Best GBA emulator for Mac 2022

Hey there you gaming enthusiast. Since you are here, you must be well aware of GBA emulators and especially for Mac. Well, for the unversed, let’s understand what’s GBA and emulators are. GBA refers to the Game Boy Advance, which was super popular in its time. And that led to the creation of games which would be pocket friendly.

It led to the ever changing era of handheld gaming consoles which took the world by storm. And that’s how we are here today, taking the gaming technology to the next level each day. Well playing the real GBA can be a tough nut to crack.

And this leads us to emulators. So what is an emulator? An emulator refers to a program which which allows you to run a software from a totally different device on your desktop. And those are mostly used for video gaming purposes only.

GBA changing the gaming world

So when you use the GBA emulators, it allows you to play it any given modern device which is compatible with it. So in today’s blog post, I’ve got you some of the best GBA emulators for Mac. Scroll below and find it out for yourself.

1. Boycott Advance

Boycott Advance has been like a must GBA emulator for Mac these days. And of course has become immensely popular over time. This emulator provides you with a grand catalogue of various supported games. And also gives you gamepads and USB joysticks support for better gaming experience. Its advanced settings allow you to change or alter the frame rate display, aspect ratio, sound emulation and screen mode too. It has superb audio visual effects and also allows full screen mode for the gamers. In addition to that, it’s CPU optimisation gives you HD quality and great speed during games.

2. OpenEmu

The OpenEmu GBA emulator is a lovely one and works amazingly like it’s quirky name. This too is a multi platform emulator and of course a must choice for Mac. With its convenient, simple yet so swift and easy to use interface, it wins the hearts of hardcore gamers. During the games, it let’s you connect with more than one controllers. OpenEmu also gives you the chance to record screen while gaming and other granular game settings too. And also has a smooth button mapping option. The number of games supported here is vast and huge. It also undergoes regular and timely updates to prevent crashing while game and also to fix other such bugs.

3. VisualBoy Advance

The VisualBoy Advance GBA emulator is truly one of its kind. And definitely it would be on this curated list. It allows all gamers to indulge in the nostalgic GBA games once again. Since this emulator is quite old, it gives you the chance to use it on older devices as well as the new ones too. It gives you a great gaming experience overally and also allows you to save some of your favorite moments while playing. The other features of this emulator include printer emulation and also a joystick support.

4. mGBA

The mGBA is another great GBA emulator on this list. Being a multi platform emulator, it let’s you to enjoy playing various games from different consoles. The number and range of GBA games which you can play via this is amazingly large. One of the finest features offered by mGBA is that it allows the cheat code fubctions, which is seldom seen in most emulators. mGBA boasts of a very clean and easy to use interface which is a top priority while selecting GBA emulators for Mac. And mGBA does it flawlessly. Also, the regular updates keep the emulator fresh and more useful with each update done.

5. RetroArc

If you are a true gamer, and a fan of the classic GBA, then it is next to impossible that you would not have heard of the RetroArc. This emulator is completely multi platform and thus allows its users to play both the old and new games. It lets you to play games of GBA and also other ones fluently. It has a very easy to use interface and comes in very smooth and convenient. Some other features of RetroArc GBA emulator includes catchy backgrounds, multiple cores and nice animations on menu. This emulator allows you to change almost all setting of a game. And it also detects and configures the joypad simultaneously for its users.

Now take your games everywhere with you

Video games are as necessary for people, as smartphones are. Even on our smartphones, we get a couple of cute games preinstalled in it. However, the real charm and fun of gaming lies in the classic keyboard games. Oh those good old days, where we would get back from school and run to an internet cafe, or the lucky kids who had computers in their homes and set off for our evergreen GBA adventures. Thanks to these amazing GBA emulators for Mac that we can relive those golden days once again. All the emulators mentioned in this post are really good, so you can choose yours and enjoy. 🙂

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