Best Bluetooth headsets under $100 (Latest 2020)

Bluetooth headset is one of the most important equipment one should have today in this era. In such a fast-growing world where people do not have enough time to even eat, then this advancement in technology in the form of Bluetooth handset became one of the most popular technologies today present in the world. This is very beneficial for those who have to attend a lot of call in a day and are ultimately busy guys in the country. Bluetooth handset plays a very important role when it comes to driving and day to day commute. It allows the driver to attend the call and messages on a notification without physically touching their smartphone. Thus this also reduces chances of accident and violation of traffic rule. Also, the penalty due to violation of this rule could be saved. Also, it allows for hassle free travel and communication. This article has some of the best Bluetooth headsets which you can buy under $100 and are currently beneficial. Although this topic does not need any further introduction as many of us already use them. But this article is specifically targeted to the best quality Bluetooth headset which you can buy and be relaxed or future quality and services.

Some of the Bluetooth headsets are listed below:

1. Plantronics Voyager 5200

Plantronics Voyager 5200

This is a globally recognized product and can be available at almost all online stores like Amazon eBay Walmart. Its prices as mentioned on Amazon is only $82. It is one of the most powerful Bluetooth handsets which has 4 microphones that provide unconditional and perfect voice quality overcall. Also, it has one of the most important characteristic features of noise cancellation also called background cancellation. It also has some sensor technology along with the option for voice recognization which automatically answers or reject the call. It has a wonderful design and company have designed it in such a way that provides complete comfort to the user. Also, the company claims up to 7 hours of talk time. But it is close to 6 hours talk time when completely charged. It is advised to you try this product before buying so that you could check whether it is comfortable or not beforehand as in case of Bluetooth headphone and earbuds are checked before buying so that there is a sense of satisfaction of quality of product and it’s services.

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2. Plantronics voyager legend

Plantronics voyager legend

As already mentioned above this is a global product and that is available on almost all online stores like Amazon and Walmart. You can buy from Amazon at $58. this has a perfect design although it is very bulky and it is advised to the buyer to try it beforehand and check whether they are comfortable with that or not. Although 95% user finds it comfortable and simple with amazing quality of voice and durability. As already mentioned it has a very simple design and all the controls are located behind the ear. This includes volume rocker button, power on and off button and call Button. This also has special sensors which automatically answers or reject the call, if this feature is switched on. Its price is one of the major factors due to which consumer prefer to buy this model above any other with all such exciting services and facilities. It also has a feature of noise cancellation and can work up to 80 decibels. It has a battery time of 7 hours and can be completely charged in 1.5 hours.

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3. Mpow pro trucker Bluetooth headset

Mpow pro trucker Bluetooth headset

Price of this product is an attractive feature of this product. It can be found on all online platforms like Amazon and Walmart. It is sold on Amazon at $20 which make it one of the cheapest and best product in this price segment. Although this headset only supports calling and do not support playing music, but it’s crystal clear voice modification technology help it and makes it a very effective tool. It has four microphones which help in noise cancellation and also increases the quality of voice call. It can be paired with two Bluetooth devices at a time and its range of connectivity is up to 30 feet for perfect calling situations. After 30 feet quality of call decreases gradually. It has a battery time of 12 hours or 200 hours of standby and can be completely recharged in 2 hours. Many would find its design a bit of old fashioned but it provides complete comfort to the ear of the user.

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4. LG tone free headset

LG tone free headset

LG has done a wonderful job in making this headset a truly wireless. It has a connecting device with which goes around your neck and two earbuds which are directly used. This device completely supports all four kinds of Bluetooth connectivity which are advanced audio distribution, headset, hands-free and audio video remote. So you can now make your call and receive them without any problem but can also use buds to listen to music playback too. It can be brought from Amazon at $65. It is one of the most popular product as it provides both calling and playback music at the same device. It has a wonderful design which makes it an attractive one to be bought in this segment.

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Final Words:

Hope you like this article and have found it helpful for deciding you to buy a better headset of your choice from this list.

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