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Hello Guys, Do you like playing strategy games like Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans or CoC is one of the most popular games with more than 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

However, many players have turned to newer games similar to CoC. If you are also bored and want to try other games similar to the COC, Techholicz recommends alternative games similar to Clash of Clans

15 Best Games like Clash of Clans CoC

Here is the table which the list of best COC Alternatives

Sl NoSimilar Games Like Clash of Clans
1Star Wars: Commander
2Dawn of Titans – Epic War Strategy Game
3Command & Conquer: PvP rivals
4Boom Beach
5World of Arms
6Clash of Kings
7Jungle Heat
8Clash of Lords 2
9Total conquest
10Castle Clash
12Clan of Dragons
13Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game
14Clash Royale
15Little commander

1. Star Wars: Commander

star wars games like coc

Star Wars: Commander. There will be a number of troops to protect and attack enemy bases.

This game is very similar to the CoC game, with a superb look and many characters from Star Wars. So what you are waiting for, download this game and play now.

Star Wars: Commander Details
PublishersThe Walt Disney Company, Disney Interactive Studios
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone
DeveloperDisney Interactive
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
GenreStrategy video game


2. Dawn of Titans – Epic War Strategy Game

Dawn of titans games like coc

What would happen if a giant warrior fights against a simple soldier the size of an ankle?

This happens in the game Dawn of Titans. You are the king who controls the army to fight against the enemy.

In addition to the warriors with the characteristics of each fight, you will also receive a great hero of superior strength, able to spend troops immediately.The graphics of this game are very good, so you can feel the immersive graphical experience.

 Dawn of Titans – Epic War Strategy Game Details
Mode of PlaySingle-player, Multiplayer
GenreRTS video game


3. Command & Conquer: PvP rivals

command n conquer

Command & Conquer: Rivals PVP is a strategy game developed by Electronic Arts that defend your base when you attack enemies.

This game is full of robot battles and several exciting shooters. Interestingly, you can play online against other players in the world. Overall, this game has a more modern style and cooler than CoC.

Command & Conquer: PvP rivals Details
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
GenreStrategy game


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4. Boom Beach

boom beach

Boom Beach is a Supercell developed game that has already gained worldwide success with the game Clash of Clans.

This game has a gameplay similar to CoC, but now it has the concept of war on an island. If the CoC can attack from all sides, In this game Boom Beach the players can attack only from one side.

Boom Beach offers the best strategy game and uses strong defensive tactics to defend against enemy attacks. In general, though, this game offers a unique gameplay mechanism, more features, and excellent graphics.

Boom Beach Details
PlatformAndroid, iOS
Mode of PlayMultiplayer
GenreStrategy video game


5. World of Arms

world of arms

If you like war games, World of Arms may be the best option to play. In this game, players must form an army and then develop a strategy to defeat enemies.

This version of Gameloft has a concept of modern warfare that is fun. Your mission is to expand your territory by attacking your enemies.

World of Arms Details
PublishersGameloft, Gameloft SE
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Fire OS
DeveloperGameloft, Gameloft SE
Mode of PlaySingle-player, Multiplayer
GenreStrategy RTS game


6. Clash of Kings


Clash of Kings is the best multiplayer online game ever. You play online against other players building a strong empire.

The way of playing is also quite easy. Simply defeat the other players and survive the enemy attacks. The graphic quality offered by this game is quite good and guarantees that you will feel at home.

Clash of Kings Details
PublishersElex Wireless
PlatformAndroid, iOS.
DeveloperElex Wireless
Mode of PlaySingle-player, Multiplayer
ComposerWinifred Phillips


7. Jungle Heat

jungle heat

Jungle Heat is also similar to CoC. Here in Jungle heat game you must build and strengthen your headquarters and train the soldiers to be stronger against your enemies.

You can also compete online with other players and build your army.

Jungle Heat Details
PlatformAndroid, iOS.
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
GenreStrategy multiplayer game


8. Clash of Lords 2

clash of lords 2

Clash of Lords 2, this game is quite similar to CoC, with the concept of building empires and training warriors.

You can train more than 50 types of heroes and other warriors to help in the war. In addition, you can fight against other players in PvP and PvE modes. There is a guild function that really helps other players grow.

 Clash of Lords 2 Details
PublishersI Got Games
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Windows Phone
DeveloperI Got Games
Mode of PlayMultiplayer


9. Total conquest

total conquest

Total Conquest is a Gameloft game that uses the concepts and patterns typical of the ancient Roman Empire, both the building and its soldiers.

It is also quite easy to play, you only win each battle to win the title of “king” and reach the maximum level.

Total conquest Details
PublishersGameloft SE
PlatformAndroid, Java, iOS, Microsoft Windows
Mode of PlayMultiplayer


10. Castle Clash

castle clash

Castle Clash allows you to form a clan and build a great empire, and train different warriors to fight.

In this game, you must build a strong empire and destroy other empires to take advantage of its assets. This game is similar to CoC, but the experience is much better and guarantees that you feel at home.

Castle Clash Details
PublishersI Got Games
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile
DeveloperI Got Games
Mode of PlaySingle-player, Multiplayer
GenreStrategy video game


11. Siegefall


Siegefall is a small strategy game that has a concept similar to CoC (Clash of Clans).

You can create many heroes, ghosts and warriors to fight your enemies. If you find it difficult to defeat the enemy, a magic card is ready to help you! Play a variety of exciting modes in this version of Gameloft.

Siegefall Details
PublishersGameloft SE
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
GenreStrategy Game


12. Clan of Dragons

Clan of Dragons

Clan of Dragons is a game in which players must train soldiers and protect the kingdom while attacking other kingdoms to fight for resources.

In the game, you should be able to develop strategies, including setting up a solid defense system that cannot be easily destroyed by other kingdoms.

Clan of Dragons Details
PublishersWild Foot Games
DeveloperWild Foot Games
Mode of PlaySingle player, Multiplayer
GenreStrategy video game


13.Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game

Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game

Clash of Zombies, this game has a concept similar to CoC, but all of its character collections are zombies. You must build empires, train warriors, and recruit superheroes to help you fight your enemies.

You must also search for resources from buildings or removed by the enemy. If you are looking for a unique game with the same emotion as CoC, Zombie Shock may be the best choice.

Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game Details
PublishersBetter Game Studios, Ming Yan
PlatformAndroid, iOS
DeveloperBetter Game Studios
Mode of PlayMultiplayer
GenreStrategy Game


14. Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is the successor of the CoC game, although the game concept is very different, the characters in this game are the same.

You will meet other players in real-time and you will play 2 against 2. This game is addictive and allows you to continue playing.As there is no resistance system, you can play anytime, anywhere.

 Clash Royale Details
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone
AwardAMD eSports Audience Award
Mode of PlaySingle-player, Multiplayer
GenreReal-time strategy, Tower defense, Multiplayer online battle arena, Trading Card Games


15. Little commander

Little Commander

Little Commander is a strategy game that takes up the concept of World War II. In this game, you must develop a strategy to destroy each enemy base.

You must also increase the defense and maintain each position so that the opponent is not easily conquered and can win the game.

 Dawn of Titans – Epic War Strategy Game Details
PublishersCat Studio
DeveloperCat Studio
Mode of PlayMultiplayer
GenreReal-time Strategy game


Final Words:

These are the best games like Clash of Clans recommended by Techholicz. Hope you guys will enjoy these games, If you have any opinion regarding these games, please comment down below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any game like Clash of Clans?

Yes there are many games which are similar to clash of clans, the best one is Clash of kings.

Which is better COC or clash Royale?

It depends on the type of gamer, if you like to play with better graphics and action based game, then you can prefer COC, otherwise you can go with Clash Royale.

Which is better COC or clash Royale?

No its not possible to play the COC game offline, since COC account linked from the Supercell servers, hence you need stable internet to play COC.

Is Boom beach like Clash of Clans?

Yes the concept is exactly same, but it varies with the location, in the boom beach the battle occurs near the beach, whereas in COC the ware base will be in the middle of land.

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