Vivo Smarphones will be first Smartphone to launch Indisplay finger print sensor

Have you ever wondered , what if there was an fingerprint sensor in the screen itself, so it will be very fast and easier to unlock your phone. Rite now most of the smarrphones are having fingerprint sensor at the back of the smartphones, and in the home button in the smartphones like Iphone , One plus one etc. And also recently launched IPhone 8 and IPHONE X has a feature of unlocking using Face recognition. So these current scenario of fingerprint sensors, Beside one new feature is going to be introduced in Vivo smartphones that is on screen Fingerprint sensor. So what is it?.

On screen Fingerprint sensor:

If you guys remember Synpactics recently announced that its brand new Clear ID FS9500 optical Indisplay fingerprint technology already under mass production with OEM. So according to one major magazine portal that this Indisplay fingerprint will be introduced in upcoming Vivo Smartphones.

Vivo smartphones is said that they will be using 0.7 mm CMOS image sensor underneath OLED display to read a fingerprint. The analyst showed the demo of the feautre, he pressed the power button to wake up phone, and the fingerprint icon popped up in the bottom of the phone display. Just you need to touch on that fingerprint icon, soon within 0.04sec the phone is unlocked. So it is simple and fast.

So how Indisplay Fingerprint works:

Fingerprint icon is displayed on the screen, soon after when the icon is touched, the sensor scans the fingerprint and sends back data to the processor and it matches with the original fingerprint data which is stored. And Synaptics claims that this feature is 2x faster than face recognition for unlocking the phone. And this sensor is scratchproof and waterproof as well.

Security :

In terms of security the Synaptics claims that it has built in woth an seperate encryption module to Clear ID sensor for the hardware to interact with the phone’s processor for authenticating the fingerprint. And also during a press meet Synaptics declared that Indisplay Fingerprint is the “highly secured with Sentry point technology”.

And there were some rumours that this feature will be introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones. But Moorhead confirmed and aired that this Indisplay Fingerprint will ne introduced in Vivo instead.

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