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As per the latest stats of Online Gaming market, gamers are appealed to play games on mobile phones than computers or tablets. Those who play video games on a mobile phone or computers spend almost 7 hours every week in gaming.

Are you among one of them who plays lots of games on Android phone? Yes, about half the population of the world does the same in their idle time.

Can you afford to pay for the subscription of a premium application or game? I am the one who always lured to get a free application or game rather spending hard-earned money on something less important. I am not convincing people not to spend money on purchasing games or apps, but if you just cannot, you should not.

There are some resources from where one can have a free application or game. The biggest as of now, as per my experience and use, would be FreeStore.

What FreeStore exactly stands for?

The application store is not a new name in the world of application stores. The pioneer of free application or games trends is one of the finest interface holding stores you can ever use.

“The store provides free games and application. The premium Google Play Store apps or games are showcased here free of cost. Anyone, from any region or corner of the world, can simply download the app store and have free apps on the go.”

The store comes with a myriad of options, what most of the store lacks. You get a completely clean and simple interface, with apps and games listed. You can search for apps or games or just click on the relevant category to see all apps on the category.

How to get apps and games using FreeStore application?

Freestore is a simplest yet effective, loaded with many useful features an application. You can install the application store on any Android phone and get your hands on free application. For a new user, however, it would be difficult to learn how the app functions. Do not freak out, have some patience, and let us elaborate the entire process.

  • Get the free link of the application store (We have provided a dedicated link just for your convenience)
  • Store the APK file of the application on your phone. Please beware, do not install the application from any server. The app can be a malware, to enter in your phone, and leak the private information.
  • Before installing it, just switch the installation settings to an unknown source. The app is not downloaded from Google Play Store; the default settings would not let you install it.
  • Now, tap on the application and just wait for seconds, additionally, following the given commands appeared on the screen.
  • Now, you are all set to have the get a full functioning FreeStore application.
  • Launch the store on your phone, and search for any application you want.
  • The store provides apps on every niche you throw at it. Just use the search bar and have the app displayed.
  • The store provides an APK file of the application you search. Just tapping on the APK link will take you towards direct installation.

The store has also provided various categories. For a random roaming, just click on any category and see the apps enlisted.

Features of FreeStore:

  • An effective store to download free apps and games
  • You will have all apps in simple APK formats, no hiccup
  • You enjoy a simple, clean and ads free interface
  • The FreeStore receives daily updates. Check the games sections to witness your favorite games have been listed or not.
  • A trustworthy application store, with thousands of positive reviews online
  • Any user would never see compatibility issue, as long as you are using an Android phone with Android version 2.2
  • No need to root your phone.

I have been personally using the FreeStore to have free apps and games. One of the finest application stores you are going to explore today. Thousands of free apps and games are enlisted; anyone can have any game or app without paying a single penny.

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