Is ANDROID operating system is better than other operating system ?

So Before comparing with other Operating Systems OS, Let us see What is Android.

So What is Android how  it is  different from other OS Operating System?

Android is a Linux based operating system which is mainly used for touch screen mobiles like smartphones and tablets.  The operating system has been developing since 15 years, they are started from black and white mobiles now they are altered into smartphones or minicomputers because one of the most using OS (Operating system) model is Android. Android is the most commanding operating system which consists of the large number of the applications mainly named as Android apps.  Android app is a computer program which is designed to run the applications of the smartphone or tablet.  The term “app” is a short name of the software applications which has become very popular.  Now a days the mobiles which have featured with many apps will sell out soon.  Most of those sold out mobiles having the several featured apps like pre-installed software programming’s such as contacts, email, games and also mapping program etc.,  Some pre-installed apps can be detached by using uninstall process, thus having more space for the respective apps.  Even though every mobile can’t support all featured applications, for the needed applications there is a separate display space which can be able to download the needed applications or apps which is known as the app store. For mainly android mobiles that platform name is Google play or play store.  There are different types of the apps are available like Android games, music, educational, and social media etc., However, due to the public demand now a days the software companies are mainly concentrated in these apps because this will reduce the manpower and do the work in an easier way so, apps plays the major role in the smartphones or tablets.

 Due to this public demand the mobile developers are mainly concentrated on developing the apps even though the developers know that while developing the app, mobile is running on the battery which having the less powerful processor and also mobile devices requires the constraints and the features related to the devices such as location detection and the cameras, Designers additionally need to think about the wide cluster of the screen sizes, equipment determinations and setups in the light resolution is a serious rivalry in portable programming and also need the changes inside each of the stages because every app should satisfy the users and also the hardware features of the mobile as if the more advanced feature is added to the less hardware featured mobile then it won’t support those applications, this leads to hangout of the mobile which makes an un fulfillment to the users so developers should also concentrate on the hardware features of the mobile because usage of the mobile apps has become increasingly prevalent across mobile phone users.  A May 2012 ComScore considered and also exposed that along with the past sector, more resourceful endorser’s utilized applications than inspect the web on their gadgets: 51.1% opposed to 49.8% respectively. Researchers found that use of portable applications obviously correspond with the user settings and relies upon the regular areas and time of the day.  So apps are very useful to the users and plays the foremost role in a day to day life which is very helpful to the humans and also many android mobiles have been  developing  with specialized features. Therefore the upcoming Android app developers should consider the above discussed knowledge and develop the apps with practical technology and makes the users to use these apps in an easier way.

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