Blackmart Alpha Apk Download (LATEST)

Are you annoyed by the limited applications present on Google Play store and wish to have more, but don’t know where to download from? Blackmart is the answer. Blackmart is the unofficial store for download android apps. You can find a variety of apps on Blackmart. Both legal and illegal. However illegal are often removed by community. Blackmart is the place where you can directly upload your app’s apk file to the store and make it available to the world with just a single click. It is easy and hassle free. Blackmart contains several malicious as well as unofficial and unethical applications. There are premium apps available for free. You can even download utility applications. You can find normal apps with extra-ordinary features. It is the official market for all third-party applications. MODs are easily available and you can even download premium apps for free. There are even rooted apps available here. You can also download Android Upgrades from here. 


Blackmart can be considered as the ultimate alternative for the Google Play store. Blackmart offers easy and direct downloads. Mod apk are easily available, rooted applications and what not. In this article we provide you with the apk file of this Blackmart app. Along with this, we also provide some basic features and pros and cons of this application. 

Blackmart is developed by a Chinese company, with the aim of providing a marketplace, where Android users can directly download applications without any restrictions and registrations. Today we provide you with this apk file.

There are absolutely no specific requirements for this apk. Some basic requirements include: 

Android 4.0+ and At least 50 MB of free space. 1 GB RAM is recommended, however the apk requires only 20 – 30 MB of RAM. 

The application has an easy to use interface. Similar to the Google Play store, you get to see trendy applications. You can explore and search respected applications. You are allowed to either directly download, or browse more details regarding the respective app. You can install the application directly from within the application or through the apk file downloaded in your system storage. The app, similar to Google Play store, provides multitasking so you can browse more applications while downloading and installing the previous ones. 

Pros of Blackmart

  • Available as an apk file so just share with who ever you want with share it, WhatsApp or even Bluetooth.  
  • The app measures around 25 MB, so it is extremely light weight and will work on almost all the devices.
  • No Root required. The app does not require root access to your devices, however you can install apps that function at root level through this app.
  • Provides multi-language support.
  • Supports built-in search engine for fast searching.
  • No log-in, no registration required, just download and install.
  • Provides Auto-update option.
  • Free and safe, supported by community.
  • Find all sorts of applications, filtered by specific genre.

Download Blackmart ALPHA Apk

Installation Instruction

The installation is very simple. 

  • Download the apk file from the mentioned links. 
  • After successful downloading, try installing it.
  • If you are installing an apk file for the first time, then you will be prompted by a security message. 
  • No need to worry, head over to security settings of your device and find the install from “Unknown sources” option. 
  • You need to check the box or toggle bar against this option.
  • Confirm the security message.
  • Since the apk is hosted on secured server, no need to worry.
  • After you have completed the settings part, find the downloaded file and install the apk file again.
  • Hopefully, this time there are no prompts. 
  • Finish the set-up and you are good to go.

Cons of Blackmart alpha

Blackmart is an open source world for android users. It is a community led store where anyone and everyone can post their applications in apk format, just by pushing it to the store. There are no checks and security services. Therefore, there may be certain issues with some applications. There may be times, where you encounter certain malicious applications. Download the application only if you know the concerned developer. It is worth noting that Blackmart is an unauthorized, unwarranted application, although there have been little or no issues with the security of this store, however using a good antivirus and firewall is highly recommended. 


So, this was the article regarding the highly demanded Blackmart. Since google has put several restrictions on applications that are posted on the Google Play Store, not many innovative apps are present on it. Blackmart is a good space for developers as they can get high security, developing applications for free. MOD applications are easily available, and software that require root are also available for free. Though, some precaution is required while surfing this store, Blackmart is an ideal store for upcoming generation.

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