Milfy City Walkthrough – Game Guide & Console Commands 2022

You might have downloaded or purchased milfy city game, but not sure how to proceed with the game, we are here to help you with the same, In this article we are going to cover complete milfy city walkthrough guide, which will help you to play this game in ease.

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Guide to the Milfy City

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In this game you just enter the virtual world where you can play the role as yourself. They brought every story that is happening in our day to day lives. In this story you will embody a university student, who is moving to a new city to continue his further studies. Now you are given the role of that student’s character. 

Once you arrive at the place where you went for studies, you come to live with a residence full of striking characters as such in movies and the game play starts after a traumatic experience. I wish you to review this guide and enjoy it till the fullest.

Milfy city walkthrough – Celia

Before getting into the complete guide, have a look at this first part. Here it will focus only on the history of purane sikke, Celia and there includes all the decisions and the impact they have while developing a relationship with her.

  • Meet her in your classroom.
  • Go to the black desk and take the keys while she is not there. 
  • Go to the teacher’s break room and find the left locker and take the note with the password.
  • Get to the computer and use the password -Ossa36.
  • Talk to therapist Judy, take her envelope and use it for your locker. 
  • Again go to the teacher’s break room and place the letter on the left locker.
  • Buy a webcam and install it on your pc.
  • Then talk with her in the evenings as much you can.
  • After the cam shows you can give orders using the webcam. 

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Milfy city walkthrough – Linda

Here you are going to focus on the history of Linda and you are given the decisions and their impact while developing a relationship with her.

  • Find her in the living room and talk to her.
  • Ask money to her husband 3 times.
  • Go to the bedroom and check for the book on the shelf. 
  • Use a spy camera in the bathroom.
  • Go to her workplace and visit her frequently, by doing this you can earn some money.
  • Morning: talk to her,
  • Evening: do cleaning job
  • Night: spy her. 
  • In the morning talk to her again, by afternoon do the cleaning job.
  • Go to her husband’s working place and talk with Zuri twice. On the second  day, ask about the weekend.
  • Talk to Linda by next morning and chat with her about the weekend.
  • Go to the shop and buy some wine and next Friday choose a weekend event.

Milfy City walkthrough – Zuri and Suri

In this section you are going to look at the history of Zuri and Suri. You are given decisions and their impact while developing a relationship with her.

Requirements: To unlock Zuri’s path you have to progress through Linda’s path. Here you come up with two scenes based on truth or lie choice.

  • Go to Bob’s office and click on the reports. Go back to Zuri and tell the truth or lie.
  • In the evening go to Zuri’s house.
  • Afternoon: Go to Bob’s office and click on the table, near the statue. Use the safe note to get the company name. Place the note inside the table. Go back to Zuri and tell the truth or lie.
  • In the evening meet Zuri and Suri and click them.
  • Next morning, talk to Zuri in Bob’s office and ask Bob about the company name at his cabin. 
  • Go back to Zuri and tell the truth or lie.
  • After 4 days you will receive a message to meet Zuri and Suri in their house.
  • Go back to home and on pc Zuri and Suri photo, change by your wish (truth or lie).

Milfy city walkthrough Liza and Jazmin

In this section you will focus only on the history of Liza and Jazmin. You will give decisions and their impact while developing a relationship with her.

  • To unlock this path you have to progress through Linda’s path until you meet her in the kitchen.
  • In the morning go to Liza’s house, go to the front door and pick the bucket.
  • Click on the bucket and click on the pool to start cleaning until the green bar is full. Repeat this for the following days. 
  • Talk to Liza frequently 
  • Once the pool is cleaned, tell Liza.
  • Next morning go and meet Liza in the pool.
  • Click on Liza’s door if the scene is not there try other days.
  • Go to her kitchen and climb.
  • In the night move to the bedroom.

Milfy City Console Commands

There are many alternatives available to change the normal course of events for that application you are offered with many tools. Now I am going to let you know about earning money. 

The thing you have to do is to participate in Caroline’s clothing store. If you don’t want to earn in another way, you can play mini games that would appear on your system. That is quite easy but it would take a lot of time. 

Within this article limits I can’t list down the complete guide. There are also many levels that I didn’t mention in detail about it. Hope you cleared your way through these mentioned steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does milfy city work on mac?

No, as of now milfy city won’t work on mac, but the developer of this game will soon release the update for the same.

How to open console?

If you playing this PC, in keyboard to open a console, press Shift + o

Is Milfy city game is on Android?

No, as of now milfy city is not available on android devices, but the developer of this game will soon launch its android version too

Are the level of this game is hard?

Not really, if you play it right, you will complete all the missions on ease.


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