Best Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3

The Keyblade is arguably the most emblematic item from the Kingdom Hearts universe.

The best Kingdom Hearts 3 keyblades for you will be influenced by your playstyle as you battle your way through this Disney-themed adventure. 

Ever since the first game’s release, Sora has been using keyblades and eventually they have been improved over time. A keyblade is an easily recognizable weapon now. 

There are many stronger and better-looking keyblades that all vary based on difficulty and rarity. Here are some of the details of best Kingdom Hearts 3 keyblades which will surely help you in making a better decision in choosing the keyblades.


Best Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3

Here is the list of top 10 keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3

1. Ultima Keyblade

Ultima Keyblade

There is no better Keyblade you can wield with unrivaled strength and magic except the Ultima Weapon. Being the strongest keyblade, it is also the hardest one to obtain.

The only way to get this keyblade is to synthesize it at a Moogle Shop and you need to find some rare materials like 7 Orichalcum, 2 Wellspring Gems, 2 Pulsing Crystals, 2 Lucid Crystals and 58 synthesis materials to make the Ultima Weapon. It has 13 Strength and 13 Magic, making it the best indisputable champion of keyblades in the game. This blade is the most powerful as it allows you to storm through any bosses in the game.

2. Kingdom Key

Kingdom Key

The Kingdom Key is the Classic keyblade that cannot be left off the list. This legendary keyblade has been around since the first Kingdom Hearts and it’s the first weapon to draw out Sora’s true power. You start with this keyblade at the beginning of the game and it has 4 Strength and 3 Magic. With a well-balanced strength and magic ratio, this Keyblade is a fan favorite.

3. Ever After

Ever After

Ever After is one of the best keyblades for magical weilders which resembles Rapunzel’s tower and is obtained after the completion of the Kingdom of Corona. The Ever After keyblade holds immense magic potential. It’s like the counterpart to Favorite Deputy; 7 Magic and a Mirage Staff formchange, along with Leaf Bracer which means that whenever Sora uses Cure or any of the more powerful versions he can’t be interrupted.

4. Hunny Spout

Hunny Spout

The Hunny Spout keyblade is meant to be even more of a “middle of the road” weapon. It might not be as strong, but with its form change you’ll find that it becomes quickly a valid weapon of choice. It is obtained after unlocking it by completing 100 Acre Wood. It is balanced with 6 Strength and 5 Magic. 

The two formchanges- Hunny Blasters and Hunny Launcher- turn into a ranged weapon which is much too slow for the fast-paced combat of Kingdom Hearts 3.

5. Hero’s Origin

Hero’s Origin

Hero’s Origin is an impressive looking keyblade available early in the game once you finish the story in “Olympus”. It focuses mainly on physical attacks and has elements that evoke Zeus and the Gods of Olympus from the world of Hercules. You can use Hero’s Origin to create a massive shield with its form change. This keyblade really isn’t meant for magic but can be used mostly for physical attack strategies.

6. Shooting Star

Shooting Star

Shooting Star is the truly unique keyblade on this list and you obtain this after completing “Twilight Town.”

It starts with a Strength of 3 and Magic of 5. The keyblade features two different form changes: Double Arrow guns and Magic Launcher. Double Arrow guns helps you to inflict damage to many enemies at once. Magic Launcher is a powerful weapon. However, it takes time precision to land a direct hit.

If you love awesome blade designs and good damage output, then Shooting Star will serve you well.

7. Starlight


The Starlight keyblade is not particularly difficult to obtain, in fact, it’s one of the first keyblades that you can obtain during the Kingdom Hearts 3 main story. You can obtain it after completing the Classic Kingdom in Union Cross. It has a total of 4 Magic points as well as 4 point of Strength, which doesn’t make it particularly strong, but it might prove to be useful at some point during the game.

You can also obtain the Starlight keyblade after defeating the Demon Wave in the Keyblade Graveyard.

8. Crystal Snow

Crystal Snow

Crystal Snow is a magic heavy keyblade you get after completing the “Arendelle” story. It has 4 Strength and 7 Magic and protects Sora from any Freeze effects.

This keyblade is actually named after Elsa.

The Crystal Snow keyblade’s first form change is Blizzard Claws which provides Sora with ice claws and the second form change is Blizzard Blades which gives him ice-skates and ice-blade melee weapons.

This is one of the most unique keychains in terms of design, and its abilities will prove to be quite useful as the story progresses.

9. Wheel of Fate

Wheel of Fate

Wheel of Fate is a more balanced keyblade that favors strength over magic. You get Wheel of Fate once after completing “The Caribbean” story. 

The Wheel of Fate has two forms, Highwind -which turns the Keyblade into a looming staff that Sora wields like a Jedi; Storm Flag, which is basically an even more aggressive version of Highwind. 

With a base strength of 8 points, it’s one of the best physical keyblades and will certainly aid you in physical combat with lengthy extended combos.

10. Nano Gear

Nano Gear

The Nano Gear is one of the best mid-tier keyblades in the game and a very balanced weapon. It is obtained after completing the “San Fransokyo” story. With Nano Gear you get full stun protection and a solid set of additional features, such as base starting stats of 7 Strength and 5 Magic.

The Nano Gear keyblade has only one form change, Nano Arms, which provides a fast and furious barrage of powerful attacks. 

Final Thought:

I’ve listed some of the best keyblades available in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Midnight blue, phantom green, dawn till dusk, happy gear, grand chef, favorite deputy, classic tone are some other keyblades which are worth trying, where each one of them have special characteristics and are amazing in their own way.

Keep exploring!!


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