7 Best Football Kodi Addons 2022

Among the many incredible positive aspects of streaming options via Kodi, is the wonderful Kodi sporting events add-ons. Limitless enjoyment is at the top of the priority list throughout the form of basic television shows and movies!

Merely download the available Kodi app on your Firestick or even other compatible devices, and then configure the approved or 3rd-party broadcasting add-ons you chose. Various add-ons allow users to access a broad range of content, including unlimited access to movies, television shows, and even sports coverage.  Kodi is a must for all your professional sports requirements whilst also enabling you to dig out fortnightly internet bill as well as other pricey memberships for leisure!

Remember to allow unauthorized sources in your Kodi device configuration first when downloading 3rd party add-ons on a fresh Kodi build. Unless you’re new to Kodi, you will find a fantastic writing-up including more changes and improvements to make your athletic viewing functionality world-class.

A few of Kodi’s greatest sports add-ons are extremely easy to install and then use. They discuss some of the greatest sports add-ons now accessible in the Kodi Collection for National Football, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, WWE, Boxing, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, MMA Combat and even more professional sport types. Keep in mind that the ISP aka Internet Service Provider tracks the surfing activity and digital behaviours.

While using Kodi as well as other video-on-demand software, it is generally advised that you use an authenticated VPN to mask your name, place and internet usage. Most seasoned Kodi users choose VPN for convenience, pace as well as confidentiality. We do not encourage the use of VPN or Kodi from our side. Use a VPN or Kodi at your own risk!

Seven Best Football Kodi Addons

Following is our collection of some very greatest all-time Kodi sports add-ons. Major sports such as football, basketball, mixed martial arts, cricket, Formula One and many more such tournaments can be witnessed through such important football add-ons. 


BOOM kodi addon

The live broadcast features whatever you’d like. This very well-known 3rd-party version enables Kodi sporting events, viewers, to follow the material in the description of great images. Repo is now the base of this incredible new Kodi plugin! Recognized as one of Kodi’s best functioning sports add-ons, with classifications including:

  • Football
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • AceStream Sports
  • Motor Sports, and also more

2. CCloud TV

CCloud TV

Kodi add-on Cloud TV has a big selection of tv Streaming streams from HBO, ESPN, AMC, TBS and so many other live channels. It includes virtually all of the broadcast sports networks besides IPTV sports. CCloud TV actually works from your web page on the pinnacle of its ultimate goal of streaming channels.

3. Sport 365 Live

Sport 365 Live

Wish to watch soccer, football, hockey, tennis, rugby, basketball, boxing, biathlon, cricket, handball, and so many more live broadcasts?
Kudos to the community at the QWER GitHub, Sport365 Kodi addon makes you view sports channels globally. Tournaments and games can be obtained from the Sport 365 Live IPTV add-on. Directly upload the collection of current channels listed, and select the appropriate link to the video.

4. Sports Replays R Us

Sports Replays R Us

If you’re enjoying sporting events playbacks, game recaps, lineup discussions or even sporting events videos, then Sports Replays R Us is a great opportunity to extend. With just a little support from their buddies at Sports Replays R Us, users will gain exposure to a range of high screen resolution live sporting. This sporting extension is from the technology production department at Gen-Tec. Each fan of football should get this awesome Kodi sports plugin built-in their set to complement the sports broadcasts add-ons.

5. Selfless


Selfless is a recent all-in-one Kodi Plugin giving away free live sporting events, television shows and several other. Stored in the Repo Bookmark, Selfless provides a robust collection that includes United states networks, video streaming, 24x7x365 events, WWE Live, live Olympic 2018, Sports Heaven, United kingdom Networks and sports matches. Developers urge you to install the new Sports Devil Kodi addon before actually continuing to navigate the Selfless links.

6. Chronos


Chronos Kodi extension is a new streaming company providing sports channels, live entertainment, events and much more. If you are trying to update one of your new favourite sports broadcasts add-ons which may not presently be live streaming online, you are in good fortune. The fast-growing tracklist of IPTV broadcasts throughout this add-on includes live Television, sports programming, Austria, athletics, films, live shows available 365 days.

7. Rising Tides

Rising Tides

Rising Tides IPTV Kodi plugin helps everyone to watch all their favourite live sporting events with flows of outstanding quality. Constantly updated, on Rising Tides, users will find almost everything sports-related; National football league, Basketball, Cricket, Boxing, Baseball, motor racing, and so much more.


Make certain to keep the device patched to the new secure update of Kodi for full performance before you load some add-ons. Further, it is a smart idea to still have built a couple of the add – ons mentioned earlier in this article. So, you always seem to have a replacement strategy to stop lacking a competitive game or tournament.

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