate are amazing which give you the ultimate experience of gaming and lag-free experiences.

As most of us being a gamer would like to live stream our games. so it is advised to purchase a monitor that will be able to do all this stuff without any problem and manual adjustments.



It is rightly said the more I am you have in your gaming PC the more efficiently your PC work. 8GB RAM is sufficient for your gaming PC for any game which is developed now and available in the market in today’s era. But as there are many games which are being developed on more advanced technology I would suggest that you buy at least a 12 GB RAM. If you can get a 16GB RAM that would be sufficient for all kinds of gaming that you record. There are some online casino games in india which require good RAM. Browsers are much lighter than they were before, but still, they require to process a lot of data – especially when you are playing online games on the browser. The popularity of casino games has increased lately so it’s a great example. Also, their games are usually more complex and usually contain a more advanced code that the browser and your PC need to process. I would suggest you buy Corsair Vengeance LPX memory stick for your PC as it is strong durable high-performing and can be easily upgraded from 8GB to 16GB. Also, it has a memory speed of up to 3000 MHz which make it one of the most affordable Ram stick in this price segment.



AMD Ryzen 5 3600x can be a good choice for building an amazing gaming PC. This is a 3rd generation gaming PC CPU which not only provide ultimate power and performance but also increase the overall productivity of the gaming PC. This is one of the latest CPU which has been introduced by the company after the displacement of Zen 2 architecture CPU. This CPU is cost-efficient and give better performance than any other alternate present in market under this price segment. Also, this CPU increase 10 to 20 times more frame rate to your gaming experience can have a maximum setting of 1080 p resolution on your screen while gaming. It has six physical and 12 logical core which gives it wonderful power and performance. Also using a virtual reality is a easy task for this CPU. This CPU come with cooling stock which helps in cooling CPU and giving a long-life performance to the PC.

Graphics card

graphics card

One of the most important component of a gaming pc which allow the user to experience full-on complete and correct graphic of the game. if you do not have a correct graphic card in your gaming PC then you won’t be able to enjoy any game even if you get any other component correct. Many things on gaming PC could be compromised but if you compromise a graphic card it would be very hard for you to digest that your PC would be just a piece of junk and nothing else. So I would suggest you buy an RTX graphics card which is most popular in the market because of their maximum potential of performance have been increased to double. Also, it’s real-time tracking makes it stand in front of the crowd. Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 wind force is a wonderful graphic card which not only gives better performance but also reduces power consumption and provides a stable 60fps in 4K monitor. Also, it is the most affordable graphics card with such amazing properties and features under this price segment.



The motherboard is the mainframe of your gaming PC. It could also be called the brain of your gaming PC. Thus it becomes very important for you to carefully select your motherboard to have complete and best gaming experience. I would suggest you Asus prime X 470 Pro. This is one of the most interesting and important component of a gaming system as this motherboard is going to keep all different hardware together and supply them with the ultimate power to come and run your gaming PC which would provide the best experience of gaming. This is the most cost-efficient solution for building a gaming pc. Also, this motherboard has a different feature which makes it one of the best selling component in the market. You could also increase your name if you wish to up to 64GB of RAM IN THIS MOTHERBOARD. Also, the maximum speed could be increased to 3600 MHz with support of this motherboard.

Some of the main component of the gaming PC which I would suggest you to buy to make a complete and perfect gaming PC. Also, there are different components which you can buy like power supply SSD card and operating system which could be altered and not need much attention. Hope you like this article and found it abate helpful in finding your correct gaming PC.

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