Best 10 Cricket Games for Android

One of the most popular sports in India is cricket. Cricket is also said to be the national sport of India with a massive following. You can see a cricket match in every street of India. To be precise, cricket is not only a game but a religion in India. This massive fan following for the sport has spawned games like Cricket 07, Stick Cricket in the PC segment which became instant hits with the masses. After the introduction of smartphones, android and ios games become more and more popular.

Many of the games previously released for PCs had made their way into the app stores of mobiles operating systems like android and ios. Along with the various genres of games, sports were also extremely popular. Many sports games like Fifa and Badminton League had been released on the basis of sports like football and badminton respectively. Even though there were games from various sports, cricket games were in a different league altogether due to the massive following.

Let’s have a look at the 10 best cricket games in the play store for android :

1. Stick Cricket Premier League

stick premier league

Stick cricket has been one of the most popular games in PC and has made its way into the play store. It is easy to play and has good graphics. This version particularly is based on the Indian Premier League. You only get to bat in this game and do not have the option to bowl. You control the shot with the help of two buttons present to direct the ball offside or legside.

2. World Cricket Championship 2

woc championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 is touted to be one of the best cricket games available in the play store. The visuals are engaging and the overall gameplay is good. You can have complete control over the various aspects and styles of bowling and batting. Shot selection is one of the best features of the game. There are many venues to choose from unlike other cricket games. Due to good graphics, you would need a slightly powerful phone to play this game fluidly.

3. Stick Cricket Super League

star crick super legue

This is another game from the Stick Cricket franchise with the same play style and graphics. The only differentiating element between this game and the above mentioned game is the fact that this game is based on T20 unlike the other which is based on IPL.

4. Real Cricket 18

real cricket 18

Real Cricket 18 is the successor of Real Cricket 17. It is said to be one of the most authentic cricket games portraying all the key elements of a cricket match. The game even has a Decision Review System in its gameplay. The gameplay even consists of the toss before the match.

5. World of Cricket

world of cricket

World of cricket is a cricket game with slightly old or cartoony visuals. The playstyle is the same as the other cricket games. It stands out from the rest of the games in the area of bowling styles and batting styles which are exhaustive. The names of the cricket players are not exactly the same due to the lack of license. If you overlook the small details, this is a very good cricket game.

6. Big Bash Cricket

big bash cricket

Big Bash Cricket is inspired from the Big League held in Australia, which is similar to IPL held in India. The game has the real names of all the cricket players as it an official one. The game has a 360-degree view of the ground. It is easy to play and fast enough to run on most of the devices.

7. Smash Cricket

smash cricket

Smash Cricket is a cricket game with a T20 playing style. One of the best things about this game is the option to play with friends online. There are multiple modes to choose from. The game is made realistic by the use of realistic physics.

8. MS Dhoni Official Cricket Game


This game is based on the Indian cricketer MS Dhoni and revolves only around him. You make progress in this game by passing through all the essential phases of MS Dhoni’s cricket career. This game is recommended if you want a different experience and are a die-hard Dhoni fan.

9. Beach Cricket

beach cricket

Beach cricket is the type of cricket game where the venue is unconventional. It is similar to lines of gully cricket. As the name suggests, the venue of the match is a beach instead of a stadium. The new venue is a breath of fresh air for someone who is always accustomed to cricket stadiums. Even though the game is not very high in visuals, you can play it for factors like nostalgia and change of venue.

10. Doodle Cricket

doodle cricket

Doodle Cricket is one of the cricket games you might be familiar with if you have played the game in the Google Pay app. It is easy to play and childish game. It is best suited for children and for low-end phones.


These are the best 10 cricket games for android and all of the mentioned games are free to play. They are better than other cricket games on the play store and are worth your time.

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