9 Best Roguelike Games on PS4

Roguelikes are one of the most punishing and rewarding genres out there. Want to get your best one among many? Sure, you can explore more in this article.

1. Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is the ideal mix of the roguelike and roguelite sub-sorts. Players assume the job of different relatives in this bloodline entrusted with bringing down the shades of malice inside a charmed manor. In the event that one falls, their youngsters will accept the job of the legend. Best of all, there is consistently a feeling of movement. Gold found on each run can be utilized to purchase hardware, or updates, for example, wellbeing, or resistance rewards. Best of all, everything is lasting. It’s the most available game on this rundown and furthermore effectively the best.

2. Moonlighter

Discussing astonishing workmanship, Moonlighter additionally has striking symbolism. It’s additionally another overlooked yet truly great individual from 2018 that was, with such an overstatement, a Round of the Year competitor. Players will assume the job of the shopkeep over at the Moonlighter; a store loaded up with treasure for would be swashbucklers. Here is the wind however. He needs to get the plunder himself so as to sell it. The game is similar to a sim shop chief converged with a top-down hack and cut prison crawler roguelike. Whatever one orders it as, it’s phenomenal.

3. Flinthook

Flinthook is a drop-dead stunning pixel magnum opus from the skilled designers over at Tribute Games. They realize how to reproduce those astonishing structures of the SNES time frame while improving them for a HD period. In any case in this roguelike players are pursuing down a band of underhanded privateers. Each boat holds heaps of fortune and flipping around the guides with the nominal snare is similarly as fun as swinging around Manhattan as Creepy Spider Man.

4. Dead Cells

Dead Cells’ mixture of thoughts makes it hard to categorize into a solitary classification. From one viewpoint, it’s a lot of a Metroidvania, but at the same time it’s a maverick light in the convention of Rogue Legacy. The randomization makes it energizing each time you enter its nostalgic turn on 16-piece visuals. 

Dead Cells separates its 2D levels into zones a lot of like a Metroid or Castlevania game, however its battle requires accuracy and powers you to adjust, similar to the previously mentioned Dark Souls.

5. Wizard Of Legend

Wizard of Legend was an overlooked yet truly great individual of 2018. In this roguelike, players will accept the job of a wizard in preparing. Spells are lined up with common assets like fire and ice and each part of these characteristic components have many spells running from offensive to guarded kinds. It’s sort of like the best Symbol game at any point made. Actually no, not the James Cameron adaptation. We’re discussing the fake anime sensation.

6. Heat Signature

Heat Signature is an activity roguelike made by Dubious Turns of events, the producers of generally applauded secrecy puzzle game Gunpoint. The top-down 2D title extends the strategic based interactivity Dubious is known for, while additionally presenting another space-themed setting alongside the capacity to freeze time. In it, you control a progression of haphazardly produced characters entrusted with freeing space stations from the domains that control them.

7. Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a roguelite card-technique game that adopts a fascinating strategy to the prison crawler equation. Toward the start of each run, players are solicited to choose from one from three foreordained characters, each with a special playstyle and beginning conditions that influence what number of/how much wellbeing, gold, and cards the player has.

8. Wrack: Exoverse

Wrack: Exoverse is an intriguing mix of first-individual shooter, tower-resistance, and roguelite game mechanics introduced in staggering cel-concealed illustrations. Each run sees you developing labyrinth like guards with turrets and dividers to hinder the approaching foes and keep them from arriving at your guide before you can be extricated.

9. Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is an Early Access Steam title that has been making huge waves because of its work day from a side-looking over 2D platformer to a completely 3D third-individual shooter. Be that as it may, the spin-off has kept up the arrangement’s vigorous battle just as its Roguelike mechanics, which sees you endeavoring to get by to the extent that this would be possible while adversaries become progressively troublesome.

The game prizes you for battling through swarms of outsider beasts with better rigging to increase your character’s capacities. As of now, Risk of Rain 2 has six distinctive character classes, which designer Hopoo Games intends to add to later on.


I have shortlisted some of the best games for you and I hope that I gave the best for you. Choose one that suits you. 

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