10 Best Music Torrent Sites 2022

The best feeling in the world is probably sitting back and listening to your favorite music. No matter whatever situation, music helps in curing all pains. Listening to music, relieves from stress thus benefitting the body in the best possible way. It indirectly helps in increasing the immune system of the body, regulates your hormone levels, and finally helps you being a better person.

Music has been provided for free since long. Thanks to the internet that we no longer need to go to the store and purchase those CDs with a list of songs loaded on it.

Moreover, this is the era of on-demand content, therefore apps like Gaana, Google Play Music, JioTunes, iTunes, Wynk, and Spotify are having a golden period. Providing music for free that too in very good quality has made these applications claim more than 100M downloads in just 2 to 3 years. With cheap internet available across the globe, on-demand video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo have started delivering high-quality content for free. So now the question comes that how do these websites are able to provide such content for free? Well the answer is through ads. Popular music applications make money by putting ads on their websites. Usually, an ad or commercial is played after every song you switch. Sometimes these commercials can be as long as a minute, which irritates the user and disturbs his mood.

So, the need comes to have premium version of these applications which often costs a paid subscription often ranging from around $3 to $10 per month. And that’s how these companies sell their services at such a high rate. Also check How to get spotify

Maybe you are wondering why not simply download the music from Internet and store in the device and play whenever you want. Well, downloading music may not be an easy task, probably because now most of the websites have ads all over the internet.

It is a common experience, to encounter tens of “download” button when visiting such websites in search of songs. Only an experienced user can identify which ‘download’ link is genuine. Not only this, most of the websites have malicious ad links on their websites and are at the point of hackers.

So, the need comes to find some secure, reliable, and efficient way to have good quality music. Maybe Torrent sites are the way to get out of this problem.

List of Top 10 Music torrent sites

Torrent provides people access to music, videos, software, secret information, games, and whatnot. Most of the website doesn’t have annoying ads associated with them. Just one torrent client application and a genuine link is what required to download your favorite song in premium quality.

Since not all torrent websites are accessible through all the parts of the world, a VPN is advisable to use whenever browsing these websites.

Below are some torrent websites that may actually prove useful when considering music:

1. Torrentsites

torrent sites

At top of list we have torrentsites.com, there is also reason for this site to be on top, since this one spot for all type of torrent downloads like games, movies, music, pdf’s and more. There are millions of torrents over here, and the best part of this site is that the torrent quality is very good in terms of seeds and peers such that you can download the files very fast.

2. The Pirate Bay


The Royale website of the torrent community, this website caters to the needs of millions of users by providing content from almost all the categories. Be it movies, applications, games, audios, videos, or anything, it will be available on the pirate bay.

Successor to the famous movie website YTS and the YIFY group (famous movie website), even after being hijacked, this website is doing pretty well. With an Alexa ranking of 563, the community is making efforts to make this site better.

3. Rarbg


Although the specialty of this website is providing high-quality videos, still one can not ignore the high-quality music this website offers. The content is organized based on genre as well as release years, making it easier to filter results. The website provides a dedicated music library. The website offers minimum ads making it easy for users to download files.

4. 1337x


Maintaining its ranking, this website lays emphasis on security and user experience. The torrents are verified and provide exceptional download speed.

5. Music-Torrent

music torrent

A website that is dedicated to music, this website makes user experience a priority. With tons of filters available, the music is segregated based on genre.

6. iDope


As the name suggests, this website ranks on top when querying rock music. Similar to kickass music, this website has a huge database with verified torrent links. This is not just a music torrent, rather a search engine that provides you with most desired results.

6. Zoogle


With more than 3 million verified torrents, this website leaves no stone unturned to improve the user experience. Probably the best alternative to the legendary Pirate Bay, the interactive interface and efficient content placement is what attaracts users despite several ads on this website. The best feature is that Zoogle provides useful sections such as most trending, most seeded, free VPN, and much more.

7. ExtraTorrent

extra torrent

The white background may make you feel this website as unprofessional, but trust me, this is one of the best websites among torrent community. Being so popular, the website has faced several shut-downs, but now its back. They have a detailed webpage, strength of torrent, location of torrent, latest articles, number of Seders and peers is what helps users.

8. Toorgle


With its speciality in high-quality classical music, this powerful website creates an interface that allows users to interact and download torrents from more than 400 verified websites. With a huge database, this website is really appreciable when coming to music.

9. Limetorrents


It has been more than five years, since this website is catering to the needs of the users. The iTorrent cache is what supports this website in providing wide options ranging from anime to applications to songs and movies. This is probably the best functional website with simple interface.

10. Torrent Downloads


A clean interface and direct download links are the remarkable features of this website. With negligible advertisements, the community ensures a straightforward approach by indexing millions of healthy torrents so as to provide exceptional service to the user.

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I hope this list will help you find the perfect place for downloading all your favorite songs.

Some countries consider the use of torrent websites as illegal, therefore performing any illegal activities such as violating copyrights of the author is discouraged.

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