Benefits of LinkedIn for Students | Express your professional face

Every student who is pursuing their undergraduation should have a LinkedIn profile. It is the only platform which would define the question “who are you? And what are you?”. It is not like other social platforms no post unwanted news to get likes, this is unique and it won’t show something else than your profile. 

This is the only platform to build your profile, a professional one and it would be the first thing even if you apply for a job online. In this article, I am going to list the all basic benefits to give you an clear idea about making your profile. 

1. Network building

You can connect to your collage seniors through this platform. Because they are only seniors when they are at your campus if they move out for jobs and can become  business referrals. Ask your professors to give a recommendation to your profile, that would help you much more. 

2. To reach your target

If you are determined about what’s your career path and where you want to work, you can look it at LinkedIn. You can connect to professionals working at those companies and you can ask their path to join that company. You can also look at their profile to build your profile stronger.

3. Get updates

You can add experience to your profile. Once you add your certificates to your profile, it will update the changes to your community. You can join various in LinkedIn, it will automatically show groups based on the information provided on your profile.

4. Get your resume

Many companies would like to get a one page resume but it should be valuable. You can get more assistance through LinkedIn. Adding your LinkedIn URL to your resume helps the hirer to get a clear view about you. 

Many people would make their resume into a minimum of 4 pages, but it is not like, more papers and more marks. It should be shirt and precise. LinkedIn helps in building your resume.

5. Find internships

As a student you can find many industries or companies providing internships. You can contact them and send your resume through this LinkedIn platform. Finding internships would be more easy with LinkedIn. 

You can even get connected to one member of that company and ask them to instruct you for getting an internship there.

6. Let the company to find you

Some companies hire candidates on social platforms like Linkedin. So making your profile more detailed and profesional, would definitely make a chance to bore you. 

Make your profile in such a way to compete with others. You should add many certificates and your skills to increase the probability of hiring.

7. Research about companies

Before going to attend the interview, go through the company profile. It will give some knowledge about the company and hence you can answer any questions related to that topic. 

You can get more information about the company at Google itself. But it is better to have a look on their LinkedIn profile.

8. To get placed at foreign companies

LinkedIn is a worldwide platform, so you can find more companies at other countries and get connected to them.

You can make contact  anyone among them and ask about how to join there.

9. Be little social

It is also like other social networks which allows you to post pictures and update your profile. You can also ask your friends to give reference to the person you like. 

10. Search for jobs

You can search for jobs that you like. You can make notification settings to notify you, if anyone posts a requirement related to your interest. 


Every student should have their LinkedIn profile. This would definitely help you in your career.

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