10 Best Xposed Modules- Make your smartphone even smarter

Who refuses to make their smartphone even smarter? To make this you have to root your smartphone. But many don’t know how to do this. The only solution is xposed modules. Xposed Framework is one of the best to modify your android device. This is a small apk file that can bring about a big change in your device. There are many such xposed modules on the internet but not all those applications are too good. So I picked out some of those applications based on the usability and performance. In this article I am going to give ten beat applications that really helps you to enhance your android phone’s performance. Let’s surf through the content.

How to install xposed framework modules?

This can be done through following this easy steps,

  • Install xposed installer on your android phone from Google play store.
  • Download and install your favorite from the given list below.
  • Check the module in xposed framework menu and tick a mark on it.
  • As the final step, reboot your device.

Now all you have to do is choose the best from the list below.

Best applications that you must have

Gravity box

If you have this application you don’t need any additional applications to improve the performance of your device because this is having all the tools. It provides you many tools that are not even found as built-in settings. So it is alone enough to cover so many cool tricks on your rooted android phone.

Amplify battery extender

Many may have issues with their battery standby. If you are looking for improving something to restore your battery percentage this is the best application that really helps your phone’s battery to have increased performance. You may know about the wakelocks which are responsible for the battery draining. This application takes care of wakelocks. This can also be coupled with Greenify to increase the battery life.

XuiMod – Best Xposed Modules Marshmallow

If you installed stock ROM on your device and want to customize ROM features without flashing your ROM this XuiMod module is the best application to customize the settings. It provides many customized features. You can even access different features on different custom ROMs by this module.

Bright lockscreen – xposed modules for Kitkat

With this application you can even make your lockscreen to be customized. You can erase the dark overlay of your phone’s lock screen. It doesn’t stop with this feature it also makes your lock screen more simple and gives easy access. This application also has some exciting features.

Android P-ify

If you search to have the Android P features in your Android Nougat or Oreo this is the best application. It brings new QS tiles design. It can replace the clock to the left side. It brings new app transitions. Try this app to explore Android P features on your other android version.


Many people need an app lock to secure their privacy. There are plenty of apps available to lick your apps but their only feature is to lock the app. With this maxlock application you can easily lock apps and experience with many other features. In this application you can use multiple unlocking settings like pin, pattern and even finger lock. There are two versions available. One is for xposed and another for non rooted devices. You can also have many unique features.

Boot manager

When you reboot your device it may take a long time and many apps delay while its launch. You can customize and get rid of those delays by using this Boot manager application. It makes your unused app quiet and wakes it up whenever you need them. This module also helps to increase your battery life.


As the name suggests, this is a privacy setting application with which you can access which app is allowed to which permissions. You can also deny those permissions if you don’t want other apps to interfere with your privacy. Some apps are granted permissions to access the internet, through this the app can gain more information about your device. But by using this application you can restrict the other apps to gain permissions.

Whatsapp extensions

Whatsapp becomes a basic tool for Android devices like messaging applications. This is a widely used application for chatting and video calling, sharing images, videos and much more. Through this whatsapp extension you can gain more access like hiding particular chat, locking particular chat, separate wallpaper for various contacts, reminder to reply messages, option to directly call over the phone and many such interesting tools. Though the whatsapp gets updated this all features remain. You can make your chat more private without any worries.

Youtube AdAway

Yeah you read it right, when you start watching movies you may get irritated by ads you can’t even skip those ads. Through this application you can completely restrict those annoying ads. Through this you are not just allowed to block the ads but also Youtube games, TV and kids apps. You can also turn off the video suggestions.

Final words

I gave all the best applications that are designed for various purposes. Choose the one which suits you.

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