Best 10 PS4 Shooter Games 2018-2019

fallout 4

Shooting games are one of the most played and most addictive types of gaming genre.  They bring out the most basic instincts in us that are the survival instincts. But this is something that we cannot expect to do in real life without any consequences. It is known to everyone that these shooting games are everywhere whenever we talk about games as we cannot leave out shooting games even in a platform like PS4.

Must Play PS4 Shooter Games:

Sl No PS4 Shooter Games
1 Doom
2 Battlefield 4
3 Farcry 5
4 Fallout 4
5 Kill Zone: Shadow fall
6 Star Wars Battlefront 2
7 Prey
8 Call of Duty: WW2
9 Killing Floor 2
10 Shadow Warrior 2

So here I would be covering the finest of the shooting games in the PS4 platform that you cant avoid playing it.



If you’re looking for a PS4 game with an emphasis on “shooter”, DOOM is that the game for you. Not many folks gave the franchise’s reinvention much of a chance once a multiplayer beta flattered to deceive, however, DOOM has forever been about you, Doomguy, and killing demons. It actually provides that in spades.

The perfect antithesis to the fashionable shooter, DOOM doesn’t cause you to wait behind cover or delight in a self-serious story. No, DOOM is instead about one man and his outrageous array of weapons system on a pursuit to go to Hell. DOOM is essential to fun, affording you the possibility to stomp demons’ heads in and feel like you’re enjoying an updated version of the classic. If you remember enjoying the first on Windows 95, its 2016 incarnation is completely about to please you.

Doom Details
Release date 13 May 2016
Composer Mick Gordon
Developer id Software, Bethesda Game Studios Austin
Engine id Tech 6

2)Battlefield 4

battlefield 4

In terms of weaponry, content, and therefore the ability to send a small drone to blowtorch your enemies to death, battleground 4 is the superior game.

While its campaign may be lacking and clearly attempting to emulate call of Duty, its deep well of multiplayer modes has created it last the space. It’s still often and reliably compete to the current day by lots of individuals, one thing that I discover anytime I log back in once months away. From Gun Master to Conquest, you arguably have a wider array of choices for digital murder in battleground 4 than the rest on the market right now.

Battlefield 4 Details
Release date 29 October 2013
Composer  Johan Skugge; Jukka Rintamäki
Developer EA DICE, DICE Los Angeles
Engine Frostbite

3) Far Cry 5

farcry 5

If you aren’t a Far Cry fan, its fifth incarnation is going to try nothing to change your mind regarding the series. Even with some polishes here and many trimmings there, Far Cry five still has the DNA of a Far Cry game: an enormous open world that’s your playground for murder. And random animal attacks. This game also come under real-time strategy games for pc.

Its protagonist, however, is therefore smart that it’s nearly price enjoying through Far Cry five simply to expertise his several hypnotizing monologues and deliberate movements. Joseph Seed could be a villain price investment time into, in addition as Hope County generally.

Far Cry 5 Details
Release date 27 March 2018
Composer Dan Romer
Developer Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Ukraine, Red Storm
Engine Ubisoft

4)Fallout 4

fallout 4

Fallout 4 provides an interesting way to explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland wherever everything is either out to kill you or cause you to be a part of their cult. If that doesn’t sound like a fun time, I don’t understand what to mention to you.

While you’ll be able to also switch to a third-person perspective, Fallout 4 is at its most immersive once you’re in first-person and able to see all the grisly sights.

Fallout 4 Details
Release date 13 May 2016
Composer Inon Zur
Developer Bethesda Game Studios
Engine Creation Engine

5) Killzone: Shadow Fall

kill zone

Shadow Fall isn’t an exceptional game, however, it’s tons of fun all an equivalent. Treat it as an attractive demonstration of the ability of the PS4 and take a look at to climb around its jammed-in mechanics to coincide with the new options of the console. I wouldn’t mind seeing another Killzone, however, with Guerrilla presently killing it with Horizon, this could be the swansong for the franchise. Not the worst way to leave.

KillZone Details
Release date 15 November 2013
Genre First Shooter person
Developer Guerrilla Games
Engine Decima

6)Starwars BattleFront 2

It is hands-down one of the best and complete shooting games of all times, that’s why it is certainly included in the top 10 shooting games for PS4. As well because the multiplayer offering much more content than the original reboot, Battlefront II comes with a single-player campaign that, whereas not specifically wonderful, tells an interesting enough story. It actually appears and sounds the part of a Star Wars game, however, it’s best experienced with some friends otherwise you might end up wandering off to other PS4 games.

Starwars BattleFront 2 Details
Release date 17 November 2017
Composer Gordy Haab
Developer EA DICE, Motive Studios, Criterion Software
Engine Frostbite

7) Prey

The Arkane Studios, Sci-fi adventure shooting game won the applause of many gaming critics due to it’s out of the norm offering in this genre. While not excellent –the enemies are rather unremarkable and also the story takes its sweet time to try and do something of note– Prey still succeeds in providing hours upon hours of tense exploration as dark creatures loiter around each corner.

Prey Details
Release date 5 May 2017
Composer Mick Gordon
Developer Arkane Studios

8)Call of Duty: WW2

call of duty ww2

From the flagships of shooting games, the Call of Duty the one that will always be in the list of the top shooting games not only in the PS4 platforms but also in any other platforms. It’s still a call of Duty game, right right down to its uproariously unapproachable multiplayer, however, WWII showed that there would possibly still be life left within the old dog nevertheless.

It’s precisely what you’d expect from a decision of Duty entry: tight shooting, simple to choose up and play, and totally declamatory. whereas WWII doesn’t threaten the franchise’s initial few forays in terms of recreating world war II, it’s a decent way to spend some time killing Nazis. That’s a typical theme throughout this list, apparently.

Call of Duty: WW2
Release date 3 November 2017
Composer Wilbert Roget II
Developer Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software
Series Call Of Duty

 9) Killing Floor 2

killing floor

It’s might not be as much chaos as it’s counterparts but it certainly defines the basics that world-class PS4 shooting games should have. It’s a very little on the kooky aspect, significantly with its regular events and executives, however, make no mistake: Killing Floor 2 isn’t a PS4 game that you simply will just wander into and expect to beat long. packed with content, together with a lot of maps that are most likely needed, and enemy varieties that you just got to tactically go up against, Killing Floor 2 is one among the simplest zombie games going and may be a great way to bond with some friend.

Killing Floor 2 Details
Release date 18 November 2016
Composer zYnthetic
Developer Tripwire Interactive
Engine Unreal Engine 3

10) Shadow Warrior 2

shadow warrior 2

Flying Wild Hog has brought up with a gem of an experience for hardcore shooting gaming fans. It is a game that you would take time to get accustomed with but once you get it Shadow warrior 2 gets going and you discover its loot and gratuitously, erm, gratuitous world, it’s a ridiculous joy to behold.

By embrace its loot mechanics and pleasing the grind, Shadow warrior 2 is sort of a lot of light-hearted Destiny with samurai swords. There’s actually plenty to like about it, whether or not it’s its stupendously unpleasant protagonist or the depth of content on supply, so don’t let this one slip you by.

Shadow Warrior 2 Details
Release date 13 October 2016
Composer Dan Romer
Developer Flying Wild Hog
Engine Flying Wild Hog


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