Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows 2022

Hello Techholicians,  today I am gonna talk about Video editing software for Pc or windows OS. There are lot video editing software in the market, but which is an efficient one, time-saving, simpler and with advanced features, here I am to clear all your confusion.

As you have the works of You Tuber, they interesting videos. But don’t think becoming a YouTuber is that easy as you see videos. In order to create amazing awesome videos and to get millions of views, you need to have very good video editing software. So here Am gonna tell you about 10 Best video editing software for Windows OS.

List of 5 Best free video editing software for windows 2022

Sl NoVideo Editing Softwares
1Sony Vegas Pro 13
2AVS Video Editor
3Adobe Premiere Pro
4Windows Movie Maker

1.Sony Vegas Pro 13

Sony Vegas pro

Sony Vegas Pro is also one of the best video editing software. Sony has built this software in very advanced level with many advanced features and it is a little bit complicated to use since it has a lot of features, before using this you need to learn how to use it and this software used by many professional video editors.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X are the major rivals for sony vegas pro they target the market for the professional industry, Sony aims amateur user as well, though it is used by professionals. It has simple Timeline, you can just drag and drop the video to be edited into the Track column. Once you inserted the video into track column automatically video and audio will be divided in the respective row. You can also pile up some videos directly on different Track. The video at the top is the video that will appear.

2. AVS Video Editor:

avs video editor

AVS Video Editor is one of the best video editing Software. It has amazing UI and UX interface, And AVS editor is easy to use, and very convenient enough to edit the videos and this software is cheaper compared to other video editing software.

The file size of this software is very small or compact. However, the features presented in the trial version are limited, if you need to utilize all the features you need to go with paid one. I found the best feature of this software that it has video cache technology which results in the video editing process to run smoothly without any interruption or hanging.

To make edits, a Timeline option is provided that will separate edits between video, effects, text, and audio. There are more than 300 video effects or transitions. You can do trimming, cropping, animating and many more features.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe-premiere-pro techholicz

Adobe Premiere Pro is an ultimate video editing software. I can say it is the No.1 video editing software from all, since I personally liked it, this video editing software developed by Adobe.

This program is commonly used by movie industries, production houses, television, and major production houses like Disney, Pixar, Fox international use this software. Beginners may edit video using Adobe Premiere is very complicated, this software has to be used by learning to use, it’s not like other, there are courses out there to learn video editing you can look into those.

Once you have mastered in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can start your own music videos, video shooting houses, I mean you can start your own business using this software and more professionally. It has a lot of advanced features, including slow motion, acceleration, frame editing, pixel editing, Graphic implementation, animating and lot of other effects and transition features.

4. Windows Movie Maker


Windows Movie Maker is a simplest ever video editing application created by Microsoft and it only supports in windows OS. This is a very basic software for video editing and it has limited features like audio video separating, video cutter, audio cutter, mixer.

This software is for beginners, for beginners to get an idea of video editing can use this software. You can only give a few simple touches. Even so, because the ease is very suitable for beginners.

5. VirtualDub

virtualdub techholicz

VirtualDub is a free video editing software on PC for the Windows OS. This software is very simple such that it can be used by an amateur user, but this doesn’t have many features as other major video editor has.

The reason, VirtualDub have a feature to record images on the computer screen. You can save videos you have created or edit with AVI format. Not only that feature provided by VirtualDub, but there are also some general features like smoothing, blur, and other some limited transition effects. If you beginner you can start with this software.

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