Best Products for Affiliate Marketing in India 2024

Embarking on affiliate marketing without a clear product strategy? No need to fret! We’re here to guide you. The realm of affiliate marketing offers a plethora of products for promotion, granting you the flexibility to endorse a wide range. However, success isn’t guaranteed by simply endorsing any product. It’s crucial to align your choices with your niche and resonate with your audience. Generating sales becomes challenging if you promote something unrelated to your audience’s core issues.

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Conducting thorough research before selecting products is imperative. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some top affiliate products you can consider promoting in 2023.


List of Top Products for Affiliate Marketing in India

1. Phone Accessories

Phone accessories are prime affiliate products that content creators can endorse for their audience. Irrespective of whether it’s a high-end flagship phone or a mid-range device, every phone requires accessories. Given the high demand, these products can be swiftly sold, leading to lucrative earnings.

What makes promoting phone accessories appealing?

phone accessories

In the current market, numerous companies produce phone accessories and offer affiliate programs, providing a diverse range of products to endorse. The potential for sales and earnings is extensive, from cases and screen protectors to pop sockets. Joining programs like Amazon Affiliate or Flipkart Affiliate Marketing in India makes it easy to promote phone

2. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting services have simplified the process for website owners, developers, agencies, and freelancers to effortlessly launch their websites. Opting for hosting providers saves considerable time and effort. Numerous cloud hosting providers, including SiteGround, DreamHost, HostGator, and GoDaddy, offer affiliate programs.

Reasons to endorse Cloud Hosting:

Engaging with highly qualified individuals open to purchasing the service with the right guidance is a notable advantage. The payout is substantial, making it one of the most lucrative affiliate products to promote in India.

3. Wearable Devices

In the realm of technology, where innovation is key, wearable devices, particularly health-focused ones, are gaining traction. Examples include fitness trackers and smartwatches. For promoting wearable devices, joining a comprehensive eCommerce affiliate program like Amazon Associates for discounted rates is advisable. Wearable devices are easily marketable as people are strongly willing to purchase them.

Reasons to endorse Wearable Devices:

A growing market sees numerous manufacturers and third-party sellers vying for a share. Established brands like Mi, Apple, and Samsung have entered this segment, offering a diverse range of products to promote. The future of wearable technology is promising as businesses continuously strive to innovate.

4. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is gaining popularity in India, presenting a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers. Promoting VR products such as virtual rеality glassеs, hеadsеts, gamе sеts, and kеyboards can bе a profitablе vеnturе. Thе dеmand for VR is on thе risе, making it еasy to capturе thе intеrеst of tеch еnthusiasts.

Reasons to endorse Virtual Reality:

With the increasing popularity of VR due to Meta’s ascendancy, businesses are expected to pursue the VR headset market aggressively. Investing in VR products now presents significant upside potential, and success is likely to grow as interest in virtual reality continues to surge.

5. Finance Products

Consumеrs arе consistеntly on thе lookout for ways to savе monеy and makе morе informеd spеnding choicеs. Consеquеntly, thеrе is a pеrеnnial dеmand for financial products. Affiliate products with the highest commissions include credit cards, insurance policies, mortgages, loans, and financial protection services. Promoting these products can yield a substantial commission.

Reasons to endorse Financial Products:

Given the myriad online resources available for managing money, people are increasingly familiar with the tools and services at their disposal to enhance their financial well-being. However, effectively managing assets and generating profit requires specialized expertise. As an affiliate marketer, you can significantly benefit from this expertise gap.

6. Fashion Products

The realm of fashion is expansive, characterized by constant changes influenced by seasons and celebrity endorsements. Despite these fluctuations, the demand for fashion products remains constant. You can promote a variety of items, including clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories within your network.

Reasons to endorse Fashion Products:

The fashion industry is timeless, introducing new trends with each season, ensuring a continuous stream of products to promote. While this niche is popular, it also presents various sub-niches, providing numerous exploration options for affiliate marketers.

7. Gym Equipment

Individuals committed to maintaining their health often either join a gym or invest in gym equipment for their workouts. Consequently, there is a substantial demand for gym equipment among fitness enthusiasts. As an affiliate, you can market a range of products, from gym cycles and strength training equipment to weights, resistance bands, and home gym systems. Additionally, promoting gym accessories such as water bottles, bags, shoes, and gym t-shirts can be lucrative for those passionate about fitness.

Reasons to endorse Gym Equipment:

The high demand among fitness enthusiasts for gym equipment creates a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers. Capitalizing on this demand can result in significant earnings for affiliates promoting a variety of fitness-related products.

8. Games and Accessories

Due to the advent of Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, gaming no longer depends on CDs for operation. The ease of installing and launching games has elevated gaming to a top-tier entertainment option. The increasing demand for gaming-related items like controllers, grip pads, controller skins, and customizations makes them ideal products for promotion.

Why endorse Gaming and Accessories?

With the gaming industry evolving continuously, numerous companies are vying to carve out a niche in this expansive market. Given the industry’s ongoing development, selling a diverse range of gaming accessories presents significant growth opportunities.

9. Baby Care Products

The demand for baby products remains consistently high, driven by parents’ continual quest for top-quality items for their children. This presents a lucrative opportunity to target and promote premium baby products. Even advertisements for baby products during lunch hours can resonate with young fathers, highlighting the potential for marketing baby clothes, toys, lotions, diapers, baby skincare, and baby nail care products.

Why endorse Baby Care Products?

The potential for earning with baby care products is substantial, given the enduring presence of babies in the population. Additionally, parеnts of nеwborns arе willing to invеst significant amounts to еnsurе thе bеst carе for thеir infants.

10. Digital Courses and Learning

In contеmporary timеs, thе majority of studеnts opt for onlinе coursеs to gain a comprеhеnsivе undеrstanding of various subjеcts. Digital coursеs offеr a divеrsе rangе, including data sciеncе, computеr sciеncе, mathеmatics, architеcturе, еducation and tеachеr training, businеss managеmеnt, еnginееring, food and nutrition, law, mеdicinе, and music. Additionally, promoting digital learning for competitive exams such as SSC, UPSC, and others is also feasible.

Why advocate for Digital Courses and Learning?

The landscape of information consumption underwent a significant transformation due to the pandemic. Remote learning, once considered a luxury or an anomaly, has now gained universal acceptance. There is an abundance of courses available for promotion, each offering substantial commissions, reflecting the evolving dynamics of education.

11. Pet Grooming

Many individuals either own pets or aspire to have them. With the growing popularity of pet influencers and pet owners, there’s a seamless opportunity to endorse pet grooming products. Within this category, you can advocate for products that cater to the overall well-being, medical care, and general grooming of pets. Additionally, sharing information about pet foods and accessories with pet parents can enhance your promotional efforts.

Why endorse Pet Grooming Products?

The availability of a diverse array of pet grooming items presents a straightforward marketing opportunity. By providing customers with the necessary information for informed and swift purchases, you can tap into the demand for these products effectively.

12. Food Coupons

The food sector is experiencing a remarkable growth rate of 104%. Whether for parties or regular meals, a substantial number of individuals now opt to order food, particularly in urban areas where people often prefer this over dining in restaurants. Consequently, there is a considerable demand for food coupons, especially for popular items like pizzas and burgers, creating an opportunity to generate income.

Why endorse Food Coupons?

The landscape of global logistics is undergoing changes, with many individuals opting for food delivery services instead of visiting restaurants directly. The availability of various apps further streamlines this process, making the promotion of food coupons a lucrative endeavor.

13. Travel and Tourism

Individuals are constantly seeking to discover new destinations, presenting a chance to endorse hotel accommodations, logistics services, and entertainment in specific locations. Additionally, the promotion of travel accessories such as travel pillows, towels, bags, and more is viable. Travel and tourism companies, through their affiliate programs, actively market travel destinations and holiday packages.

Why advocate for Travel and Tourism?

When people embark on journeys, they invariably seek the most favorable deals. Enrolling in top-notch affiliate programs, such as those offered by companies like MakeMyTrip, provides an avenue to facilitate these advantageous travel arrangements.

14. Subscription Boxes

When a company puts together some of its best-selling products and services in a box and delivers them to its customers, it is called a subscription box. The customer can opt for a monthly subscription to continue receiving them. This ensures that the customer will never run out of the products and benefits the business as well as the customer is retained.

Why promote Subscription Boxes?

These boxes are also promoted as mystery boxes by some businesses for which the customer pays. As the word mystery is associated with them, it creates an element of surprise for the customer. Brands are now considering promoting these boxes as affiliate products.

15. Office Accessories

The demand for desk accessories and storage products, keyboard accessories, extension cords, and computer accessories remains constant, as businesses require these essentials to enhance workplace efficiency. These items present lucrative opportunities for affiliate marketers to promote and generate income. Numerous high-payout programs, such as those offered by Flipkart, Myntra, and Snapdeal affiliate programs, are available for office accessories.

Why endorse Office Accessories?

When it comes to office supplies, there are various considerations. A substantial audience, including office managers, actively seeks relevant information to facilitate the purchase of high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

16. Computer Accessories

Computers are indispensable for both students and working professionals in their daily routines. Therefore, there is significant earning potential in promoting computer accessories. Within this category, you can endorse keyboards, mice, input devices, laptop accessories, affordable headphones, USB hubs, and more.

Why advocate for Computer Accessories?

The potential for promoting computer accessories is substantial due to the wide array of products available in this lucrative industry.

17. Car Accessories

Products such as car humidifiers, air purifiers, and portable refrigerators within the category of car accessories can be swiftly marketed and sold. Additionally, popular affiliate products like car mattresses, seat covers, and bicycle accessories present opportunities for earning money.

Why endorse Car Accessories?

Items like car mats, seat covers, and cushions are consistently sought after. By offering a variety of these products in one place, you can easily generate numerous sales.


How can you market affiliate products?

Affiliate products can be effectively promoted through blog posts, social media, emails, online events, podcasts, advertisements, guest posting, and webinars.

2.What are some ideal products for affiliate marketing?

Phone accessories, cloud hosting, wearable devices, virtual reality, finance products, fashion, beauty, game & accessories, healthcare, pet grooming, baby care, and office accessories are among the best products for affiliate marketing.

How do you select products for affiliate marketing?

When choosing products for affiliate marketing, consider your niche and the preferences of your audience.

Where can you find products for affiliate marketing?

Various affiliate marketing networks are available for participation. To select the most suitable affiliate network, consider the following criteria:
Audience – Consider the preferences of your target audience and align them with the products and services offered.
Commission rates – Assess the commission rates provided by the brands you wish to promote, as rates may vary across platforms.
Product Selection – Evaluate the range of brands available on the platform and ensure that it aligns with the interests of your audience.


The affiliate marketing industry is flourishing in India, offering numerous products for affiliate marketers to promote. It is crucial to select products aligned with your niche and appealing to your audience. Additionally, as an affiliate, staying abreast of current market trends is essential. Continuously experiment with new methods and affiliate strategies to determine what yields the best results for you.

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