Google introduces offline mode for Google chrome on Android

As per Google chrome slogan “everyone , everywhere,” to fulfill slogan in proper way, google has announced a roll out of google chrome in offline mode, which means that google chrome gonna work without internet only for android users.

This feature is introduced in more than 100 countries including India, Australia, Brazil, Nigeria etc to browse the web with google chrome on android platform devices even without continuous internet connection or slow connection.

Amanda Boss, the product manager of Google chrome Offline mode said that “When the android device is connected to free Internet or unmetered wifi.The chrome will automatically download all recommended or relevant articles based on popularity and location.

Also company said the user ust be signed in, then chrome will show relevant articles by tracking the browsing history.

Now no more frustrating internet issues, you can easily start using chrome to ger relevant articles without internet. The new version of Google chrome is available at playstore. Start using it and make surfing still easier.

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