Red Dead Redemption 2: Gold Bar Glitch

When we play Red Dead Redemption we often find and have knowledge about numerous glitches and hacks in this game. Some of those glitches are related to Red Dead Redemption 2 “Gold Bar Glitch”. In order to find these gold bars you have to undergo a few steps which are listed below.

Steps in finding out the gold bar

Find Limpany

steps in finding out gold bar- 1

In order to find these bars you firstly have to move to the sheriff’s office in Limpany, which is also known as the burnt city. It’s towards the South of Caliban’s sea and Fatneck Station is to the North direction. It is also near to you camp because of which this is the fastest way to head start with.

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How to get unlimited gold bars?

In order to know the trick you must have access to the lock box in Limpany because that is the only way you can multiply your gold bars. Apparently it has a lot of items stored in it which makes the glitch possible. Refer to the list below for more information.

Steps in duplicating the Gold Bars

  1. Go to Limpany

  2. Locate the Sheriff’s office down the burned city: Limpany

  3. When you reach the city search the box either under the desk or near to the window.
  4. Thereafter you have to open the lock box but you can’t touch the Horse Stamina Recipe Pamphlet or the glitch won’t work.

  5. After that you have to interact with the bar and as Arthur comes down, immediately pause the game.
  6. Then go to the menu bar and save the game in the settings.
  7. Now go back to the game from the saved game.
  8. Now you have to travel back to the town and then to the sheriff’s office.

  9. And finally the glitch will work and so you can pick the number of bars you wish to pick.

  10. Go back to the closest Fence and then once you’re done with selling all the gold bars you can return to the lock box and follow the listed steps again.

    When I played the game I was convinced by picking up 20 bars and then I enjoyed it. But there’s sad news for the ones who have already looted this treasure in the past they can’t get access to the box again but the ones who haven’t they can have all access to the glitch and can enjoy playing and earning more than they thought of doing.

    All There’s odds some great will fix this, yet up to that point get your fill of it. Likewise discover the fortune map for the Le Tresor Des Morts reward content mission in Limpany, so on the off chance that you pre-requested the Special or Ultimate releases you can take out two targets with one shot here.

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If gold glitches still work or they have been patched for some devices?

When we talk about RDR2 we can never say that the glitches are fully resolved. So the glitches have been patched for a few devices but when we talk about Gold Bars it can still be spawned from the glitches that have been patched. The gold bar is a slack in the gameplay.

When you get exhausted following the same glitch over and over again, simply make certain to save and load the game one final time so the treasure will be there on the off chance that you choose to return for all the more of late. A few areas have more treasures than others. I found an entryway less shack at the head of the guide, in the mountains. It had a gold chunk, enormous adornments pack, cash clasp, and gold watch. Not on a par with a $500 gold bar, yet at the same time not a terrible payday at the fence. Particularly when you do the glitch multiple times before proceeding onward.

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