10 Best Business Simulation Games ever

Looking for a good game to polish your business skills? Then you are at the right place. Many games are budding but not all the games are surviving in the trend platform. To keep an application on trend they should satisfy the user’s need and it should be handy and interesting. Looking in that way, specifying one game is hard, that’s why I have collected a compile of 10 best business simulation games to help you the best. 

1. Youtubers Life


Running a youtube Chanel also become a business right! It is too tough to attract people towards you among many competitors. Likes and subscribers are the only boost yo youtubers. This game designed in such a way to provide you more skills. It us not a course to do, but a game to teach the real one.

This can perform at Android OS, Linux, IOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. 

2. Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital

In this game you are the boss of your own hospital. All you have to do is designing your hospital with well equipment and curing patients. You are trained with the work of serving your patient with care. 

If you are decided to become a owner of your hospital, try this game as your trial. You would be amazed in this. 

3. Airline Tycoon

Airline Tycoon

This game is based on developing your business and gaining more traffic to your site that to others. You would be the owner of the plane and would be competing with other planes to get more customers on the same port.

Providing good service, gaining customers, catering are the main goals in this game.

4. Anno


Ever imagined like, finding an Island and building your own empire? Though it is not possible in reality, you can make this happen in Anno. 

This game is based on creation. Making new empire by carefully monitoring the resources. It would be difficult in monitoring the resources and making your colony pretty. All depends on your creativity.

5. Green farm

Green farm

This wonderful game take you to the village life, where you have to buy animals and you have to earn from them to make your lives.

This is an amazing game where you have to feed them and collect milk or eggs from them. You can also make recipes to sell. By this way you can earn and buy your new land to increase your crop field. You would stick to it, if you started playing.

6. Caesar


This is also based on building empire. In this game you should transform your small towns onto a big city. You can di this by doing small tasks or playing the game. 

This Caesar game have developed into Caesar II, Caesar III, and Caesar IV. The graphics are ultimate enough to addict you.  

7. Frenzy train

Frenzy train

This game is not like only driving the train. It has several components that bring an ultimate game play. You are assigned with some tasks and in each level you have to achieve the target price.

The tasks include assigning seats to  every 100 passengers, bringing them good food and drink, providing awesome catering service to meet their needs. All this task gives you high payment when you did everything right.

8. Rollercoaster Tycoon

Rollercoaster Tycoon

Become an owner of your dream theme park. This game allows you to build and manage your theme park.

The real fun is making your own designs to deliver a thrill ride to the passengers of that ride. You can construct your own ride with upgraded tools to have more visitors.

9. Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story

Dreaming to make your own video games? Let’s play Game Dev Story, to make your dream happen. In this game you are in charge of the small game studio with great aspects.

As you are the complete responsibility for your studio, you should hire candidates for providing best games ever and give training to become a professional. You can also release your own gaming console to have million profits.

10. Factory Kingdom: Fashion Series

Factory Kingdom

This is also a fashion designer based game. You have to perform tasks to complete each level. First design your clothes and sell them for good rates. Utilising the money, buy accessories to get more customers.

Build your own clothing empire with this unique game. You can make more customers by unique designs and fast delivery. This game enhances your efficiency, more wisely.


Passion plays a major role in the selection of the specific game you want. So select the one which suits you and start gaining something.

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