20 Best Offline Multiplayer Games via Hotspot for Android 2023

Offline Multiplayer games are the best way to kill time with friends. Whenever we have some free time or want to get some break from this stressful life, we just open any of our favorite games on phone and start playing.

However, it would be more fun to play multiplayer games with friends or to challenge them. There are many offline multiplayer android games where you can challenge your friends or team up with them to challenge others.

Best 20 Offline Multiplayer Games via hotspot

If you’re looking for the best Android offline multiplayer games to play with your friends then here is the listing of Top 10 best offline multiplayer games that work without internet.

Sl NoOffline Multiplayer games
1Among us
2Battle of Agents
3Mini Militia
4Asphalt 8
5Let’s Golf
6Air Combat Racing
8Armored Car 2
9Armored Off-road Racing Deluxe
10Ball Race
11City Racing 3D
12Drift Race
13Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia
15Racers Vs Cops: Multiplayer
16Sea Battle 2
17Special Forces Group 2
18 Ludo king
19Ninja fun race
21Solitaire Bliss

1. Among us

Among us
Among us

Among Us has recently gained popularity around the world and it’s the best offline multiplayer game. This game can be played in two ways; as a teammate or as an impostor. 

Your goal as a crew member is to play with your friends or strangers online and find the impostor in your crew who is determined to invade the ship. 

However, if you play as the rogue, your mission is to defeat the crew by sabotaging, killing, and broadcasting around the map. When teammates and impostors look alike, it adds to the mystery of the game. It works offline on your local hotspots which makes this game so much fun.

Download Here

2. Battle of Agents

Battle of Agents
Battle of Agents

Battle of agents is a free offline multiplayer game developed by Xeneva Studio. It is a shooter game and Players will have to fight each other. Battle of Agents – Offline Multiplayer Shooter is 100% safe as the app has been scanned by our AntiMalware platform. 

Players need to connect their devices in the same network and will start playing against each other. They can connect under the same router. They can also use Android hotspots to connect to the same network.

Download Here

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3. Mini Militia

mini militia offline multiplayer game

Mini-Militia is an offline multiplayer game for both Android as well as IoS. It is freely available on Playstore and Appstore where anyone can download. It is one of the multiplayer games via wifi hotspot where the players can get connected by switching to anyone’s wifi hotspot and all other players can get connected to it.  

It is the best game for students where they can play during free hours in college. This is a 2D shooter multiplayer game where the players can play individually or make any number of teams and showcase their gaming skills.

This game has Training mode where the armature players can know how to play the game and Multiplayer Mode connected to wifi hotspot where they can have an epic battle with their friends. The Mini Militia game was powered by Doodle Army 2.

Mini Militia Details
Offered ByMiniclip.com
Android Version4.1 and up
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
Size47 MB
Download LinkDownload here

4. Asphalt 8

asphalt 8 offline multiplayer game

Asphalt 8 is the top offline multiplayer racing games for Android as well as iOS. It is available as a free to download App on PlayStore and AppStore.

Asphalt 8 is ranked as the best wifi multiplayer games and is played all over the world. It is also one of the multiplayer games via wifi hotspot where the players can get connected easily and enjoy the epic graphics which look more realistic.

The players can find many no of top luxury racing cars where they have the choice of customizing them before racing. Also Asphalt 8 is one of the best 3D Android games.

Asphalt 8 Details
Offered ByGameloft
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
Size99 MB
Download LinkDownload here

5. Let’s Golf

lets of golf 2 offline multiplayer game

Let’s Golf – as the name itself tells that the game is all about playing Golf by connecting to the Wi-Fi hotspot. It is the most realistic and one of the best golf multiplayer games via wifi hotspot.  

This game comes under the category of wifi multiplayer games and the players can enjoy the realistic golf game on the mobile phone. Also check mmo rpg games as well.

Let’s Golf Details
Offered ByCGI Group
Android Version4.4 and up
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
Size28 MB
Download linkDownload here

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6. Air Combat Racing

air game combat offline mutiplayer game

Air Combat Racing is an aircraft offline multiplayer racing games for Android. It is fully packed with realistic 3D Graphics with any number of battle planes. It is one of the wifi multiplayer games on Playstore with more number of downloads.

The players are connected by wifi hotspot and can experience the best aircraft racing. It is one of the multiplayer games via wifi hotspot and the player gets engaged with the game which comes under the offline multiplayer racing games for Android.

The graphics are brilliantly attractive and the game is relatively easy to play on hands mode.

Air Combat Racing Details
Offered ByCreDeOne Limited
Android Version2.3.3 and up
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
Size45 MB
Download LinkDownload here

7. Acceler8

acceler8 offline multiplayer game

Acceler8 is one of the offline multiplayer racing games for android. It is an action-packed racing game with high rated graphics and surely not for faint-hearted. This racing game will push your racing skills to a limit.

It is also one of the multiplayer games via wifi hotspot where players can get connected and experience the thrilling racer game. It is easily connected to the hotspot and this is the first suggested game for multiplayer games via wifi hotspot.

Acceler8 Details
Offered ByGray Fin Studios
Android Version2.2 and up
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
Size29 MB
Download LinkDownload here

8. Armored Car 2

racing armored offline multiplayer game

Armored Car 2 is one of the top offline multiplayer racing games for Android. It has adopted new amazing features and new controls over the mobile phone.

Players who get connected via wifi hotspot will love the experience of multiplayer racing. This is the best offline multiplayer racing games for android with high-quality audio and 3D graphics as well. It is also the top rated racing multiplayer games via wifi hotspot.

Armored Car 2 Details
Offered ByCreDeOne Limited
Android Version2.3.3 and up
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
Size18 MB
Download LinkDownload here

9. Armored Off-road Racing Deluxe

armored off road racing offline mutliplayer game

It is one of the High-quality Wi-Fi multiplayer games of battle rally racing. It has a very realistic experience with many tracks played in offline multiplayer racing games for android.

It has an accelerometer for the more realistic experience of driving. This is the top-rated racing multiplayer games via wifi hotspot. The players will experience the high defined graphics and enjoy playing with their friends.

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Armored Off-road Racing Deluxe Details
Offered ByCreDeOne Limited
Android Version2.3.3 and up
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
Size38 MB
Download LinkDownload here

10. Ball Race

ball race offline multiplayer game

It is one of the offline multiplayer racing games for android. This game is a special type of multiplayer racing game which can be connected through wifi hotspot.

In this game, the ball needs to avoid many different obstacles and finally win the race. It is a competitive and fun game which can be played via offline wifi multiplayer games. And it is one of the best multiplayer games via wifi hotspot.

Ball Race Details
Offered ByKetchapp
Android Version4.1 and up
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
Size34 MB
Download LinkLink

11. City racing 3D

city racing 3d offline multiplayer game

It is the top offline multiplayer racing games for Android where one can experience real tracks as well as high-quality Graphics. It has the best street racing experience with a multiplayer option.

And it is one of the best multiplayer games via wifi hotspot. The users can get the thrilling of racing experience and real traffic drifts with epic stunts.

City Racing 3D Details
Offered By3DGames
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Developer[email protected]
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
Size50 MB
Download LinkDownload here

12. Drift Racing Car X

carx drift racing offline multiplayer game

This racing game has the best thrilling experience of drifts on the road. It is the top offline multiplayer racing games for Android. The only way to win this game is the absolute drift on time which is to be done by the player.

And it is one of the best multiplayer games via wifi hotspot. It has ranked as the best drift wifi multiplayer games as well.

Drift Racing Car X Details
Offered ByCarX Technologies
Android Version4.1 and up
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
Size31 MB
Download LinkDownload here

13. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

dodle armu

This game needs no presentation; an extremely famous shooting match-up among Android clients. Easy to play yet high on activity. It is a profoundly inclined game for quite a while.

Mini Militia can be played by up to 12 players by means of a WLAN association and the game highlights two modes for example Center and Survival modes. The Survival mode is the perfect game mode to get it on with your companions. You play to see which player gets the most focuses toward the finish of the game time.

In Co-Op mode, all of you hold hands to battle COM players. In any case, there are heaps of weapons to use on Mini Militia. Make groups or play autonomously and take the firearm to fire your companion from the contrary group. In spite of the fact that the game is exceptionally unremarkable on designs however it works.


14. Dual!

dual game

Similarly as the name suggests “Double” which signifies “Two”, the game can be played by a limit of two players. One individual makes the system, the other individual joins and it’s down time. Be that as it may, both mobile gadgets ought to be near one another to dodge interference. 

The game takes up the screen of the two gadgets; every individual perspectives their player character on their gadget.

All things considered, the two players focus on one another and shots move from one screen to the next. You lose when your player goes down from being shot.

You can likewise shoot balls and mean to score why the other player attempts to protect. The two players can join to play against the PC.

Download Here

15. Racers Vs Cops: Multiplayer


Racers VS Cops is a standout amongst other offline multiplayer games accessible. In the event that you have ever thought of being a cop, you can do some training with it. In this game, one player is the cop while the other is the racer.

Not at all like other offline multiplayer games, Racers VS Cops is anything but difficult to play as the player who is the cop attempts to get the racer before the finish of the race.

Download here

16. Sea Battle 2


This is a vintage offline multiplayer game for gamers most particularly apprentices. You may have played it at some point when you were a child not as Sea Battle 2 however as Battleship. It is a warship game in which you get the chance to drop bombs on adversary ships until they go submerged.

Ships are accessible, yet you can likewise play with submarines, planes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The designs probably won’t be extremely amazing at the same time, you will locate the game fascinating.

Center mode is likewise accessible; in this manner, you and your companion can alternate playing on one cell phone.

Download here

17. Special Forces Group 2


Special Forces Group 2 is a 3D shooting match-up for activity sweethearts. It is fundamentally the same as the mainstream Counter-Strike game; in addition, it was propelled by it.

There are heaps of weapons to browse including firearms and explosives and they are adaptable. Five game modes are accessible and they incorporate the exemplary mode, catch the banner, zombie, bomb, and revival mode.

You would cherish the audio cues as they carry the activity to live. Multiplayer mode can be played both on the web and offline utilizing a Wi-Fi and Hotspot association separately.

Download here

18. Ludo king

Ludo king

 This is a simple board game that has been the most played on the play store for a while. Despite its simplicity, it is a lot of fun and can be played by up to four players at a time. 

It works by rolling the dice into the game and returning your pawns to the base. Ludo king wifi offline multiplayer game.Players choose a colour (red, green, blue, or yellow, with orange and purple available if there are five or six players) and start at a predefined corner or edge of the board. 

They then take turns rolling a dice to move their pieces. The goal is to get four coloured pieces around the board and into the center triangle first. Ludo, and thus the Ludo King, is easy to pick up and play.

Download Here

19. Ninja fun race

Ninja fun race

 Ninja Fun Race is a casual game where you play as a running ninja in thrilling 2D races. And you can do it by connecting WiFi. Before starting a race in Ninja Fun Race, you must choose one of the different ninjas available (you will unlock more as you go on). 

The game then generates random opponents to compete in exciting races. The controls are simple: just press the action buttons to jump, swim or launch an attack. Ninja fun race is best offline multiplayer games via hotspots.

Download here

20. Spaceteam


Spaceteam is a cooperative board game for 2-8 players technically shouting at each other until their ships explode. All players need a mobile device (Android and Apple devices can play together over Wifi!). 

You will be assigned a random panel with buttons, switches, sliders, and dials. You must follow the instructions. However, instructions are sent to your teammates, so you need to coordinate before time runs out.

Download here

21. Solitaire Bliss

Solitaire Bliss

Solitaire Bliss offers 28 Solitaire game variants in 10 game types. What makes this unique is the multiplayer mode that lets you challenge thousands of other players to compete for the top spots on the leaderboard.

From Klondike to Eight Off, Yukon, and Memory, Solitaire Bliss for Android lets players try something different from the classic game of solitaire. This app was actually featured on Android and has over 1 million downloads. 

Download Here


Hence these offline multiplayer games give an immersive gaming experience on your android phone. You can start playing with your friends internally and enjoy the game. If you have any comments regarding these games, you can comment down below.


Frequently Asked Questions

What games can we play with friends offline?

There are multiple games to play in various genre, if you love racing games you can try playing Asphalt 8, if you prefer shooting game then you can choose Mini Militia

Which racing game has offline multiplayer?

There are many racing games, but popular ones multiplayer games are real racing 3, asphalt 8, Hovercraft and Crazy racing.

How do local multiplayer games work?

If you are using smartphones for the gameplay, you should be connect with host wifi hotspot, and all other smartphone should be connected to same wifi hotspot.

What is the difference between local and online multiplayer?

Local multiplayer games are played with friends who are nearby and these gamers are connect via LAN or same wifi hotspot, whereas online multiplayer games can be played around the world with the help of game developer servers.

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