Best Starting Classes in FFXIV

Now you are searching for the best starting classes in FFXIV? Then here is this article for you. Before that we will discuss FFXIV. Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t tie characters to a single class. Instead, it uses a job system “like some other Final Fantasy titles” that allows a character to play everything, so don’t worry too much about picking the perfect class. Final Fantasy fans can take on iconic quests and go on adventures with their friends.

Final Fantasy XIV has three main roles: Tank, DPS, and Healer. Each role has its own attributes as well as a unique set of skills that match its build, however, players can role-play each class and are not limited to a specific class, so there are many the freedom to experience what you have. 

In this article we included 10 best starting classes in FFXIV and pick your favorite


1. Conjurer 

Players who want to practice as healers will find a healing class easy to join. In fact, the conjugate has the best healing in the early game. While they don’t have magic time damage, they do have a lot of buffs and healing so the Conjurer can easily dive into the white mage’s solo activity. They also have a variety of higher levels.

2. Gladiators 

Next unique class in FFXIV is Gladiator. Gladiators act as great tanks early in the game, to prepare for heavier knight work later on. Fortunately, the Gladiator skill set provides newcomers to the game with decent crowd control and staying cool. 

3. Archer

 Archer is by far the easiest class in FF14 for beginners in FFXIV. Archers can move freely while attacking. This means they can attack where melee DPS can’t. This also means it does a great job at teaching new players how to avoid AoE attacks, since there’s no gameplay dynamic to focus on in one spot.

4. Thaumaturges 

 Thaumaturges are angry, shadowy assassins who focus exclusively on high damage and stay as still as possible. For this reason, any encounter that requires a lot of movement is bad for the thawing process. This work is best done by someone who studies fights and knows what is about to happen before it happens.

5. Marauders

Marauders turn out to be Warriors at Level 30, they begin getting self-heal abilities and private mitigation skills. They additionally free up the Beast Gauge, which may be used to pop off effective attacks. 

Warriors get a capacity known as Nascent Flash that absorbs incoming harm as HP and offers 50% of that HP to a centered birthday celebration member even as additionally decreasing their harm taken via way of means of 10%. All of this makes the warrior barely extra reactive than the Paladin. This may be extra fun, however may also be extra complicated to a brand new player 

6. Arcanist

Arcanist is the best class of ffxiv as an excellent starting class because of its range of DPS, healing, and tanking abilities. As a magical ranged DPS, Arcanist deals damage with a variety of DoT attacks and has the ability to summon battle pets to deal damage, but he also has a few useful healing spells. 

7. Gunbreaker

 Gunbreaker is one of four tanks available to play in Final Fantasy XIV right now. In addition, it also has the most individual DPS output of the four tanks, making it easy to navigate single player content with their high DPS comparable to some DPS classes .This one is the best starting classes in Final Fantasy XIV. 

8. Blue Mage 

Blue Mage is the first “limited work” in Final Fantasy XIV, which means Blue Mage is designed for solo play. You will start at level 1, but you will only be able to level up your character up to level 50, until that level is increased through Shadow Bringers patches. That said, leveling up would be secondary to learning the monster’s actions. Blue mage best classes in Final Fantasy XIV. 

9. Summoner 

 Summoners (then known as Sages and Evokers) had a pretty simple concept. Summon a big muscular guy to deal a bunch of damage to your opponents. In terms of taste, it’s not technically a big step up from the Black Mage. Consumes a lot of MP to deal a lot of damage. Summoner’s early days in FFXIV were terrible. 

10. Pugilists 

 Pugilists (technically) use their bare hands to defeat their enemies while easily dancing around them. Their playstyle revolves around freeform skill combos and stance attacks, which means certain skills deal more damage when flanked or behind an enemy. 


Here we finished our best ranking of the best starting classes in Final Fantasy XIV. This list is ranked from easiest to hardest for new players, so if you’re looking for the easiest class in FFXIV, it will help you to choose. 

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