8 Best apps like Flipagram in 2020 and its Alternatives you Wouldn’t Want to Miss!

Have you heard of Flipagram? Flipagram is a very popular tool for video and photo camera work which lets you create slideshows, add music, and make videos in a variety of styles. After attempting to build a social element into its feature, the company began going into problems, similar to the friend network you could encounter on Facebook and Instagram. However, in 2017, news broke out that the Chinese news aggregator Toutiao had obtained Flipagram.

If you’re searching for applications like Flipagram, we’ll share several useful alternatives to Flipagram that you can install from either the Amazon or App Store.

Check out some cool alternatives below:

1. TikTok

tick tok

First off, we have TikTok on the list.TikTok is an application that helps you record and share short videos, usually with background music. It’s a top-15 smartphone application on the App Store with a huge global audience. The TikTok software provides users with resources, such as filters, video speed monitoring, professional audio control, and much more. Users can always create stuff enjoyable with a musical backdrop on TikTok, and you aren’t the best in lip-syncing.

TikTok is a fascinating glimpse of other channels and could provide a forum for people to build. It’s close to what Instagram did with photo editing — Instagram made it easy for users to build and share images via filters and other photo editing setups.

2. VivaVideo


VivaVideo has been one of the greatest applications designed for video editors. It has all the functions of content creation: editing video with audio, editing video with transitions, adding sound to video, mixing video clips, adding audio to video, adding music to text, making your video longer, and much much more.

Like Flipagram, it can also create videos with songs and images, and you can upload the video on Twitter, TikTok, or other Social media as well. As of now, there are around 1,521,927 posts on Instagram that come under the #vivavideo category. Check any of them out to know how popular VivaVideo is or how it can be used!

3. Instagram

8 Best apps like Flipagram in 2020 and its Alternatives you Wouldn't Want to Miss! 1

Instagram offers people the chance to upload their photos and show other people who communicate throughout the network. In fact, one can post their creations as stories that vanish after 24 hours on the application. Flipagram also has a similar function. Instagram helps people to post their images with other people who communicate within the app. We don’t think this app needs much of a description, considering how famous it is in today’s world. Don’t you agree with this?

4. KineMaster

8 Best apps like Flipagram in 2020 and its Alternatives you Wouldn't Want to Miss! 2

KineMaster is a professionally functional video editor, much like VivaVideo. It has strong, easy-to-use features such as different layers of images, mixing styles, voiceovers, color grading, speed modulation, transformations, subtitles, animation, and far more! The free edition requires the video to be exported to 720p but also with a watermark.

5. Filmora Go

Filmora Go

Filmora Go is also one of the well-known video-editors. Filmora Go is a video editor helping you to apply filters, models, add music to your preferences, and much more to your clips. It even lets you transform your images (and snapshots) into audio and script clips. The awesome news is that the application doesn’t apply a logo/watermark on your clips, neither does the clips you can modify include a limitation period.

6. VideoFX Live

VideoFX Live

Next on the list is VideoFX Live. Thanks to its basic nature that reduces hitches when editing video. VideoFX Live, this genius software is a candidate in this category that helps people to make original videos on their Android device and share them on social platforms. What is really noteworthy is that VideoFX Live, something that renders it a candidate in this list are various special video effects that allow people to record both video and audio.

VideoFX Live is by far the most successful among teenagers as it helps them to save their VideoFX Live designs to their galleries and post them to Facebook or YouTube, or send them by mail. According to the videos one makes, the atmosphere can be vibrant when engaging with this device.

That makes us have an outstanding vine impression with the right mixture of effects which has a big influence on the clips. With almost no demand for a better setup, a recording which is more comfortable for people can be captured, stopped or halted.

7. Picflow


Picflow is one of the popular applications without a watermark/logo, including Flipagram. By mixing music and images it helps users to make short videos. As an option to Flipagram, this program is a candidate in this category as it allows users to attach up to 100 images free of charge.

8. Square Instapic

Square Instapic

Square Instapic is one nice, Flipagram-like program. This convenient-to-use app has received good credibility from loads of people who use it in editing images as well as image collage formation.

With Square Instapic, the image quality produced with the availability of frames is very good. Square Instapic has incredible context options for bringing some impeccable taste to your development.


In conclusion, we shared some of the applications you could try out like Flipagram and its alternatives. Go ahead and try any of these and receive inspiring feedback from all over the country!

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