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If you are looking for PUBG mod apk hack with unlimited health, then you are in right place here, going further we will know how to install pubg mod apk and its complete features too.

Are you a PUBG gamer? Are you always wished to get Chicken Dinner in the PUBG Game, But unfortunately you couldn’t get? Then this article will help you to achieve Chicken Dinner. Today I have brought an amazing game mod it is none other than PUBG Mobile MOD v0.19.9 apk hack ( पब जी मोबाइल हैक वर्जन )which most of the gamers were looking for. This mod is very good for PUBG gamers since everything is unlimited over here. Rite now PUBG Server is down, here is the PUBG hack apk download and come out of these serious problems.

I hope everyone is aware of what the mod is. If you are not aware I have explained the mod definition below. Pubg is the game which has been played by the majority of smartphone gamers and its even one of the most addictive game, due to which some government also has banned the game. And the PUBG game has made a record of 100+ million downloads in play store and it’s still counting.

You should be following certain important steps before downloading the PUBG game, which is actually very important so that you won’t be stuck in any problem in the middle of installing process.

I hope everyone knows what PUBG Mobile is but a few people don’t know what PUBG MOD APK is I will explain it, So in the original version of PUBG you will be having limited access for features like limited UC, Limited vehicles, limited ammo. So if you download PUBG Mod, you will get Unlimited features and unlimited everything, which is discussed below.

A few programmers have altered the PUBG MOD APK to be aware that it is caused by a bug of PUBG then whenever the push arrives to understand someone has abused their bug they bring upgrades. To develop this pubg mod lot of programmers have put their effort. And finally, they come up with these modded apps.

Pubg mOD Apk is apk hack which will fulfill all your requirments.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay and Strategies

PUBG Mobile Mod APK v0.19.9 Hack Download-Unlimited Health, Unlimited Everything Latest 2022 -Antiban 1
PUBG Mobile MOD Apk

Pubg game is all about planning, you and your teammate should plan the game where you need to decide where to attack and when you also need to know where you will get good loots so that you will be ready for the battle. It starts with skydiving with your teammates and you have to land in the places where you will get good loots, you can also communicate with team players to coordinate and plan to kill the enemies, loot good guns, protection, and enter into the battlefield. If you want to grab more loot you need to explore locations like Vikendi, Pochenki, Satara, etc. Use vehicles to travel the map and find good loots. You should be very careful with the blue zone, the blue zone will reduce your health if you are inside the blue zone radar, so try to escape this radar and stay safe.

Some gamers are so much addicted to the game, they just forget the whole world in it, So this mod apk file is also for them, without any delay just download the pubg mod, get Unlimited health, Unlimited UC and many more.

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Objectives and Features of Pubg Mod Apk

In the Pubg official game, you are needed to establish yourself as a pro player in order to achieve and gain powers like unbreakable health, strong weapons, strong vehicles, etc. However, this modded PUBG APK is anti-ban, and it consists of these many features as shown below

  • Aim BOT
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited sprint
  • Unlimited health
  • Flying Car feature
  • Use High Jump
  • Anti-ban
  • Wall Hacks
  • No Recoil Hack
  • Make your character Dance / Move
  • Free Rank Purchase
  • Unlimited Guns of All Server [All Colors]
  • Stunning Vehicles (Limited addition vehicles)
  • Amazing Graphics and HD Audio quality
  • It is compatible with all Android versions.
  • Auto health and ammunition refill.
  • Everything unlocked including characters.
  • Get Unlimited Money, Coins & Diamonds.
  • High accuracy damage using Aimbot feature

Some important features you need to know.

PUBG mod APK hack Unlimited health

Unlimited Health
Unlimited Health

In normal Pubg game when you die with headshots or if someone tries to kill you, when you are dying in case if none of your friends revive you, in PUBG mod you will get unlimited health, you never die in the game.

PUBG Mod APK Aimbot


In the shooting games, aimbot is a must while loading the game in case even if you have a weak server you need not get disappointed, Aimbot is an aiming software and it is the best cheat that can be used in PUBG, this software will help you to kill your opponents easily. In this feature, you can aim your enemies accurately and kill them without wasting your ammo. You can do headshots precisely.

PUBG Mobile Mod Wall Hack

pubg mobile mod wall hack
Wall Hack

I hope you always wanted the power to see through the walls so that you will get to know where your enemies are standing. In the PUBG Mobile wallhack feature, you can see through walls, now you can easily kill enemies, this is an amazing feature to have in PUBG Mobile. In this feature, the enemies are highlighted on the radar, so that you can easily detect enemies, instead of simply shooting the walls, you can use this feature.

PUBG Mod Apk Hack Unlimited UC

unlimited uc cash
Unlimited UC

UC is the currency used in PUBG, UC means “Unknown Cash”. Using UC cash you can buy different items in the game. In pubg mod apk you will get unlimited UC’s or pubg mod unlimited money which can be used to purchase whatever you need in the game like Skins, guns, Dress, etc. You can become stronger, secure by utilizing the UC in the game and destroy all your opponents.

Ads-free Account

ads free account
No Ads

In PUBG Mod game you need not worry about annoying ads, since its ads-free. So you can enjoy the game in an uninterrupted manner.

Unlimited Money and Coins

unlimited coins
Unlimited Coins

So in this mod, you will get unlimited money which can be used to purchase a variety of high-end weapons, armors, and accessories.

Specifications of PUBG Mobile

App NamePUBG Mobile Mod Apk
Size2.3 GB
CategoryBattle Royale Games
Player ModeSingle Player, Multiplayer
RootNo Root Required


Prior to downloading the PUBG MOD APK, you need to uninstall your phone’s original PUBG app, or you may use any program of the dual space.

Finally, the PUBG MOD APK has been downloaded by you how to put in it, what are its characteristics and how to utilize it, we’ve got each told below. Let’s see what’s there in this mod and Which Makes it different from everybody else.

How To Install PUBG MOD APK 2021?

To install PUBG Mod APK you need to have 2 files one is APK file and OBB data file. I have explained each and every step to install the modded PUBG APK. Please follow the instructions properly and start enjoying the game.

  • Step1: The first step, you need to download both this mod APK and its data file.


Download PUBG Mobile Mod APK+OBB Data

  • Step 2: Once downloaded, you can install PUBG APK. It might be asked to enable the permission to install the app, then tick and save on Unknown Source and then install your app.
  • Step 3: After installing, the next step is to integrate the PUBG Mod app with the data file.
  • Step 4: In the next step go to your file manager, click on the Android folder, where you will find a folder named obb, click on it.
  • Step 5: In the Android folder, you can see Tencent folder, in that folder you need to paste the obb file.
  • Step 6: Now open the PUBG Mobile app and enjoy the game.

PUBG Gallery Guide

Below are the gameplay images of PUBG, PUBG has an amazing graphic quality as shown in the picture below, and it will be even greater if you play in best gaming smartphones

pubg image 1
Pubg Mobile
pubg image 2
Pubg Mobile
pubg zombie
Pubg Mobile

How to get Chicken Dinner Using PUBG Mod Hack?

In normal PUBG game, the player expects chicken dinner, It means you should survive till the end of the game, all the opponents should have killed or died. Using the PUBG Mod hack you can avail this, Because using this PUBG Mobile hack it is very easy to kill the opponents, since you have good weapons, armors, etc.

PUBG Mobile Game Modes

There are 3 game modes which are listed below

  • Classic

In Classic mode, you will get 4 maps – Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi

  • Arcade

In Arcade mode there are 3 which are War, Mini-Zone, Quick Match, and Sniper Training

  • EvoGround

EvoGround also includes three maps – TDM: Warehouse, Zombie: Darkest Night, and Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2.

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PUBG Mobile Weapons List

Below is the list of weapons which can be used during gameplay, there are also some best PUBG Mobile weapons which can be used to get Chicken Dinner.

  • Win94
  • UMP9
  • M1641
  • Tommy Gun
  • M249
  • S12k
  • S1897
  • UZI
  • Mutant
  • AKM
  • AUG
  • Groza
  • Mini14
  • AWM
  • M416
  • Vector
  • m24
  • Kar98k
  • Dp-28
  • SKS

Best loot locations for Pubg Mobile

Since pubg mobile mod already you will get unlimited loot, coins. So there is no point in finding the best loot location. Generally, if we see Vekindi, pochenki are the best loot locations. Where you can grab more number of good weapons, armors, health kit, etc. The loot depends on the area which you select. More the loot more the risk of surviving. So you need to select the loot location carefully.

Final Verdict:

The above mod app actually works, and I’m pretty sure, you will love it to play, with a number of features, modes, etc. If you have any questions or suggestions in your mind please comment down below.

Pubg Mobile Mod FAQ’s

Whether root is required to install the pubg Mod?

No its not required, this can be installed without root

Is it legal to use pubg mod?

Since it is a different server  there is no issue, but pubg guideline says not to use modded apps

Can I play multiplayer with friends using this app?

Since this app is running in different servers your friends also should connect to the same server, then you can play with your friends.

How can I get Unlimited UC in the Pub mobile?

Download pub mobile mod unlimited health, UC and get all the unlimited benefits you need not worry about it

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