10 Best TV Series in Amazon Prime- Get into the virtual library of top series

Amazon doesn’t stop only with giving live TV shows and regular updates of latest movies. It became a successful platform for other series too. It also competes with other platforms like netflix and hotstar. Though Amazon gives many free shows and latest movie updates in various languages, Amazon prime videos always stand unique in its place for best reality shows. People may be confused with a lot of such series and consume all the series more than they can chew. Hence it is always better to have some special list of series to make the quarantine life colorful. In this article I gave the top Amazon prime series that is usually preferred by most people.

People love a series when it satisfies with its content. I am going to give the best series on horror, humor and romantic series, making it easier to select one by your wish. Let’s take a deep dive into the list to find your favorite.

Best Series based on Horror theme Movie

1. The terror

As the name indicates, it is a horror based movie that makes your nerves up while watching. This content was extracted from the best selling books ‘The terror’. It is an American drama by Dan Simmon from 2007. 

2. American horror story

This is one of the successful horror TV series for the past nine years and still counting it’s footprints. Like all anthologies this ‘American horror story’ has it’s better seasons. If you are a TV horror fan, you should go for this option.

3. Dark/Web

Those who are fond of anthologies and a fan of serialized storytelling, must have a look at this series. This light-less story was divided into large eight chapters. This accelerates with the disappearance of cyber analyst Molly and the journey of her friends in finding out what happened to her. It expertly exploits real world fear about communication technology.

4. Haunted state

The series has many interesting parts and it allows wandering ghosts into your mind while watching. ‘Haunted state’ narrows it’s paranormal coverage down to just one U.S state. Despite not achieving statehood, Winsconsin apparently has some of the most ghost activity of state in the union. 

Best series based on humor theme

5. Fleabag

This series was a raw and honest portrait of a young single woman’s life in London that somehow manages to avoid all of the genre’s tropes and pitfalls. This Fleabag is not too dark, even when it’s disarmingly honest. This series just exposes every pain faced by a woman in her society. It clearly unpack every anger, insecurity, humor, friendship and much more with unique sensibility that makes it worth watching. 

6. Parks and recreation

Michael Schur and Greg Daniels are the creative authors of this series. This series goes down into history as one of the greatest comedies ever made. This series evolved into a smart but never preachy political satire, while always maintaining deep compassion for its characters. This is a nice show which illustrates the lives of good people who want to do good things without expecting anything from anyone. Unlike other comedy series it won’t let you fall on your pillows, it always makes you fresh till the end of the series. 

7. Good girls revolt

This series takes place at a time where girls are accepted to the newsroom, but only as researchers. At news of the week, women are often paired with men and given an influence, but they must ultimately be diferential to those male counterparts. This series doesn’t dominate anyone, both men and women have the same equality.

8. Veep

Whoever wants to ache their belly with laughter, must watch this series. It is the very funniest series I ever went through. This guarantees you with entertainment up to it’s fifth series and also in each series. You must have a look at this series if you’re a fan of such comedy series.

Best series based on romantic theme

9. Modern love

If you are a fan of watching romantic series, you should watch this series. This romantic comedy anthology and many aspects of love are explored. It explains every aspects of love,sex and self love without limits. 

10. Good trouble

This comes along with the friendship between two young girls who start their young adult lives in the city of angels. This series has everything of comedy, romance and their adulthood lives. Not only stopping with friendship, this series entertains you with very twists.

Not stopping with only these few things, there are also other series which are very popular and making successful footprints in the sand of Amazon series. I gave the best reviewed collections based on different genres. Just start your premium membership and explore your every quarantine day with bliss.

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