Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cultlists Locations

One of the most popular and intense series in the gaming world is the Assassin’s Creed series. Ubisoft released the first ever Assassin’s Creed back in 2007. Since then, there have been 11 installments that are part of the main series. In addition to that there have been 17 other spin off games of the series. The latest and 11th installment in the series named Assassin’s Creed Odyssey released in 2018.

Like previous versions, it is set in a particular time period. In this case, the year 431 BC. Then there are features like:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Features

assassins-creed-odyssey 1

Selecting between a male or female protagonist.

Travel the sea by ships or boats

A Notoriety System, that keep track of your ‘wanted’ level depending on the crime you have committed.

You can unlock various skills and abilities as you progress.

Assassin’s Creed is famous for the ability to perform stealth kills and executions.

Your player can form relationships with characters in game, of either gender.

You can make choices as you progress through the game and each choice makes a difference. There are 9 possible endings that the player can end up in.

These are just a few of the other amazing features in the game.

Sticking to the topic, there are several Cults that exist within the Odyssey world and the goal is to get rid of them. Their aim is to make people’s lives a living hell. Basically, they’re the bad guys and this article is a guide that will help in revealing all the Cultlist identities and locations.

So, here is a list of the Cultlists locations grouped faction wise.

Eyes of Kosmos

aco-sotera-map-location. (1)


Clue/Location: Executed whilst completing a quest called Snakes in The Grass.


Clue/Location: Found in Attika and unlocked after completing all Sokrates quests.


Clue/Location: Found in Argolis and available immediately.


Clue/Location: Found in Megaris and available immediately.

The Master

Clue/Location: Found outside the silver mine in Attika and unlocked after completing Sokrates Quests and A Life’s Worth side quest.

Gods of the Aegean Sea


Clue/Location: Found in the ship located between Skyrus and Andros


Clue/Location: Found in the ship located west of Messara and unlocked after killing the leader in Messara.


Clue/Location: Set off a battle on the Obsidian Islands to unlock and fight within the battle. But it is not necessary to complete the battle.

The Mytilenian Shark

Clue/Location: Found in the ship located between Samos and Kos. Enter the sea and swim underwater, kill sharks and there you will find a treasure chest within a shipwreck called the Palace of Amphitrite.

The Octopus

Clue/Location: Found in the ship located between Messara and Thera.

Heroes of the Cult

Belos The Beast Of Sparta

Clue/Location: Kill a mercenary named Belos in Messara.


Clue/Location: Executed during gameplay.

Okytos The Great

Clue/Location: Found in the Temple of Posiedon in Attika.

Pallas The Silencer

Clue/Location: Fight in the Achaia battle, taking sides with Athens. After that, purchase a ripped Spartan flag from a blacksmith in Korrnith.


Clue/Location: Unlocked after completing the Myths and Minotaurs side quest in Messara.

Peloponnesian League


Clue/Location: Executed during gameplay.

Lagos The Archon

Clue/Location: Executed during gameplay.


Clue/Location: Executed during gameplay.

Silanos Of Paros

Clue/Location: Executed during gameplay.

Skylax The Fair

Clue/Location: Found in the Nation Fort in Lokris located east of Phokis and north of Boeotia.

The Delian League


Clue/Location: Unlocked while escaping Athens with Phidias requested by Perikles. 

Iobates The Stoic

Clue/Location: Found in the east of Lemnos and unlocked after executing Podarkes the Cruel.

Kodros The Bull

Clue/Location: Found in Lesbos Island and unlocked after completing the Chip on your Shoulder side quest.

Podarkes The Cruel

Clue/Location: Unlocked after completing the Hades meet Podarkes side quest and Trouble in Paradise quest in Mykonos.

Rhexnor The Hand

Clue/Location: Executed during gameplay.

The Silver Vein

Epiktetos The Forthcoming

Clue/Location: Executed whilst the initial meeting with Deimos.

Machaon The Feared

Clue/Location: Go to Scavenger’s Coast where a corpse is present. Location can be found from here.

The Centaur Of Euboea

Clue/Location: Found in an abandoned mine in the northeastern part of Euboea.

The Chimera

Clue/Location: Found on the southern tip of Andros.

The Silver Griffin

Clue/Location: Found in the Silver Mine within the centre of Silver Mountain, Attika. Specifically near a broken bridge and a scaffolding. Location can be found from here.

Worshippers of the Bloodline


Clue/Location: Depends on the choice you make during gameplay. If you save the baby, complete the side quest Death Comes of us all.


Clue/Location: Unlocked after completing sll of Diona’s side quests in Kythera island.


Clue/Location: Found in the centre of the Lion Hill Area, specifically deep within the Cave of Area.


Clue/Location: Located in Messara, Kresila’s Residence.


Clue/Location: Found in Malis, in Bay of Xerxes at the Wild Bear location.


So, when you’re in the mood to execute people in game and fight for your people, then use this guide to keep track of and quickly execute the Cultlists. Enjoy!

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