7 Best Old Gaming Systems

The gaming system became very popular among people since its launch. The computer which was once developed for processing hard calculations and algorithm was now being used for entertainment purposes also. This included gaming system, soundbar, music system, big screen display etc. Later it was found that there was a need for a different system for gaming which needs to be attached to the computer for better functioning and smooth working. This actually would give a better experience of gaming. So the market started flooding with a different type of gaming consoles. In back 1970 if you ever wanted to play a game, it was not too easy to access this game. You would need to go to your local arcade store to play this game.

And therefore the need for different gaming systems existed and the market share of the gaming system started increasing. This article basically focuses on a different type of gaming system which was used by kids in late 1990. Hope you enjoy this article and find it beneficial to improve your knowledge. This article would definitely take you to your childhood memories which are one of the best memories anyone can have in their life. Most of this gaming system is available today also and can even be bought from online market stores. But now this gaming system act as artifacts. If you are born in late 2000 you can also ask your parents about this old gaming system that they used to play on during their free time are summer vacation. So let us see some of the most popular gaming systems.

Xbox 360

xbox 360

Xbox 360 was the revolutionary product in the market since it was the most advanced gaming console which was manufactured by Microsoft, in the market. Xbox 360 was released in late 2005 and the manufacturers sold about 83.7 million units till date. At that time it was priced 300 dollars. It had a fabulous design, was compact and gave better graphic quality than any other gaming console at that time. You can also look into some Xbox one multiplayer games that show the quality of gaming experience.



It is another gaming console that was released during 1998 by one of the most popular manufacturers of a gaming system for gaming console at that time Sega. The name of the manufacturer was enough for people to understand the quality and ability of the gaming console. But in 2001 the company has to discontinue the production of its product due to certain reasons. The company also faced financial losses during this time.

Atari 7800

7 Best Old Gaming Systems 1

This product was one of the starting product in the section of gaming system during that time in the market. Although it sold 8 million units of its gaming console which was a big figure in late 1990. It was launched by manufacturer Atari in 1986 and was priced at 139 dollars. The most famous Pac-Man was one of the games which could be played on this gaming console.


7 Best Old Gaming Systems 2

Who can forget the marvelous PlayStation, which not only provided better gameplay but also perfect graphic and amazing quality and controls. PlayStation was launched in 1994 by Sony. The first version of PlayStation itself was price at $300 and the company sold 102 million units just after its launch. PlayStation is one of the most famous and popular gaming systems till date and we hope to get PlayStation 5 really soon. Generally most of them play racing games in Playstation since it gives a different experience while playing the game.

Nintendo 64

7 Best Old Gaming Systems 3

It was named Nintendo 64 because this gaming console was based on the 64-bit processing unit. It was a gaming console that was released for home uses and was compact. It was launched in the year 1996 by the manufacturer Nintendo. Although it could not get much popularity and the company sold only 33 million units each at a price of $200. It was simple compact and easy to use. Its main competitor was PlayStation. Also, nintendo is popular for its switch games, you could play mario, pokemon kind of games in Nintendo.

Arcade 1 UP cabinet

7 Best Old Gaming Systems 4

It was a full-size arcade machine that was very popular among children. Due to its big size, people avoided to buy it for their home but it was used in commercial places like malls and shops. It was fully loaded with all consoles and different controls which facilitated player during gameplay. Later it became a fashion to buy an arcade cabinet but in my opinion, it was not a good idea.

NES classic edition

7 Best Old Gaming Systems 5

This was one of the most fantastic gaming console present in the market at that time. It was smaller in shape, compact and gave better result then Atari. It had a complete retro look and was supported with HDMI output.

Sega Genesis Mini

7 Best Old Gaming Systems 6

This is another fantastic gaming console which is also the first gaming console made by Sega after taking control of its manufacturing unit from Dreamcast. This gaming console had an enormous amount of games of all genre. Also, it had wonderful control unit and graphic of game was good enough.

So these were some of the most popular gaming consoles which could be bought even today and they are amazing. Although my favorite from this list is PlayStation and Xbox as they kept evolving themselves according to the needs of the gamers.

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