10 Best Applications to Clean your Mobile Device

In this fast improving world, everything is automated. Then why does a smart device need an application to clean its junk files? This is the common question raised when someone starts searching about cleaning apps. You may notice that your device is not too smart as when you inbox it for the first time. You may confuse it with its working, then you have to clean some junk and cache files to provide some space for better function. Recent technology developed many improved softwares that doesn’t need any additional source to clean. But if you are using old phones and budget phones, you should need this helping application to clean your device.

An application becomes best when it supports the software to improve it’s working. By using this application you can get,

  • Improved battery life 
  • Free up space by cleaning more junks 
  • Improve your phone’s speed

This is not the only feature to be mentioned, there are many features that can be added like improving RAM status, cleaning of thumbnails, removing temporary files and much more. There are also separate applications for doing this specific cleaning. But we can’t install this every app as it took up a lot of space. So I am going to give the best cleaning apps that are selected wisely.

1. Ccleaner

This app is completely free and it is best to use for cleaning your device. This is not only designed for working on Android but it also works on Windows and macOS. This app has a feature that allows you to identify the big files and delete them all at once. You can find the unused files, apps and delete them. Apart from this feature it also has a feature that lets you find the temperature of your device. By doing it, you can also reduce the temperature by running the special tool.

Download C Cleaner

Best features:

  • Allows you to monitor each app.
  • Allows you to uninstall multiple apps.
  • Lowers the temperature of the system.
  • System analyzer provides additional access.

2. Clean master

This is the best recommended app by most of the people. There is no wonder that it has one million downloads in the play store. This app also has the special features like cleaning junk files,files, removing unused photos and videos. This app also offers additional features that it has antivirus protection. This app gives you the information about the battery usage and provides the charging status. This also provides app lock settings and so there is no need of using multiple apps to clean and for app lock, you can access this both features in one app.

Download Clean Master

3. Droid optimizer

This is the best app that has over a million downloads in the play store. If you prefer set and forget mode, it is the best app to prefer. You can set once to clean the system, then forget about cleaning it often. The app itself does it automatically and periodically for you. This automated app can stop the background process and stops the unnecessary running of apps. This app also has a special feature that automatically disables your WIFI when it is not in use. If you don’t want much manual work, this is the best app for you.

Download DroidOptimizer

4. All in one tool box

Monitoring the temperature and cleaning is the task assigned to every application. So you need another app to stop the annoying ads. This app does this for you. It deletes all the empty files that are consuming your RAM. The boost function just stops all the background running apps and clears all the caches and junk files. As the name indicates ‘all in one tool box’, it does every task for you with a single tap.

Download All in One Tool Box

5. Norton clean

It claims to ‘remove the clutter’ from your device. Like other applications this app will also search and remove all the junk files. This is a simple app and you have to clean the apps with a simple tap, you need not to be an expert for this. This app cleans every useless file that slow downs your mobile. The only disadvantage is, it shows too many ads for other Norton apps.

Download Norton Clean

6. Files by google

This is the famous application with Google security. Unlike other apps this app allows you to transfer files offline. This app gives the storage information about the large files and allows to delete all at once. This also provides cloud storage to store large files. 

Download Files by Google

7. Go speed

This is also the best cleaning app and it cleans all the cache, empty folder and stops the background process of apps. It also prevents apps from auto restart. To achieve this function, this app distinguishes the pre-installed app with an existing app and deletes the unused app with user’s permission.

Download Go speed

8. Wondershare mobile go storage cleaner

This app allows the users to enhance an app’s performance by cleaning its own cache, managing apk and more. This app also offers file sharing. This app repairs the every problem you face while using an application. 

Download Wondershare mobile go storage cleaner

9. App cache cleaner

This app is specifically made for clearing caches. It clears the cached data and provides you maximum space to run your device more efficiently. This app cleans every caches that junk the app’s performance.

Download App cache cleaner

10. Clean expert

This app has a unique feature that it can clean all the app history. It cleans both the internal and external storage. This app stops and accelerates the background process of the other battery draining apps. 

Download Clean Expert

As far I gave all that information required to clean your smart device. Choose the one suits you.

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