YouTube Music is Now Available on Android TV

Google is gradually preparing to close down Play Music, and YouTube Music is its substitution, regardless. The organization has been adding highlights to update YTM with GPM, however there are still a lot of zones in which it lingers behind. Android television support is one of those, and Google has unraveled this in an abnormal manner. As opposed to dispatch a devoted YouTube Music application for Android television, Google is preparing it into the current YouTube application.

A server-side update has included another “Music” tab to the sidebar of the YouTube application on Android television. This tab incorporates the run of the mill YouTube suggestions alongside content from your Music account. It is anything but a perfect usage.

But this new integration lacks many basic features like,

  • No background playback: The moment you switch out of the YouTube app, your music stops. So you’re still better served by Chromecasting from the YTM Android app — at least that offers uninterrupted background music.
  • No shuffle or repeat: You’re bound to playing music in the order it was created, and when it’s done, you have to manually restart it again.
  • No audio/video toggle: Unlike the mobile YTM app, you never really know what media type you’ll be served when you start playing, and that might be a big issue if you don’t want to hog your network connection or get distracted by videos.
  • No playlist management at all.
  • No full library access: If you were hoping to easily browse your entire library by playlist, album, song, or artist, this isn’t it.
  • No uploaded music: You can’t access the songs and albums you’ve uploaded or migrated from Google Play Music.

Obviously, a video application isn’t incredible at likewise being a music player. Truly, you’re in an ideal situation essentially throwing YouTube Music from your phone to your Android television. Ideally, this usage is only a hold-over until a full independent application is discharged.

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