10 Best Plex Plugins 2021

Plex is a media site which enables you to coordinate your material from everywhere on the internet into a simple, appealing library. In 2019 plex killed off plugin support but luckily it still makes it possible for you to sideload them yourself via WebTools. Well here is the only concern- how to find suitable plugins in Plex?

Check out this List of 10 best Plex Plugins:



Several tv stations worldwide aired their shows through IPTV. Users can obtain those broadcasts through the IPTV network (presuming they are not encoded or geo-blocked). Here you will get yourself access to a downloading URL or M3U playlist to add features to the application. A quick web search would show tons of compilations you can pick from.

The software includes channel manuals, program descriptions and personalized channel icons on-screen. If you have never previously used IPTV, make sure you read out all the website for the add-on. It has all of the data that you need to know before you have to commence. We have also covered all the details about IPTV in our previous articles. Check them out for more information!

2. Tautulli


Tautulli, previously known as PlexPy, is an important add-on for anybody who integrates their plex collection with others. It is one of the greatest Plex applications for rendering Plex even greater. The add-on is oriented towards presenting information for your Plex system. The statistics show what shows being viewed, who was watching them, and also where they were viewed.

3. Trakt


For those unfamiliar, Trakt is like the visual world’s Last.fm. It records all you have viewed into your online profile instantly. Kodi has a Trakt add-on, and if you’re dividing your moment between both the two common applications, it’s an easy resource to catch up with what you’ve done. It should synchronize your device histories between both the two devices so that you won’t get lost.

4. Web Tools

10 Best Plex Plugins 2021 1

The most widely utilized Plex add-on by far is Web Tools. It contains the common Unsupported Appstore (including several unauthorized Plex streams and customer-generated content), and monitoring features, a subtitles control app, a playlist management app, and a feature that will search for incomplete or unidentified material.

5. Transmogrify


Transmogrify is an enhancement of the browser. The resource will incorporate multiple valuable new elements if you obtain Plex via a web browser instead of through the desktop client. The extra features include a web statistics tab, a means to get any missed series or instalments of Television shows, celebrity bios, and a movie and television program randomizer.

6. Sub-Zero


Plex can handle native captions yet it arrives with a couple of exceptions. You just have immediate access to a few translation libraries, and the instrument may not add subtitles to established media arbitrarily. Sub-Zero provides a more comprehensive approach to subtitling strategy.

It will search eight databases instantly to determine the best-closed captions for your video, search your media for overlooking subtitle data, and deliver many personalization methods including colour, timing offset, and elimination of HI tags for individuals with hearing impairment.

7. Plex-Sync


Plex-Sync just lets you synchronize the observed status instantly among multiple Plex servers. It’s helpful if you have distinct servers operating at various places — at your home as well as in the workplace for instance.

8. Plex2Netflix


There’s still no means to glance at Netflix from inside the Plex app, sadly. Plex2Netflix will, though, provide a simple alternative to see how much of your current inventory is on the major streaming site. If you hit the limit and want to delete any stuff, it’s handy. If you are curious if you have to waste the time watching a new series, you will find it beneficial too.

The add-on will inform you which share of the series is accessible from each Library item. For instance, you might have seven series of your absolute favourite humour freed up locally, only the first five shows are available.

9. Plex Export

Plex Export

Do you want to share with people what data your Plex server contains without providing them access to the database as a whole? Plex Export is your add-on. It allows you to create an immersive HTML section that can be browsed by everybody.

10. TheaterTrailers


The TheaterTrailers add-on will bring in and show previews which are coming out soon in movie theatres until your video begins. When the movies finally are available to the general public, their trailer will be immediately deleted by the application.


Keep in mind: Sadly, in mid-2018, Plex finished off its Plugins functionality. Nevertheless, Plex has just a portion of its software features, without plugins. Using the Plex plugins for a VPN (Virtual Private Network) has a lot of advantages to help boost the performance and ensure you are secure online. Use VPN at your own risk! A VPN operates by encrypting your information and covering your IP address, which helps to keep you hidden everywhere, on the network or while you are logged in. 

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