10 games like Archero for Android and iOS 2022

Archero is one of the most common and interesting action games. This game is available on the Google Play Store and it has good reviews on the App Store and Play Store. Many people use this and love it. Archero itself is just a shooting game with an arrow as a weapon, but it inspired other developers to create the same type of game. In today’s article, we’ve prepared a list of the greatest games similar to Archero. So let’s not waste any time and check the below list.

Some of the alternatives to Archero 

Are there any other games like Archero? “There are a lot of games that are alternatives to Archero. Looking for Archero alternatives for your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices? Follow this article to explore the same game in Archero available?

1. Tomba


The colourful tin atmosphere and innovative plays have continued to keep it popular with players. The game was developed by Whoopee Camp and was published for the first time in Japan. This game was published on the PlayStation network in 2011.


2. Dashero Fencing

Dashero Fencing

This game is one of the most popular games today. With the love of online innovation, more and more manufacturers publish many attractive games. You will play as a hero with a sword and magic at a time, against the level of the level until you come to the boss. You can also improve your personality and post.

 The best thing about this game is a very simple rules and 3D card design with pride and interactions you don’t disturb.


3. Weapon Masters

weapon masters

 Weapon Masters is an action game for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Simple models make games easy to play, but unlimited combinations of monsters appear according to the call for countless different strategies.


4. Rouge land

rouge land

Next on the list, we have the game Bow Land, it is a 3D mobile game and good alternative for Archero. Bow Land’s goal is to give you meaningful choices, and it starts with the first phase of the game. For your main weapon, you can choose Spark, Ice Beam, Poison Arrow or Spear, each with their pros and cons.


5. Monster Killer

Monster Killer

 As you may know from the name, this game puts you in the role of an assassin who has to fight against gangsters and beasts. The visuals of this game are very impressive when it takes you into the dark and mysterious atmosphere of 19th century London, with its narrow streets and all that. 

 This is a first person shooter game where you play as a fearless sniper who controls the range, helping the monster hunter clear all locations. Improve your skills by collecting bonus kills and levelling up. Each kill brings you closer to the new high and the next level.


6. Pang adventure

Pang adventure

Pang Adventures brings new features and gameplay to this arcade legend while staying true to the original spirit of the series.With a storey mode, boss battles, new mechanics and bubble types, and a few fun modes to add to its replayability, this blastfromthepast title shows how a classic has come to be. The test of time can be further enhanced to appease players in 2019.


7. Rush Royale

Rush Royale

 Another alternative to Archero is Rush Royale. Rush Royale replaces the static and boring buildings you get in the average tower defence game. their own and replace them with unique heroes with powerful abilities. Unleash their power and watch them wreak havoc on the invading forces. It’s a good alternative to Archero.


8. Headhunter IO

Headhunter IO

Headhunter is a video game developed by Swedish studio Amuze for the Dreamcast console and PlayStation 2. The Dreamcast version of the game was distributed in Europe only by BigBen Interactive. For much of the game, the gameplay is that of a third-person shooter where the player controls the protagonist, Jack Wade. 

Jack moves between the main levels of his motorcycle game, and the sections take the form of a racing game, with the motorcycle’s acceleration and braking controlled using the same trigger buttons as on his motorcycle.


9. Hit and Run

Hit and Run

Hit and Run is an adventure game about archers that offers you the chance to fight monsters. The idea of the game is simple, you have to fight new monsters in turn, and sometimes you also have to face bosses that are difficult to destroy. At the beginning, you have the simplest weapon and the weakest skill, so it will be difficult to kill even a monster. 10.


10. Death Rush

Death Rush

This game is a bit different from Archero, but still has the same gameplay and concept as Archero. All you have to do in this game is shoot zombies and monsters instead of human enemies. 

 For combat, one finger is enough to move and shoot. You will reach the final boss battle, where you will fight the hardest monster before moving on to the next level. Skill upgrading and hero selection can also be done here.



Archero has made a difference in the gaming industry by turning their concept into a whole new generation for other developers to create. There are many games like Archero with great graphics and ratings on the Play Store that you can play on your Android mobile. So hoping that above list gave a good idea about Alternatives of Archero. 

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