How to find lost iPhone?- No need to get fear


If you find your expensive iPhone lost, don’t panic! Take a deep breath and you can find your device with the ‘Find my device’ option. It is a build in function for every iPhone. Be very careful if you have an expensive thing with you but it is not possible to keep an eye on it. But in the case of a phone, it has every information about you. It is the storehouse of your personal information. But don’t panic, in this article I am going to give the all possible way to find your lost or stolen iPhone. If one fails you can try another. Let’s dive into the steps to be taken.

Always be aware

Many people use their Fce ID or their fingerprint to unlock their iPhone, because it is the simplest way to unlock instead of putting a password. But using a password is much better when you are trying to recover your phone, because it is the only ace that holds all of your information that includes your banking details, private chats, your personal images and the list may extend beyond the limits. So always make sure that you have set a password to your iPhone.

Recover it by the build-in function when Find My option is enabled

Every single iOS phone has ‘Find my device’ built into the system settings making it more secure than ever. This was managed by your iCloud account. Once you find that you lost your iPhone, you have to visit it on the computer.

If you missed your iPhone

miss my iphone

1. Sign into on the computer website or access it through find my app on another Apple device.
2. In the website or in the app search for the option ‘Find iPhone’ and tap on it. 
3. Select the device which you lost. This app or website shows you the current location of your device. If you think your phone was lost and not stolen by someone, your iPhone must be near to you.
4. You can have multiple options. From them select ‘play a  sound’. This makes a loud sound that you can clearly differentiate with other sounds. Even if your iPhone is switched off, your iCloud account does this help for you. 

If your iPhone was stolen

stolen iphone

You can employ these steps to find your stolen iPhone safely without losing your privacy. 
On the app or website navigate to Mark as a lost option. This will remotely lock your iPhone with a password(which you used to unlock your device) and you can display a custom message with your phone number on your missing device. This feature will help you to track the location of your iPhone. If you have already added the banking details to your Apple pay, this option will block all the credentials when you put the device in lost mode.
By using the option Mark as lost, you are provided with additional features. If your device was switched off, in some cases some person who is having your iPhone should be turned on. Now you will be notified at your iCloud account. Now you can be able find the device location remotely by employing the above steps. If you recover your phone, just you have to enter the password that you have used while enabling lost mode.

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Erase your device remotely


If you still didn’t find your device with all those steps that I gave, it is better to erase all the information on your iPhone. Follow these steps to do it.
1. Open the find my device app and tap the Device tab.
2. Select the device which you want to erase all information.
3. Scroll down to select erase this device option.
4. Select this option to erase all the information it had.

It is better to erase all the things, because it may be used by someone else to do any malpractice.

Also Check:

Recover it by the built-in function when Find My option is not enabled

Follow these steps to find your device when you didn’t enable Find My device option. 

  • Change your Apple ID password. This step perfectly helps you to prevent your privacy that is associated with your iCloud account. 
  • Change passwords for other internet accounts on your lost device. This password includes mail and other social media accounts.
  • Report your lost or stolen device to local law enforcement. Law enforcement might request the serial number of your device. 
  • Report your lost or stolen device to your wireless carrier. Your carrier service can disable the account preventing your devices from calls, texts and more.
  • Remove your lost device from your trusted device list. 


Even if it is not possible to always keep an eye on your iPhone, you should be aware and you have to do all the necessary steps that are required to safeguard your privacy. Taking these steps may make a few moments but it will be useful later. If you have any questions about this article just ask me in the comment section.


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